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Tennessee Dixie Boys Baseball
Dottie Luke
(615) 643-9230
Dottie Luke
2733 North Mt Pleasant Road
Greenbrier, Tennessee
Saturday, March 1
Tennessee Dixie Boys/Dixie Majors Baseball Welcomes You



We had an outstanding Tennessee State Meeting. Dyersburg was awarded the 2014 State Dixie Jr Boys & the 2014 State Dixie Boys. Both dates starting on July 11th 2014. Dyersburg will also host the state 15 & Under. More details later. This was one of the best state meeting this web master has attended in several years.. Lots of issues were discussed, some changes will be made in the State By-Laws & Constitution.






Joelton, Tennessee was awarded the 2014 Dixie Baseball Pre Majors (15-17 ) State Tournament. Starting date - July 11th Greenbrier, Tennessee was awarded the Dixie Baseball Majors (17-19 ) State Tournament. Starting date - July 11th.. We are very honored these two outstanding sites will be hosting our State Tournaments this year.



2014 Dixie Boys & Majors Annual State Meeting will be held on March 1st  at the Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns TN .. This will be a joint meeting with Dixie Youth & Dixie Softball.. New Rules Changes!!!




2014 Umpire Classes will be conducted at the Greenbrier High School on March 15th. Class times 9:am -12 noon.. All umpires working Dixie Boys & Majors Baseball are required to be registered before they enter the playing field.






0:51 DM—An accepted franchise form, with all fees paid; must be on file in National Office.







1:10 DB—*REWORDED* Bats must be manufactured meeting specifications as determined by Dixie Boys Baseball. As such, a bat can have a 2 1/2 inch barrel or a 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter. There is no weight to length limitation. Aluminum/alloy barrel bats and all composite handle (only) aluminum/alloy barrels are allowed. Only composite barrel bats certified and marked BBCOR .50 will be allowed. Point of Emphasis: All bats having a composite barrel must be BBCOR .50 certified.





0.21 DB Only thirteen (13) players, and four (4) coaches, shall be permitted on the field or bench.

0.21 DM Only eighteen (18) players, and four (4) coaches, shall be permitted on the field or bench.



4:10 (2) ADDED……….The following rule rules will apply for all levels of tournament play.

(a) If a team is leading its opponent by at least fifteen (15) runs after three (3) innings have been played, or two and one-half (2-1/2) innings if the home team is ahead by at least fifteen (15) runs the game shall be terminated and the team in front declared the winner. FIFTEEN RUN RULE

(b) If a team is leading its opponent by at least twelve (12) runs after four (4) innings have been played, or three and one-half (3-1/2) innings if the home team is ahead by at least twelve (12) runs the game shall be terminated and the team in front declared the winner. TWELVE RUN RULE


8:94 (b): ADDED SENTENCE: A pitcher after having thrown more than 45 pitches in the same game or a cumulative total that exceeds 45 pitches on the same day shall be governed by the rest rule.


8:94 (c): DELETED SENTENCE: A pitcher after having pitched two consecutive days must have one day of complete rest even if he were to remain eligible under any other section of the tournament pitching rules.





























NOTE: In ALL tournament games 3 Dixie Boys/Majors registered umpires are required on the field according to the Tennessee State BY-LAWS & CONSTITUTION.   SUBJECT TO CHANGE AFTER STATE MEETING


















Criteria for State Tournament Coaches

 *** At Credential Meetings ***


Note: all names exactly as on birth certificate

* Copy of birth certificate or drivers license

 * Proof of insurance

 * Season rosters

 * Season scorebook

 * Parental release forms signed

 * Team picture w/names in order on back

 * $100 entry fee made out to the State Director-TN DIXIE BOYS or TN DIXIE MAJORS

 Must have in hand before your credentials will be checked.

Please share:

This is the new promotional video added to You tube a very valuable tool in selling our program.



The following changes were made to the 2013 Official Baseball Rules of Major League Baseball. The official playing rules of Major League are to be followed with the exception of the rules as specifically found in the 2013 Dixie Boys Baseball Official Rulebook. Please click on the links and go to "Rule Changes" on the menu to your left. MLB Rules: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/official_rules/foreword.jsp


The site is being updated to reflect the new information of District Directors:




Jackson, Tennessee has been awarded the Tennessee Dixie Jr Boys & the Tennessee Dixie Boys State Tournaments.July 12th - July 16th


Collierville, Tennessee has been awarded the Dixie Pre-Majors & Dixie Majors 2013 State Tournaments. July 12th - July 16th. They have an outstanding program, beautiful fields and some of the nicest folks in Tennessee to work with.. Having known these people for years it is without a doubt they will go all out to make this the best State Tournament experience in years..


For your convenience there are new links been added to our Tennessee State website.. Please look under links to your left. A world of information at your fingertips.. Please note the Dixie Boys/Majors 2012-2013 Rule Book is included in these links.. Thanks goes to Sandy Jones for this addition!


Notice: There is a change in the Dixie Majors Districts, we are gaining new teams in the western side of the state and will add a new district. New Directors have all ready been selected. Mike Burton and Jeff Pusser.

As with every year we have new contact people and new leagues to update.. Some even change phone numbers and addresses. Please be patient with me I will constantly keep updating as I receive the information. If you have a contact that has changed or incorrect please email me at sugarbear1945@comcast.net. Thank you ~webmaster~


 Handout will be available in 2013 that includes all rules and clarifications from the Commissioner.


 Please go to the following link to fill out your franchise form and submit it


Franchise Online

Steps are as follows for a league to franchise:

(1) visit www.dixie.org/boys   (2) Click on Renew Franchise at our website headings   (3) you will be taken to the Dixie online store  (4) Click on Franchise link and click Dixie Boys- Leagues can immediately register online!!


The franchise forms will be online January 1st 2013

This year and forward we are urging all leagues to go to the Dixie Boys/Majors National website to franchise their league online and use Pay-Pal.

This is a safe and secure site. You can fill out the paperwork online and submit it. If you don't remember your franchise number it is on record for you in our Tennessee Web-site here.
You don't have to have the names of your players to franchise and you may franchise early.

Thank you!

Dottie Luke, TN Dixie Majors State Director
Billy Dorris , TN Dixie Boys State Director 


You may email your intent to host a tournament by email to Dottie Luke at  sugarbear1945@comcast.net 

New Link added : Dixie Boys/Majors Baseball National Umpire Website

This site will update umpire contacts from every State and Leagues. It also includes material that should interest evey umpire and even coaches.


Ronnie Luke webmaster


Billy Ray Dorris-Dixie Boys State Director
225 Rose Street
Greenbrier,TN 37073
615-643-2888 or cell phone 615-516-4208

David Johnson-Asst. State Boys Director
6003 Hill Road
Bon Aqua, TN 37025
(931-996-3530 (c)

Tina Johnson-Boys Secretary
6003 Hill Road
Bon Aqua, TN 37025
(931) 996-3530 (c)


Dottie Luke, State Director (Majors)
2733 N. Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Greenbrier, TN 37073
(615) 643-9230 (h)
(615) 305-5018 (c)
sugarbear1945@ comcast.net

David Etheridge - Dixie Majors Asst. State Director 
1621 Long Ave
Nashville, TN 37206

Deanie Hulsey - Dixie Majors Secretary
3013 Lights Chapel RD
Greenbrier, TN 3707

Howard Bragdon - Majors Treasurer & CFO
131 Del Crest Drive
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 255-5227

Tennessee Dixie Boys/Majors Scholarship Chairman
Howard Bragdon
131 Del Crest Drive
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 255-5227

Tennessee Dixie Boys/Majors Baseball
Tennessee Dixie Boys/Majors Baseball
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