TMT Basketball: Welcome

Teaching and Mentoring Through Basketball


2013 Season

Welcome to the TMT Basketball!

 Our Program

 TMT is a non profit travel basketball program based in Norwalk, CT. The TMT Program feels it is extrenely important for our participants to have fun.  The structure of youth athletic programs is to emphasize the fun of the sport in a safe and healthy environment.  The TMT Basketball Program places a strong emphasis on skill development.  We also strive to instill in the participants an appreciation of the sport in which they participte.  We hope added knowledge will make them feel comfortable either viewing the sport or participating in it as they mature and build a desire to improve themselves through sports. 

Our Mission


Coaching Philosophy

 Our coaches are dedicated to helping your child(ren) learn to develop socially, psychologically, and physically. We look forward to improving your child"s individual and team skills and having a great season. If at any time you have an issue or concern with your child(ren) please feel free to contact your child(ren)s coach.

Wednesday, October 31