Tiverton Little League: Code of Conduct

Saturday, January 9
Tiverton Little League Parent & Player Code of Conduct


**Parents/Guardians must read and understand this document prior to registering their children for participation in our League, as its acceptance is a condition of registration.**






The Role of Parents, Guardians, Fans & Players


The parents, guardians, supporters and players of Tiverton Little League (TLL) represent an impressive cross section of our community. Parents must take the part in order for Tiverton Little League to be a successful children’s organization.   All persons associated with Tiverton Little League must recognize their actions, and behavior, are often perceived by the public and our competition, as representations of Tiverton Little League. Therefore, it is incumbent of all TLL parents, players, coaches, fans, and spectators to act as ambassadors of our proud organization.



TLL’s Expectations of Parents, Guardians, Supporters and Players:


• Learn the basic rules of baseball;


• Be positive in any criticisms of the program and be willing to volunteer time and/or resources to effect requested improvements;


• Demonstrate recognition of the effort expanded by the volunteer personnel by refraining from unsportsmanlike conduct and grandstand coaching;


• Realize that our players are children and need encouragement - not criticism;


• Applaud good plays, encourage a greater effort, congratulate the winner and encourage the loser;


• Participate in the end of the game activities (handshake, cheering, clean-up of stands and dug-out, etc.);


• Refrain from smoking at all TLL games, as required by law.


• Intoxication or the consumption of alcohol or drugs while attending TLL games or events is strictly forbidden, in Tiverton or away, and will result in immediate ejection from the field/facility by an umpire or League official.  Assistance from the police will be requested, as needed, to enforce local ordinances. 



Parents, Guardians, Supporters, Players, Managers, and Coaches must observe the following rules at all games and practices:


• Only players, coaches, umpires or league officials are allowed on the field at any time;


• Players, coaches, umpires, league officials and other parents are to be treated with civility and respect at all times;


• Do not in any way interfere with the ability of a coach to devote his/her attention to his/her players during a game or practice;


• Do not criticize an opposing team, player, coach, and/or fans by word of mouth or gesture;


• Abusive or profane language is forbidden at all times;


• Comments to, or contact with, game umpires is prohibited.


Any incident of unsportsmanlike conduct or other violation of these rules at a game, practice, or League event is subject to review and potential disciplinary action determined by the Tiverton Little League Board of Directors.  Disciplinary action may include anything from a simple request to refrain from the behavior, to expulsion from Tiverton Little League.


By registering a child for participation in Tiverton Little League, the parent(s) or guardian(s) and player acknowledge and agree that:  1) Participation in Tiverton Little League is a privilege and not a right; 2) the player and his/her family will follow the Code of Conduct; and 3) acceptance into Tiverton Little League and continued participation by a player (and parent(s) or guardian(s) is subject to the final decision and sole discretion of the Tiverton Little League Board of Directors.