Jan's team: 2010

Any docs that I will need signed or that parents may want to see. Also documents that the players may want or need, drills, plays, positional etc.

Each player must have a completed Medical document, club fees $350 and a BC Volleyball waiver completed and handed in. To download the 2012 BC volleyball waiver go to : http://www.volleyballbc.ca/files/VBC%202012%20Membership%20Waiver%20Form.pdf

Medical document BlankMedical document Blank

parent player coach meeting 2011parent player coach meeting 2011


court positionscourt positions


Volleyball TermsVolleyball Terms

Hitting approach KarchHitting approach Karch

setters DUMPsetters DUMP

Middle Middle DefenseMiddle Middle Defense

Passing and DiggingPassing and Digging


Setting Goals HandoutSetting Goals Handout

setting goals homeworksetting goals homework

exercises and drills

plyometrics handoutplyometrics handout