Burbank Titan's Youth Football & Cheerleading Association: Sponsors

Burbank Park District Logo
**Burbank Park District

Get Map to **Burbank Park District 8050 S. Newcastle Ave.
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 1975.
A huge Thank You to the Burbank Park District! The Board & staff have been a tremendous help. One person above all that has been instrumental in making a great place for these kids to play football & to cheer is Park District Director- Bill Olsen!
Donations: 1) State of the art personalized electronic scoreboard - $28,000. 2) New brick Concession building with bathrooms & storage room (to be utilized solely for Titans) - $180,000. 3) Detention pond for the concession building & for the park that the Titans Field is located - $70,000. 4) New Musco Lighting System Field Lights) for night home games - $80,000. 5) New 280 capacity bleachers with purple risers, 18' X 8' press box with video deck, 2 new 50 capacity visitor bleachers and two new football goalposts - $144,900. 6) Sod for Titans Field - $3,300. 7) Practice field @ no cost. 8) Portable bathrooms provided @ no cost. 9) Use of a brand new striper @ no cost. 10) Use of meeting rooms @ no cost. 11) Brand new goal posts for the practice field - $1,400. 12) Parking lot expanded - 39 more spots - 2 way street - $60,000. 13) 2 inches of top soil & 750 lbs. of grass seed for the Titan's Game Field - $8,000. Built a garage- 24' x 24'.

Park District Director - Bill Olsen.

Phone: (708)599-2070

Reavis Logo
**Reavis High School

Get Map to **Reavis High School 6034 W. 77th Street
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 1977.
Donations: 1) Used 7 man sled. 2) Use of practice fields & football training equipment @ no cost. 3) Use of main field for regular home games & Homecoming games w/ scoreboard, concession stand, locker rooms & field lights @ a reduced cost. (until 2005 when we moved to the Titan's Field in 2006). 4) Use of gyms @ a reduced cost. 5) Hosted coaches clinics @ no cost. 6) Hosted youth camps at a reduced cost. 7) Use of 2 practice fields & football training equipment @ no cost.

Atheltic Director - Tim Smith.
Football Headcoach - Jim McDonough.
Cheerleading Headcoach - Jacki Hanik.

Phone: (708)599-7200
Fax: (708)237-4937

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** -Indicates Donation For web Site Sponsor & Football Field Sponsor Board

Bobbo's Fund For Young Hearts

Bobbo's Fund for Young Hearts is a 501(c) (3) Public Charity organization established in the memory of Robert "Bobbo" Regalado. Robby died suddenly from cardiac arrest due to undiagnosed Hypertophic Cardiomyopathy or Athlete's Heart when he was only 15 years old. Our mission is to raise awareness and combat this silent killer to eliminate these preventable deaths by funding heart screenings and donating portable AED's to local schools and youth sport organizations.

Papa John's Pizza Logo
**Papa John's of Burbank, IL

Get Map to **Papa John's of Burbank, IL 7856 Cicero Avenue, Burbank, IL 60459
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 10/2011
Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 00:00
Fri - Sat: 10:00 - 01:00
Sun: 10:00 - 00:00

Phone: 708-907-5050

Sports Authority logo.png
**Sports Authority

Get Map to **Sports Authority 7720 S. Cicero Avenue
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since: 5/2010.
Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Holiday hours may vary.

Phone: (708) 499-9660

**Little Frank's Pizzeria

Get Map to **Little Frank's Pizzeria 6355 W. 79th Street
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 2004.

Our provider of pizza for the concession stand.

Phone: (708)598-8660

**PODS(Titan Alumni)

Sponsor since 8/2008.
Phone: 866-229-4120

**Thurzo-Spellman Enterprises

Get Map to **Thurzo-Spellman Enterprises 6215 W. 79th Street Suite 2C
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 8/2007.
Taxes, Accounting & payroll.
Titans CPA. Has completed Titans tax forms for 2009.
Contact: Sharon Spellman.

Phone: 708-430-8484

**Avalos Metal, Co.(Titan Parent)

Get Map to **Avalos Metal, Co.(Titan Parent) 4739 W. 92nd Street
Oak Lawn, Illinois
Sponsor since 2/2010.

Buyers of Metal Scrap
Recycling Center
Catalytic Converters

Phone: 708-229-1480

**Stars And Stripes(Titan Alumni)

Get Map to **Stars And Stripes(Titan Alumni) 7460 W. 100th Place
Bridgeview, Illinois
Sponsor since 8/2005.
"Provided staff shirts to the Titans"

Monogrammed T-shirts, etc.

Phone: (708)430-5876

AJ Fotography Logo
**AJ Fotography

Get Map to **AJ Fotography 11756 Seagull Lane
Palos Heights, Illinois
Sponsor since 8/2004.
"Burbank Titans Teams Photo Company".
"Titans Coaches Plaques".

Phone: (708)923-0059
Fax: (708)923-0008

**J&K Printing, Joe LoRusso(Titan Alumni)

Sponsor since 2004.
Titan's Printer.

Flyers, Posters, Carbon Copy Pages, Etc.

Phone: (708)229-9558
Fax: (708)229-9559

*R & N Sporting Goods

Get Map to *R & N Sporting Goods 6240 S. Archer Road
Summit Argo, Illinois
Sponsor since 2002.
Titans Main Supplier Of Football Equipment.
Titans have received items at a reduced rate.

Equipment for all sports.

Phone: (708)594-3400

**Custom Cut-Outs

Get Map to **Custom Cut-Outs 15W308 N. Frontage Rd.
Burr Ridge, Illinois
Sponsor since 4/2008.

Contact: Russ Nicoletti.

Phone: 630-570-5150
Fax: 630-920-9576

Dick's Sporting Goods
**Dick's Sporting Goods

Sponsor since 4/2009.

**Masterblast Company

Get Map to **Masterblast Company 3636 S. Iron Ave.
Chicago, Illinois
Sponsor since 9/2006.

"Sandblasted & painted Titans Container"

Phone: (773) 843-1700

**Great Lakes Kwik Space Company

Sponsor since 9/2006
"Provided Titan's with a container at a discount".

Storage Containers

Phone: (630) 264-9600

St. Laurence Logo
*St. Laurence High School

Get Map to *St. Laurence High School 5556 West 77th Street
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 11/2004.
Donations: Use of main football field w/ scoreboard & concession stand for Superbowl 2004, 2008, 2009 & fallbrawl 2005, for a donation to the Father's Club.

Athletic Director - Jim Grannan.

Phone: (708) 458-6900

Queen of Peace Logo
*Queen of Peace High School

Get Map to *Queen of Peace High School 7659 S. Linder Ave.
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 10/2005.
Use of the gym for cheerleading competition practice @ no cost.

Phone: 708-458-7600

**Senator Lou Viverito, 11th District

Get Map to **Senator Lou Viverito, 11th District 6215 West 79th Street, Suite 1A
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 11/2005.

Phone: (708)430-2510

City of Burbank Logo 2007
City of Burbank, Mayor Harry Klein

Get Map to City of Burbank, Mayor Harry Klein 6530 W. 79th Street
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 1974.

Phone: (708)599-5500

**Friends of Harry Klein

Get Map to **Friends of Harry Klein 6530 W. 79th Street
Burbank, Illinois
Sponsor since 3/2006.
Phone: 708-599-5500

BFD Logo 2007
Burbank Fire Department

Get Map to Burbank Fire Department 6530 W. 79th Street -Headquarters
8455 S. Mayfield Ave. -Station #1
Burbank, Illinois
Phone: (708)599-7766

Burbank PD
Burbank Police Department

Get Map to Burbank Police Department 5650 W. 75th Place
Burbank, Illinois
Phone: (708)924-7300

Burbank School Dist. 111 Logo
Burbank School District 111

Get Map to Burbank School District 111 7600 S. Central Ave.
Burbank, Illinois
Provided use of school gyms for Homecoming dances & cheerleading competition practices at a reduced cost.

Superintendent: Dr. Thomas R. Long

Phone: (708)496-0500
Fax: (708)496-0510

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