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Wednesday, February 27
Go Titans!
Welcome to the Burbank Titan's Concession Stand Page!

Titan's Concession Stand 5-17-07
Best Food in Town!

Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi

Friday, March 28
Concession Stand Success

Without fundraisers, most youth football leagues would charge hundreds of dollars for each player, to cover expenses that range from reconditioning helmets to insurance.

An old mainstay is the concession stand, which usually supplements other product fundraisers. Whether your league has a fully equipped building or a stand-alone table, your concession area shouldn't amount to just a "break-even" proposition.

Done right, a concession stand can help your league keep registration fees low. A well-run concession is also a game enhancement, making the experience more enjoyable for spectators.

Keys to Winning Concessions 
1)      Sufficient volunteer staff- Please volunteer & be part of the team!
2)      A responsible Concession Stand Manager
3)      Proper Health Department paper work
4)      Adequate facility
5)      Friendly service
6)      Properly cooked food
7)      Consistent food and price menu
8)      Reasonable Pricing

Concession Co-Managers
Ed Hannan & Bryan Kean

Friday, March 21
Concession Stand Donations

Recently, the Titans received donations of several pots w/ lids & a coffee maker.
If you think you may have something to donate to the Titans conceson stand - please contact one of the concession co-managers.
Thank you.

Titans Menu

Hot Dogs



Chili Dogs


Cheese Pizza

Sausage Pizza


Nacho Supreme

Walking Tacos

Pretzels - with or without cheese


Monday, March 3



Football Cup


Bottled water


Hot Chocolate

Illinois Food Safety & Sanitation Certificate

Required for operating a concession stand.

Concession Co-Manager Ed Hannan has been certified since July 2007.

Annual Stickney Township Food Permit

Also required for operating a concession stand.

Application applied for by President Mark Mellenthin - 8/2007.

Health inspector performs an inspection at least once a year.

Titan's concession stand passed health inspection.