Burbank Titan's Youth Football & Cheerleading Association: Flag Football Corner

Flag Football Rules

 1.     Each team will start the game with 9 players. In the event a team has fewer than 9 players, both teams will field the same number of players. No player will sit out 2 consecutive plays unless injured.

2.     Two coaches will be allowed on the field during games. Considering the ages of the players, coaches may give instruction to the players for the sake of moving the game along.

3.     Playing time shall be 40 minutes long, divided into two 20 minute halves with 5 minute halftimes.

4.     There will be a running clock for both halves. Each team will be given 2 timeouts per half; the clock will stop for any injury, timeouts, first downs or change of possession.

5.     The playing field is 60 yards X 53 1/3 yards. Each team will be given 4 downs to advance the ball. First downs will be awarded by crossing the 20 yard line.

6.     A flip of the coin will determine the first possession. The ball will be spotted on the receiving team’s 40 yard line. This format will be followed after a touchdown. In the event of a safety, the opposing team will receive the ball midfield (30yard line). Punts on the 4th down are allowed. The punting team 
will be allowed a nonrushed free kick. The punting team must declare their intent to punt. The ball will be spotted at the point it stops rolling or goes out of bounds. Passing is allowed and the offense can only put one end on the line.

7.     The offensive team must have 5 players on the line of scrimmage; a center, two guards, two tackles. The center, guards & tackles are ineligible receivers & can not run with the ball. The other 4 players, including the quarterback, may run or pass the ball. This rule remains in effect for the teams with fewer than 9 players.

8.     The defensive team must have at least 4 players on the line of scrimmage with no defensive player lined up over the center. This rule remains in effect for the teams with fewer than 9 players. The defense may cross the line of scrimmage as soon as the ball is snapped. The 2nd set of defensive players must be at least 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage. No blitzing is allowed. The defensive coaches will try to match up the linemen with an offensive player as close as possible to their size. Remember: These are 5 & 6 year olds.

9.     A play begins with the center snapping the ball to the quarterback. This can be done with the center standing using an underhand flip to the quarterback or running back. A center can not be offsides.

10.  Blocking is legal. Blockers must be on their feet when the block is made. A block must be made between the waist & the shoulders keeping their arms at a 45 degree angle with their hands cupped or in a fist.

11.  The ball carrier may spin to avoid deflaggers. Flag guarding is prohibited (see rule #18). Stiff arming is legal.

12.  A legal tackle is made when the defensive player deflags the ball carrier. The ball is down at that point. Players should be instructed to stop & hold the flag over their heads so the referees see thetackle. Once the whistle sounds; that play is dead.

13.  A touchdown is worth 2 points and a safety is worth 1 point. There are no extra points.

14.  The ball is dead when it hits the ground. There are no fumbles. If the center snap is dropped or hits the ground, the ball is dead with a loss of down. A player is down when either knee touches the ground. A player is down if his flag falls off. The ball will be spotted at that point.

15.  Tackling is not permitted.

16.  Passing is permitted.

17.  Automatic first downs will be granted to the offense on the following defensive penalties: Pass interference or tackling. The ball will be placed at the point of the foul. These penalties may be declined.

18.  Loss of down on offensive penalties include: excessive holding, clipping, flag guarding by the ball carrier. The ball will return to the original line of scrimmage before the penalty with a loss of a down.

19.  Offside penalties will be replayed. The whistle will sound immediately for the reset.

20.  All players must have their jerseys tucked in & their flags hanging by their sides at the waist.

21.  All players must be wearing protective cups.

22.  All other questions regarding playing rules that are not covered here- will be left to the discretion of the referees.

23.  Remember: These are small children. They mock adult behavior.

The Flag Football Division-

was created to introduce five & six year olds to the exciting sport of football. To teach them the fundamentals of the game without the worry of learning how to tackle. To prepare them for tackle football starting at 7 years old.

Titan's Flag Football History

Our 1st year -2006- we had one team of 14 players that played against the Mt. Greenwood Colts flag football team. The games were played on Saturdays; separate from the rest of the organization. The only exception was on Homecoming. The flag football team was the 1st game of the day.

Our 2nd year-2007-Flag football players & parents liked playing the same day with the older divisions so much that the organization moved all the flag football games to play 1st game on the same day as the older divisions for the entire season. We had two flag football teams with a total 22 flag football players.