Burbank Titan's Youth Football & Cheerleading Association: Committees

2013 Recruitment Committee:
All football & cheerleading coaches
Any parent that would like to participate

We are going all out again this year with recruiting for new & returning football players & cheerleaders!  We need everybody's help.

We are looking for volunteers to distribute posters & flyers to local businesses, schools & other entities. We are also for looking for any new ideas to help spread the word about the Titans.

Our football player & cheerleader numbers are strong and that's the way we want to keep it. One focus is the junior football division as it consists mostly of one grade level while the remaining divisions contain two grade levels. And, of course, maintain the rest of our football & cheerleading squads at their 2012 numbers.    

If you  have you any questions- please contact President Tim Nowaczyk 773-844-7707
* This Committee is currently Closed but check with us in 2014 to help out for next season *
Thank you!

By Law Committee:

If you are interested in being appointed to this committee, please sign up at the November Parent Meeting.
1.       Shall consist of three Board members and three Association members.
2.       Non-Board appointments will be recruited at the November general meeting to review and make recommendations.
3.       The By-Law Committee shall meet at least once a year and submit their revisions and/or additions no later than the March general meeting.
4.       Final voting on recommended amendments will be at the April general meeting.
Section A:  Amendments to these By-Laws may be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, five days prior to the March general meeting. Only 1/3 of the by-law changes may be presented by the March general meeting.
Section B:  Any changes to the By-laws shall be presented to the members of the Association for discussion at the March general meeting. No by-law proposals shall be presented except at the March general meeting. Exception: if the March meeting is cancelled. The voting will take place at the first scheduled general meeting following the cancelled April meeting.
Section C:  Voting on said amendments will take place at the April general meeting only. No by-laws proposals will be voted on at any other general meeting with the exception that the April meeting was cancelled. The voting will take place at the first scheduled general meeting following the cancelled April meeting.
Section D: A simple majority is required for any amendments to pass.
Section E: Each member of the Board of Directors and each Head Coach shall maintain a copy of these By-Laws and all members of the Association shall have access to them.
Section F: By-Laws, Ethics and Standards, and Parents Code of Ethics will be distributed at the Mandatory Parent meeting following registration. Some form(s) may require Member’s signature.  By-Laws also available upon request or for download on Associations website.

The Audit Committee

1.       Shall consist of two Board members and two members of the Association. 
2.       The President and Treasurer will be available for the audit meeting, but are not part of the Committee.
3.       Shall present a report at the March general meeting.