Burbank Titan's Youth Football & Cheerleading Association: Titan's History

In The Beginning

Pat Czajkowski In 1974, a bunch of neighborhood kids got together with either their own or borrowed football gear. Dan & Ken Czajkowski started with practices in Dan's Father-in-laws back yard and eventually the park. The kids often had to take off their pads, helmets and shoes to let another player who didn't have his own stuff in to practice. That is what inspired Dan & Ken to try to get sponsorship from the park to supply uniforms,etc. like the teams they scrimmaged against. They had no official name but were the beginning of what would become the Burbank Titans.

In 1975- The first official year of the Burbank Titans. Dan, Sue, Ken & Pat Czajkowski got together in January & February 1975 and came up with the idea to start a real football program and founded the Titans football. Dan & Ken went to the South Stickney Park District (currently the Burbank Park District) and asked for help in forming this new outlet for kids to participate in. The Park District agreed to help with finances and a place for the Titans to play. This was the start of the SSPD Titans.

The first Titan Cheerleaders: Park District commissioners came out to the first game & questioned why the other team had cheerleaders and the Titans didn't. The next week, Pat Czajkowski organized the 1st Titan cheerleading squad. They put little girls in t-shirts to cheer after only 5 days of practice.

The first concession stand: Ran out of the back of Pat Czajkowski's car. Canned soda, chips and candy were the only things on the menu.

Note: The Titans almost became the Sputniks.

In the latter half of the 1970's -
The Titans began a tradition of playing their Homecoming Games at the Reavis High School Football Field.  Most of these Homecomings the Junior game was played under the lights. A tradition that continued until 2005.

Trophy Games
In 1977, the Titans & the Hickory Hills Rebels began playing for a replica Heisman Trophy. This trophy has been passed back & forth to the winner of this game ever since. This is known as the Trophy Game.

Friday, April 10
1979 Peewee Championship Team
The first Titans championship team on any of the three levels. The team was coached by Tom Roth, Ed Jaraz,Jack Demaso, and Ed coughlin. The Titans won against the Harvey Colts, on their field, 13 - 0. The first Titans undefeated team.

On March 26th, 1980
The Titans became incorporated and were known officially as the
"Titan Youth Football Association".

In 1984-
The Titans joined the newly formed Metro Youth Football League. The Titan's are one of the 8 original founding organizations.

Titans Superbowl History
1984- Superbowl I      - Juniors     - Champions
1985- SuperbowlII      - Juniors     - Runner Up
1986- Superbowl III    - Peewees  - Runner Up
1986- Superbowl III    - Widgets    - Champions
1987- Superbowl IV    - Peewees  - Runner Up
1987- Superbowl IV    - Widgets    - Champions
1988- Superbowl V     - Widgets    - Champions
1989- Superbowl VI    - Widgets    - Champions
1990- Superbowl VII   - Widgets    - Runner Up
1990- Superbowl VII   - Juniors     - Runner Up
1991- Superbowl VIII  - Juniors     - Champions

In 2003-
The Burbank Park District Director, Bill Olsen, approached the Titans with a proposal to make a football field for the Titans.

In 2004-
The "Titan Youth Football Association" changed its name to the
"Burbank Titan Youth Football and Cheerleading Association".

The Burbank Park District installed field lights at the new Titans Football Field. Price tag: $80,000.

All football players received & kept new game jerseys with their names on them for the 1st time.
Titans purchased a mod 3 football sled.

In 2005-
In May, The Burbank Park District built a brick concession stand for the Titans at the Titans Field. The concession stand also has bathrooms, a utility room and a storage room with overhead door. Concession stand area & bathrooms equipped with built-in heating units. Price tag: $180,000.

On July 25th, the Titans moved from their original practice field at 84th & Moody Ave. (MacArthur Park) to their current place at 77th & Narragansett Ave. (Ridgeland Park).

The first time in 13 years that the football Peewee, Widget & Junior divisions all made the playoffs in the same season.

In 2006-
On March 2nd, the new Titan scoreboard was installed at the Titan's Field in Narragansett Park - 77th & Narragansett Ave. Price tag: $29,000.00.

April 12th, Bill Olsen presented the Park District Board with a request for bid approval for the Titan's home stands - seating for 280 people, an announcer's booth & film deck. Visitor's side stands - 2 sets of mini-stands seating for 50 people each. 2 New Y-shaped goal posts for the game field. Price tag: $144,000.

August-Erected- The home & visitor's side stands seating approximately 280 people. There is an announcer's booth with fencing around the roof for a film deck.
The Titan's started a new football division- Flag Football! Geared towards 5 & 6 year olds.

September- The 1st season the Titans played on the new Titan's Field.

  October- The irrigation system for the football field was installed- courtesy of the Burbank Park District. A 2nd equipment trailer was purchased. A golf cart was donated by the Cirilo family.

November- At the Burbank Park District meeting- The Board approved a plan to expand the parking lot by 39 spots for a cost of approx. $60,000.00. The Park District Board also approved a purchase for shutter doors over the booth windows at a cost of approx. $4,500.00. The shutter doors were installed on Monday, November 20th.

In 2007-
In April-New goal posts installed on the practice field. Price tag: $1,400.00.
In May-Parking lot expanded - an additional 40 parking spots. Also, two way driving in the lot. Price tag: $60,000.00.
In May-Additional top soil & grass seed added to the game field which will raise it approx. 2 inches. Price tag: $7,500.00.

Coaches & players that helped mold the Titans-

Tom Roth: Coach to win the 1st Titans Championship(South Stickney League). Coach of 4 Titan super bowl teams

Stan Smagala: Titan Alumni- Only known Titan to play in the NFL- Dallas Cowboys 1990-91. Also, a member of 1988 Notre Dame National Championship Team

Dave Dunne: Titan Alumni- 1987 - 1988  Kansas University. 1988 - 1992 Maryland University.

Dave Demumbrum: Titan Alumni- 1988 IHSA All-State for Reavis High School- 1988 Reavis football team- semi-finalists class 5A

Ken Czajkowski: Played for the 1991 Eureka College who were 10 and 0 their Senior year and they qualified for the NAIA DIv II Natiional Playoffs losing to the eventual winner Georgetown, Ky. Ken and the rest of the team are enshrined in the Eureka College Hall of Fame. He is presently a football coach for Milliken Univ. in Decatur as well as a P.E. teacher and Track Coach at Sangamon Valley H.S.

Mike Pelkowski: Titan Alumni- NCAA Division 2, 2nd Team All-American


Titan's Presidents

Tim Nowaczyk                                     2013 -

 Kelly Janeczko  2012 - 2013
 Mark Mellenthin  2003-2012
 Ed Ciemny  2000-2003
 Kathy Joda  1996-2000
 Mark Bujai  1996
 Nancy DeMosa  1993-1996
 Rich Gutierrez  1983-1987
 Ray Gomez  1980-1983