Burbank Titan's Youth Football & Cheerleading Association: Parents/Staff Info Page

Information for Parents about the Burbank Titans
This page is designed to answer questions on what is expected from Titan parents. Frequently asked questions, issues ranging from additional fees to appropriate conduct. How to resolve issues & what to expect throughout the season.

To all Titan Members- Notification of change to phone number, house address & email address

Anytime you change your phone number, email address or move- please notify Secretary Noemi Ruiz so we can keep our records up to date. Thank you.

To our new Titan members, if you have not received an email from the us, please contact the webmaster to make sure that we have the correct email address.

Who is responsible for the operations of the Titans?

The Board of Directors

- Or (the Board) consists of 15 elected volunteers. They oversee organizational operations; ensure the bylaws & nonprofit state laws are followed. Decisions by the Board are final & binding(See Assoc. Operations for details).


- Are interviewed & appointed by the Board. Headcoaches have a 2 year appointment as long as they remain on the same division.
- Are responsible for their respective divisions this includes their assistant coaches, demo/helper coaches & the players/cheerleaders assigned to that division. Headcoaches are also to work cooperatively with the team parents appointed to their division.

What if you have an issue/complaint?

Divisional Issues- Any divisional issue that may arise must first be addressed with the headcoach. Never discuss division problems or issues with the assistant coaches and/or the demo/helper coaches.
-If you feel you need to speak with the headcoach regarding assistant/demo/helper coaches; unsafe acts; playing time, etc. -Here are the guidelines to do so:
Approach the Headcoach in a calm, respective manner - 15 minutes prior to or after practice. Ask him/her if you can discuss the issue at that time. If he/she is not able, then ask them for a date & time that you can talk.(For resolving playing time issues, please refer to the bylaws.)
-Do not call a coach at home unless he/she specifies this is okay.
-Never attempt to discuss issues during practice and/or on game day.
-If you feel unsatisfied after you have talked with the Headcoach, then the next step is to discuss the issue with the Director of Football/Director of Cheerleading. If you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, the next step is to approach an Executive Board Member. The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer & the DOR-Designated Organization Representative to MYFL. You may request a meeting if the Executive Board Member can not help resolve the issue. To request a special meeting with the Board, you must contact the President & request a special meeting.
-If this guideline is not followed in the order stated above, you will be instructed to go back to the step that was not followed.
*Note: Very rarely does any complaints/issues have to go further than the Headcoach.

Team Parents- If you feel that you have an issue with a team parent, you can speak with that division's Headcoach. If you feel unsatisfied after you have talked with the Headcoach, then the next step is to discuss the issue with the Team Parent Coordinator. If you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, the next step is to approach an Executive Board Member.

Staff Positions

Headcoach- Person responsible for overall operations of a division. Resonsible for appointing Must be at least 18yoa. Each Headcoach shall select a qualified coaching staff and maintain it with a maximum of 5 assistant coaches. Headcoach is appointed by the Board.

Assistant Coach- Qualified person that assists the in teaching the fundamentals of footbal/cheerleading to the division appointed by the Headcoach. Must be at least 18yoa.

Demo Coach- a person who is between 14-18 yoa & assists the cheerleading coaches & players with demonstration of cheers, stunts, etc.

Helper Coach- a person who is between 14-18 yoa & assists the football coaches & players with demonstration of stances, formations, etc.

Team Parent- Assists the division with providing water & ensuring players/cheerleaders belongings are secure during games. They also assist in helping recruit volunteers for jobs that need to be filled for home games & other events., etc. Team parents usually coordinate the homecoming float activities. 

Board Members- See Bylaws.

Team Parent Information

How to become a Team Parent- Headcoaches of that division usually ask 2 people to be team parents. If interested, you may approach the headcoach & let them know. If no team parent is found, the team parent coordinator will actively seek out a team parent(s).
Team parents are awarded parent participation hours provided that they finish the season.

Team Parents Contact: Team Parent Coordinator - Tricia Alonzo (312)692-9298 or triciapphtitans@gmail.com

There will be at least one team parent meeting at the beginning of the season.

Parent and Player Conduct Guidelines
By Dave McMahon, Special to USA Football

Youth Football plays a vital role in encouraging physical, social and emotional growth of children. It is therefore essential for parents, coaches and officials to encourage their youth football players to embrace the values of good sportsmanship.

USA Football recommends the following Player Code of Conduct: Have fun! Be a good sport (win or lose), be honest, fair and always show good sportsmanship to all coaches, players, officials and fans. Learn the value of commitment to the team. Put personal goals aside for the betterment of the team. Show courtesy and respect to teammates, opponents, coaches Realize that athletic contests, including practice sessions are educational experiences and opportunities Players will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct Players will not engage in rude behavior I will treat everyone, including coaches, parents, players, officials, with respect regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, or sex Parents are vital to the development of young athletes. Whether sitting in the stands or helping out as a volunteer, parents must set a positive example. Parents, and adults involved in youth sports, should be models of good sportsmanship and lead by example on and off the playing field. USA Football recommends the following Parent Code of Conduct: Support your coach, and refrain from excessive “sideline coaching” from the stands. Refrain from using profanity. Abide by doctor’s decision in all matters of players health and injuries, and physical ability to play. Accept the decisions of officials on the field as being fair and called to the best ability of the officials. Parents must stay off the field and remain under control in order to set a good example for players and other spectators. Do not criticize an opposing team, its players, fans, coaches or team, by words or gestures. Support the coaches, players and officials and help teach the value of commitment to the teams, sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play. Inappropriate behavior is cause for immediate ejection from the stands. Repeat offenses will result in being barred from future games and league sponsored activities. Parents will not encourage their child, or any other person, to engage in unsportmanship conduct with any coach, parent, player, participants, officials or any other attendee. Give constructive criticism during a private moment, never in front of other parents, players, officials, spectators, etc.

How does the Titans Organization communicate with its members?

We have several lines of commuication:

  1. Flyers-For announcing registration dates & for information during the season. If you feel you missed a flyer, please visit the web site. You can also talk to your child's Headcoach. Please stress the importance of bringing home flyers to your child.
  2. Messagecast-Automated phone calls that are made to the house number that you provided at registration. Used for various occasions.
  3. Email blasts-These are emails that are sent to anyone who provided an email address at registration or requests access to the web site. Emails are used to notify of registration dates, meeting, current news & updates.
  4. General(Parent) Meetings-We have General Meetings in March, April, August, September, October & November. All members are welcome. Members in good standing are allowed to participate.
  5. Web Site/Facebook-Visit often because it is updated frequently. Handouts of bylaws, rules, etc. are available for viewing and/or printing out. Also, handouts that distributed throughout the season are available. Practice & game schedules will be posted. Game locations as well as directions are also available on the web site.

Why do we need a username & password to access certain pages/folders?

Tax Time Info:

Did you know:
Out-of-pocket charitable contributions. It’s hard to overlook the big charitable gifts you made during the year, by check or payroll deduction. But the little things add up, too, and you can write off out-of-pocket costs you incur while doing good works. Ingredients for casseroles you regularly prepare for a nonprofit organization’s soup kitchen, for example, or the cost of stamps you buy for your school’s fundraiser count as a charitable contribution. If you drove your car for charity in in the previous year, remember to deduct 14 cents per mile.
*For more on commonly overlooked tax deductions-click onto the heading to get to the link.

PLEASE NOTE: The Titan's website was created and is maintained solely for the enjoyment of the fans and members of the Titan organization. Any person or persons, who use this site to express negativity towards the Titan organization, Metro Youth Football, or any of their associates, shall be permanently banned at the discretion of the Titan Board of Directors. This website is viewed by the children of the organization and that should be first and foremost in the minds of any users. The opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Titan organization.

Also, full access to the web site is allowed only to members of the Association. And, the members must be in good standing and have not violated any of the policies pertaining to the web site. This policy is in place for the protection of the Titan children and for the betterment of the Association.

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Parent Meetings

REMEMBER - You must attend at least three parent meetings throughout the season in order to vote for board members at the end of the season. Parent meetings are held in March, April, July, August (Mandatory Parent Meeting), September, October, and November. There will be parent meetings for wrestling held in December, January & February. Check the CALENDAR for dates and times.