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2016 Super Peewee Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXXIV

Runner Ups!


2016 Super Peewee Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXXIII Champions!

2015 Undefeated Junior Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXXII Champions!
2014 Widget Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXXI Runner Ups!
2013 Peewee Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXX Runner Ups!
2011 Junior Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXVIII Runner Ups!
2010 Undefeated Widget Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXVII Champions!
2008 Peewee Football MYFL Conference Champions & Super Bowl XXV Runner Ups!

FOOTBALL PRACTICE – Titan Practice Field
Football practice starts Monday, July 31, 2017.

Junior, Widget, Peewee, and Super Football will practice 5 days per week from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.
Starting September 5th practices will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.
The week of Homecoming, Play-offs & Super Bowl practices may be 5 days per week.

Flag Football will start Tuesday, August 4, 2015.
Flag Football will practice Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

Starting September 8th Flag Football will follow the following schedule

If there is an away game scheduled:
Practice – Tuesday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Game – Wednesday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Practice – Thursday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

If there is a home game scheduled:
Practice – Tuesday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Practice – Wednesday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Practice – Thursday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Game – Saturday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm or Sunday 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Wednesday, July 15
Harold Blackmon Football Camp
St. Laurence will be Hosting the Harold Blackmon Football Camp.
On August 1, 2015 from 9:00 am - 11:00 am
There is NO COST for this camp and is open to
Football players on the Peewee (3 & 4 grade) Widget (5 & 6 grade) and Junior (7 & 8 grade) levels
Please RSVP to Rob Houlihan 708-296-2290 

Football Player birth certificates and pictues for weigh-ins

You will need to turn in the following:

*All Players must turn 2 recent identical pictures(preferably 2" x 1").
*New Players must have turned in ORIGINAL COPY of birth certificate and 2 copies of the original.

These items are due by the 1st week of practice. A $5.00 fee will be assessed for the organization having to take pictures.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Director of Football Evan Fermaint at 708-415-1270. Thank you.

Football Equipment
The following equipment is borrowed:
•    Helmet with jaw pads
•    Chin strap
•    Shoulder pads
•    Rib pads
•    Belt
•    Pair of game pants
•    Pair of practice pants

You will be supplied with the following and is yours to keep
•    Practice jersey
•    Game jersey
•    Game socks
•    Mouth guard

You will need to supply the following:
•    Spikes (no metal cleats or screw-ins)
•    Athletic supporter with cup
•    Girdle
•    2 Hip Pads, 2 Thigh Pads, 2 Knee Pads, 1 Tail Pad

It is your responsibility to keep the equipment clean, to notify coaches if anything is damaged or needs to be replaced and to return all equipment at the end of the season.

Game pants and jerseys are only to be worn for games. They are to be kept clean.  It is your responsibility to replace any uniform or equipment damaged outside of practice or games.

A full set of equipment is $250.00. Items lost or damaged outside of football, or due to carelessness, will be your responsibility. In the event equipment is not returned to the Association, your security deposit of $100.00 will be cashed.

Glazier On-Line Drills
Please click on the heading to visit football team drills for free!
Coaches please take advantage of this great information resource.

Coaches Guide

The Coaching Corner for Football

Guide To Coaching Sports-Football

Football Drills

Coaching And Being A Parent

Coaching Basics

The 7 Guiding Principles of a Good Program
By: Scott Lancaster Senior Director, NFL Youth Football Development 1. Make It Fun This is the primary objective ...

Titans2008-USA Football Logo
Friday, February 29
USA Football

DESIRE: Desire is the determination to overcome an opponent, whether by delivering a solid block or by shaking off the block attempt of an opponent and going on to make the tackle. Desire is a state of mind, an abandonment of self, a form of courage, the joy of mixing it up. It is doing one's best, calling up whatever reserve power is available and never quitting. It is playing both for oneself and for the team's interest. It is the exercise of a determined will, flowing from one's competitive spirit, that drives one to achieve his goal. Desire is available to all kids not just to a gifted few.

Coaching Football, by John P. McCartby, Jr.

CONFIDENCE: The belief that he can do what he has been asked to do. Football is a sport that builds it. The coaches yell and bark a lot, kind of like the military, but the idea is to get the kids to wake up. Most kids will get yelled at and be upset by it. Parents will be worried by and begin to feel protective. The coach is just trying to motivate the player, to toughen him up, to prepare him, and to get him excited enough to put forth the effort needed to play football.

Coaching Football, by John P. McCartby, Jr.

THE LOVE OF THE GAME: Just happy to be part of the team. Enjoys the competition. The willingness to play any position.

Football Rookie Page
For our new members that would like to know the basic rules of football!

Titans Superbowl & Playoff History

Superbowl I    - Juniors   - Champions
Superbowl II   - Juniors   - Runner Up
Superbowl III  - Peewees  - Runner Up
Superbowl III  - Widgets  - Champions
Superbowl IV   - Peewees  - Runner Up
Superbowl IV   - Widgets  - Champions
Superbowl V    - Widgets  - Champions
Superbowl VI   - Widgets  - Champions
Superbowl VII  - Widgets  - Runner Up
Superbowl VII  - Juniors   - Runner Up
Superbowl VIII - Juniors   - Champions
Superbowl XXV  - Peewees  - Runner Up(2008)
Superbowl XXVII - Widgets - Champions(2010)
Superbowl XXVIII - Juniors   - Runner Up(2011)
Conference Champions
Peewees -2008 - 8-0 Record
Widgets -2010 - 8-0 Record
Juniors - 2011 - 7-1 Record

Division Champions
Widgets - 2008 - 3-0 Record 
Juniors - 2009- 3-0 Record
Widgets -2010 - 3-0 Record
Juniors - 2011 - 3-0 Record 
Juniors-1984, Juniors-1985,
Peewees-1986, Widgets-1986, Peewees-1987, Widgets-1987, Widgets-1988, Widgets-1989, Widgets-1990, Juniors-1990, Juniors-1991, Peewees-2002, Peewees-2003, Widgets-2004,  Peewees-2005, Widgets-2005, Juniors-2005, Peewees-2008, Widgets-2008, Juniors-2008, Widgets-2009, Juniors-2009, Peewees-2010, Widgets-2010, Peewees-2011, Widgets-2011, Juniors-2011.