Timberwolves Soccer Club: Cancellations



Coaches will communicate all cancelled games. But you should also check the NHSL discussion board to see if TSC or the opposing team (for away games) has posted a notice before you are contacted by your coach. Please do not contact the field coordinator on game status. All information will be posted on this link before coaches are called/e-mailed. If nothing is posted, your games are on as scheduled. (Commute time for our visiting teams is taken into consideration when we decide if our home games are on or off. We will typically determine playability of the fields no less than 2 hours prior to expected arrival time - 30 min prior to game time. If teams have longer travel times, we will make decisions sooner as needed).



Teams playing in MAPLE have different cancellation guidelines. All MAPLE games are on Sundays. The determination will be made on this schedule: For 6v6/8v8: the call will be made by 7AM. For 11v11 teams: the call will be made by 10AM. If at the time the field is deemed playable, the games will be on, however if conditions worsen, the referee is the only official than can choose to cancel scheduled games. Because of the time table we must adhere to, you must be aware that games could be cancelled by the official if the fields are not playable at game time.

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