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Thursday, January 8
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Wednesday, July 16
Players Needed

The Timberwolves Soccer Club (TSC) is looking for additional players on a few of their teams, if you are interested in one of the teams below please contact Kevin Donnelly (Director0849er@aol.com) or Tim Ober (tober@myfairpoint.net):


  • U14 Girls  
  • U13 Boys 
  • U12 Boys 
  • U9 Boys 


We offer a competitive, challenging, and affordable program that focuses on the player development. As part of playing on a team with TSC your package would include:


  1. Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 league registration to play in NHSL or MAPLE 
  2. Two or more training sessions per week during each season 
  3. Two tournaments, one in the Spring and one in the Fall 
  4. Pre-season jamboree/tournament in late August 
  5. U12 - U14 President Cup tournament 
  6. Weekly spring training with Jorge Pardo of Caramba Skills (http://www.soccerskillscamp.org/) 
  7. Summer camp with Caramba Skills at significantly reduced price 
  8. Complete uniform kit (2 game jerseys, 1 training jersey, 1 short, and 2 pair of socks) 
The teams typically play indoor soccer during the winter and we offer training and skill clinics during the winter as well at an additional cost. Most teams are starting their pre-season training now so if you are interested in one of the teams listed above please reach out to us as you will be encouraged to attend the team's training now.


Monday, June 16
2014 - 2015 Season
Good afternoon Timberwolves Soccer Club Parents, Players and Coaches,I would first like to introduce myself, my name is Kevin Donnelly, and I have just been elected as the new President of the Timberwolves” Soccer Club (TSC).  Before going on I would like to thank Amy  and Carolyn as well as all the other former members of the TSC Board, their tireless efforts and thankless hours working to do what was best for our local club cannot be expressed in words but certainly should be acknowledged whenever you see them.  Thanks Amy and all!!!As I stated above just yesterday I was elected as the President of TSC but please understand although new to this position I have been involved with TSC for over 15 years, as an assistant coach, coach and volunteer board member.  My love for TSC goes further than just watching my kids play in purple.  I have always been a strong advocate for the mission of the club, a mission myself and Vice President Tim Ober plan to continue, that being to provide affordable competitive soccer on a local level.  We are not here to turn things upside down and rely solely on volunteer coaches.  We are also not here to turn the program over to a soccer company that will (thru no fault of their own) take the local flavor out of this local club. Recently a survey was sent to most of you seeking your opinion about the club and the direction you desired.  Both Tim and I agreed that this was the easiest (maybe not the best) way to communicate with the entire club.  Unfortunately, the response wasn’t great so when we do see the results it may not give us a true understanding of your hopes for Timberwolves.  We understand that some are extremely happy having a “pro coach” either coaching or running practices, while others enjoy a qualified volunteer coach.  Some are looking for the affordable experience in travel soccer while others see price as no object.  Next week we will assemble the rest of the board and we will examine and resolve any and all questions about next year’s teams.  We will be assigning coaches to all the teams and we will be assessing the selections with the coaches and making notifications to you about the son or daughters status.  Please note that for those of you who have been previously notified, changes could be made to assure your player is properly placed.  As you can see, we, the TSC Board, have a lot of work to do in a rather short period of time but please be assured that we have many dedicated volunteers who have already stepped up and are eager to help Paul and Molly Casey, Sue Donnelly, Sue Ober, Bill Laycock, Keri Spero and Peter Breed just to name a few.  If that list looks big to you please understand it isn’t!  We would love to have you volunteer in some way to assist us with our mission.  With the theme of volunteers, we would also like to know if you are interested in coaching or assisting behind the bench.  We realize that many of you have vast experience on the soccer field and just need to be asked.  If you have already coached and want to continue please be sure to let us know as we will be having a meeting with all coaches in the upcoming week.If you have any questions or would like to help out in a big or small way, please email me at director0849er@aol.com or Tim at timothy.ober@safenet-inc.com.Finally please know that we have not relinquished any ties with GPS (Andy or Chris) we will just be looking for the best opportunities for the players in our club.  We will be soliciting input (as we have already been doing) from all, we will be soliciting the best price from many “professional” companies or individuals and then we will make a decision from all of that input and create a long term plan.  This will be a lot of work but we are sure it will not impact the pre-season or the fall season.  We are ready to get started and promise you that we will only do what is best for the entire club and our players. I , as well , as the entire Board of TSC look forward to working with you as we continue this competitive learning environment for our children in the sport of soccer.Have a great weekend (and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!)Kevin