Timberwolves Soccer Club: Board

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    Board: Position: Email:
    Kevin Donnelly President  director0849er@aol.com
    Tim Ober Vice President  tober@myfairpoint.net
    Brianne Cazmay Secretary  bcazmay@gmail.com
    Lisa Oliver Treasurer  oliverlm@comcast.net
    Steve Giangregorio Board at Large  tsc@sixsyllables.com
    Susan Ober Field Manager and Registrar  susanober@myfairpoint.net
    Lilian Desjardins Clothing  lilian@communitydentists.com
    Bill Laycock Director of Coaching  William.E.Laycock@nhes.nh.gov
    Sheri Giangregorio Social Media  tscsocial@sixsyllables.com
    Susan Donnelly Tournament Director  
    Erika Lowrey Practice Field Coordinator  toomanysunsets@gmail.com
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