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Last updated
04-16-14 11:26 AM
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Timberlane Junior Football
Jerry Lovett
PO BOX 914
PLAISTOW, New Hampshire
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Home of the Timberlane Tornadoes

The purpose of Timberlane Junior Football is to augment the physical and mental development of children through learning and playing the sports of football and cheerleading. It is the intention of Timberlane Junior Football to give all eligible individuals the opportunity to participate in the American tradition of football and cheerleading that encompasses instilling the sense of teamwork, the excitement of victory and the character-building exercise of facing defeat with dignity.

For more information email us at: Timberlane Tornadoes

We are 501C-3



Tuesday, April 2
2014 Sign Ups


When: Tuesday (April 22nd) & Thursday (April 24th)

Where: Timberlane High School Cafeteria

Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm


Football Tackle Grades 3 thru 8: $200.00

Football Flag Grades 1 & 2: $55.00

Cheer Grades 3 thru 8: $125.00

Cheer Flag Grades 1 & 2: $55.00

What parents/quardians will need to bring to sign ups:

• Checks for the Following:

o Registration (Please note: We also accept Visa/Mastercard and/or cash)

o Parent Volunteer Fee All: $75.00 postdated to 11/1/14

o Cheer Uniform Security Deposit: $50 postdated to 11/1/14

Checks should be made out to Timberlane Jr Football or TJF

• One form of ID for Medical Release Form

• Child participating

For more information please contact the following:

For Football Jerry Lovett:

For Cheer Beth Bloomquist:



Friday, February 21

We are receiving a $55 discount off of the AQUIB TALIB and AARON DOBSON FOOTBALL ACADEMY (formerly with Patrick Chung) at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA July 7-10, 2014. Use promo code TEAM2014-TIMBERLANE to receive this discount and 2 FREE football items including cleats, gloves, and more (up to $225 value)! Deadline is FEBURARY 28TH!!! Visit for more information or like them on Facebook at! To register, visit their website or call 301-575-9400. Team discounts are also available!

Tuesday, February 4
TJF Updates

We hope that our Timberlane Jr Football family is doing well. I'm sure everyone is busy with winter activities Thank goodness, spring is just around the corner. Here at TJF we believe it is important to understand how our busy, activity lifestyles affect our kids. I know we want to keep them active, off the couch and doing something constructive, but we need to make sure we are not burning them out. Studies show that children need time to be be kids. Recent trends have kids being shuffled from one activity to another all week long while others are being asked to specialize in one sport year round. We here at TJF truly believe that trying to participate in multiple sports in a season or even focussing on one single sport year round is simply too much for kids that have not yet reached High School. Youth sports should be fun, our kids should eagerly anticipate practice and game time, it should never be a chore. When the American Journal of Medicine asked about the practice of youth sports specialization, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends the following “Children involved in sports should be encouraged to participate in a variety of different activities and develop a wide range of skills. Young athletes who specialize in just one sport may be denied the benefits of varied activity while facing additional physical, physiologic, and psychological demands from intense training and competition.”

So with that said and spring around the corner, what is a parent to do. I know many of the boys and girls in our community are going to participate in Baseball and Softball this year. For those not interested in Softball or Baseball, the Middle school also offers Track and Field as well as girls volleyball. We also want to give a shout out to Timberlane Youth Lacrosse. From a football coaches point of view, there is no better way to get in shape and learn to work within a team than LAX. At the High School Level lacrosse is offered for both boys and girls. We can tell you that the TYL Rattlers boys LAX registration is now open. If you are looking for something to do this spring, please check them out at . Perhaps you want to slow down a avoid competitive sports this spring. There are a number of excellent gyms in the area that offer fitness programs. Did you know that we now have a Plaistow Community YMCA ? Whatever you choose to do this spring, don't just sit around..STAY ACTIVE !!

Football Season will be here before you know it. We want to remind everyone that we will be holding a public board meeting for TJF on March 11th. The meeting will held at Timberlane Regional High School and it will be open to parents from 7:30 to 8:00pm. Please come meet the board and ask any questions you may have about TJF. We will be holding sign ups for our 2014 season in April for both Cheer and Football. Once dates have been finalized, you will be notified by email. Please like us on Facebook, our page can be found at . Lastly, please do not forget that the Timberlane Regional School District is hold an important deliberative session this coming Thursday Feb 6th at the PAC center. Please attend if you can, this is your last chance to have you voice heard regarding the district budget.

Become a Supporter of TJF&C

Timberlane Jr Football and Cheer has started a fund raising campaign. To donate, please click on the headline and then chose the level of sponsorship best suited to you.

As always, Timberlane Jr Football & Cheer thank you for you support!


Wednesday, August 3
Facebook Page of the Tornadoes

Visit our Facebook to leave messages and/or for team updates. Just click on the headline.

Wednesday, February 6
Northeast Junior High Football League

Click on the heading to visit the league's website

Tuesday, August 7


Friday, February 24
TJF HOTLINE 505-4283

For leaving messages and getting up to date info

Timberlane Tornadoes
Timberlane Tornadoes
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