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Wednesday, February 18
Practicing a calm platform during serve receive

 Before this drill, Tod Mattox addresses the entire team and says he wants calmer platforms in serve receive. He talks specifically about the technique for passing serves that are up high.


The drill requires players to pass balls hit by Mattox off a box from the other side of the net. As you’ll see, he continually reinforces a couple of key points: “Calm” and “shoulder down and hold it.”

Monday, September 22
Teaching Defensive Techniques

This video has a detailed explanation of defensive posture and explains "how" to get in a low defensive posture.


  • bend at the ankles to get low
  • hips are ALWAYS lower than the ball  
  • DROP the hips to lower (do not bend at the hips)
  • elbows are bent and relaxed
  • in a forward leaning position with knees over toes and chin over knees
  • as the ball comes to the defender, the 1st thing that drops are the ankles, knees and hips.  NOT the head.
  • the upper body doesn't bend over
  • use the hips and upper body to REDIRECT the ball
  • passing PLATFORM and HIPS help to redirect the ball


Monday, September 22
Defensive Floor Moves

Wednesday, September 3
How to Spike a Volleyball
This is a great video tutorial on the spike approach.  It has some good slow motion video of proper technique and an explanation of the parts of the approach including footwork, form and swing.

Wednesday, September 3
Arm Swing Training
Watch a 12 year old learn correct power hitting mechanics to increase arm speed, to hit harder and reduce shoulder stress.

Monday, June 9
Defensive Positioning

Defensive Positioning:

This video features the University of Illinois and discusses defensive postitioning.

Tuesday, February 25
Eyes On the Hitter, Not the Ball

Watching the attacker rather than the ball makes the game of volleyball a lot easier.

Adam Johnson, a former US National Team indoor player and a 44-time winner on the pro-beach tour, stressed this to his 12's team at a recent practice at his club - the Adam Johnson Volleyball Club in Austin, Texas.  Here are three points he made:

  • Watching the hitter allows you to quickly identify whether the attacker is going to hit or tip.
  • Watching the hitter allows you to get in better position to play defense.
  • Watching the location of the pass is a good indicator as to whether the other team is likely to give you a freeball or a downball.

Tuesday, February 11
North Carolina Coach, Joe Sagula: Getting Ready For a Dig or Pass
North Carolina Coach, Joe Sagula, talks about why it is so important to keep arms wide and relaxed when readying for a dig or a pass.

Thursday, October 3
Setters Staying Neutral

Tuesday, September 24
Teaching the Approach with John Dunning

Tuesday, September 24
Setting for Beginners with Oregon State Asst. Coach

Wednesday, May 8
Coaching Tips: Receive/Pass with Terry Liskevych

Thursday, February 21
Terry Liskevych on Individual Defense

Wednesday, November 7
Coach Wise From Univ. of Florida Teaches Serving

Monday, October 8
Volleyball Drills TV - A Great Resource for Coaches!

Monday, October 8
Libero-Defensive Body Position

Monday, October 8
Arm Swing - Tennis Ball Jump Drill

Monday, October 8
Ball Movement Drill Progression

Friday, September 21
Drop and Drive Defensive Movement

From the Coaches Insider:

  • Maintain with back flat, arms extended and palms up
  • Keep a wide stance with legs, low enough to reach out and touch the floor with platform
  • Drop outside foot back and shuffle toward sideline, keeping eyes on attacker
  • Drive forward to ball while sliding arms together to form platform position
  • Aim high and toward middle of court

Wednesday, August 29
Blind Blocking Drill and Techniques

Take some time to check out the VB links posted on this page.

You'll find some great techniques and drills to use at practices and on your own.

Wednesday, August 29
Middle Hitters Timing a Quick Set

Friday, February 15
Private Setter Training with Lizzy Stemke

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