The Reds - Knik Little League Majors: Welcome

The Reds Home Page!

Welcome to the 2012 season!  We have this eteamz website template to help keep track of our practices, games, volunteer obligations and stats.  To start off with, please check the calendar.  

For volunteering, the events are listed separately; Field Prep, 3rd Base Umpire, Snack & Score Book.  The person signed up for that event is listed under location so it will show on the calendar.  It is understandable to offer to double up on the scorebook in lieu of field prep as rotating that chore evenly sometimes is difficult with the learning curve involved in maintaining an accurate score book.

To be assigned a date, post a request for the event & date in an email to me, Alison,  The hope is to get the Message Board feature up and going soon.

In the next few weeks, I'll get this website going with the players and their positions.  I will start with a default of initials until you let me know a name or knickname you would like to use. 

Any suggestions (or webdesigners out there) feel free to chime in!

 Thanks and here's to a great season!