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League Rules

Financial Volleyball League Rules


  • There are no uniform requirements.
  • Each team is responsible for providing a game volleyball.
  • A team may choose to use either a continuous rotation or standard AVA substitution in a game.
  • The Bookings department is very sticky about us utilizing the gymansium, we would hate for our league to get penalized on future bookings. All teams should play a minimum of 1 (one) hour. If one team is dominant & you finish early we encourage  you to play for fun, and mixing up the teams may be a good idea to keep things interesting.
  • It is your team's responsibility to start your match on time. This applies even if there is another community group in the gym.
  • A match is all the games in your scheduled time against one team.
  • A Legal Team must be present on the court, in view of the opposing team, and dressed in an appropriate manner to play at the scheduled start of their game.
  • If a legal team cannot be supplied, a team defaults their first game ten minutes from the official scheduled start time. The second game is defaulted five minutes later. The third game is defaulted five minutes after the second. The team captains must advise the participants when the game has been defaulted.
  • All matches are played within a time limit
  • All games are played to 25, with at 27 point cap, (time permitting), Best of 5 Match.
  • The team captains will choose a game-clock. It is in the interests of the captains to enquire as to how time is being kept.
  • If there is less than ten (10) minutes remaining in a match and the final game has not started, the current game will be ended and the score will be recorded. If the current game is a tie, then a last rally point will be played in all divisions. The final game will then be started. If time is called and the score is tied, then a last rally point will be played in all divisions. There are no ties.
  • A time-out may not be called with less than five minutes remaining in a match.
  • The results should be e-mailed to the league at
  • Teams will be ranked by
    • WINS
    • WINS between the tied teams
    • Plus/Minus between the tied teams
    • Overall Plus/Minus
  • All games are played at Men's net height (2.40m)
  • A Team may have up to 12 players on its roster, and a minimum of 6
  • Only players listed on the roster are eligible to play
  • Exception: In order to allow for a full team, teams may play with a player who is not on their roster for regular season only.
  • A Legal Team in shall have a minimum of 4 players.
  • When a team plays with less than 6 players, three players are still considered front row players, and may attack the ball from the front court.


Levels of Play


Teams that may have some skilled individual players, but that as a whole have little volleyball experience. There is a low skill set for bumping and setting and will not often see 3 hits. No real hard hitting. Team Goal: Get it over the net - it doesn't matter how!   


These would be teams that have mixed skill level. Three hits is the goal, with decent ball control while bumping or setting.  Expect some hitting and blocking, although hard hitting is seldom and you wouldn't typically see strong or organized attacks.  Team goal: try to have 3 hits on every play.    

Intermediate Plus

This division is for teams that are able to pass with accuracy and have the ability to set organized attacks.  Players typically rotate and play set positions on the court and have a skilled setter.  This level we would see 3 hits each possession with a strong attack game.  


This division is for teams that are highly skilled and have a lot of experience playing organized volleyball.  This would be a fast-paced division where you would see organized attacks, plays, and positional players.  Skilled setters and able to run plays for shoot sets, back-row attacks, and other types of plays.  Players should be able to pass off of hard serves accurately to the setter to be in this level.      

Monday, December 21
2010 Booking Report

Dino Esposito asked me to post this 2010 City of Edmonton Bookings report on the website.

With the size of the file and formatting issues, if anyone wishes to see the files, please e-mail us at and we will forward you a copy. Have a great season.