The Financial Volleyball League: Welcome

2010 - 2011 Financial Volleyball League

Welcome to the Financial Volleyball League's Website

The 2013 - 2014 Season is almost done ! 

We will not be recording scores again this season - you DO NOT have to send your scores in.

The Schedule for February has been uploaded, stay tuned for the remainder of the season.

It consists of 7 teams and the league welcomes both women and men. Each team must have minimum of two women on the court at all times, but can play with more than two. The league plays from October to May, with playoffs being at the end of the season in a tournament format. New teams are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis subject to space availability at the beginning of each season after existing members have had their chance to renew their teams in advance. 

** Reminder ** The official net height for the Financial Volleyball League is the Men's Height which is 7'11". Please try to ensure that we all use this height regardless of the gym location. When the net is too low it creates an unsafe playing condition.

The calibre of play is suitable for novices thru intermediate and competitive players alike. The aim of the league is to help players enjoy the game and improve their skills in a sociable, supportive atmosphere.