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How well do you know the parts of a horse?
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Parts Of The Horse
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A Cowgirl's Dream
Way out west if you will ~

We live to ride atop our horse
The rodeo scene is our course ~

We tend to venture out a ways
But we always love those Rodeo days ~

The cowboys, the action, and smell of dust
The cowgirls, speed, and fans a must ~

Wild bronc's and bulls stand near our gate
As we enter and see the fans await ~

Our flags are blowing in the breeze
We ask our horses don't waiver please!

With speed and perfection we make our moves
Oh the feel of pounding hearts and hooves!

We hear the crowd clap and cheer
Then ask ourselves, what did we fear?

Another performance under our buckle
As we laugh and look at ourselves with a chuckle ~

This is what we love the most
It is a THRILL TO DRILL and now we can boast!

I Am Your Flag

I am your Flag. I have been kicked, trampled, burned, and shot full of holes I have fought battles, but I prefer the untroubled air of a world at peace.

I am your Flag. I represent the freedom of humanity, and I shall fly high, thundering in silence for the whole world to hear. My gentle rustling in the breeze sounds out the warning to all who would bury me forever that below stands a population dedicated to liberty.

For those who have perished for my right to freedom of flight, for those who will die, and indeed for those who will live, I stand as a symbol of freedom-loving people.

I have been carried into battle in faraway lands, always for the cause of freedom. I am blood-stained, torn, and many times wearied and saddened by the thousands who have paid the supreme sacrifice.

Do not let it all be for nothing. Tell me the brave has died for a worthwhile cause. Be proud of what I represent, and display me for all to see.

Whether you call me "Old Glory", "Stars and Stripes", or "Star Spangled Banner", I shall fly forever as a symbol of your freedom, as I did for your ancestors, and I shall for your heirs.


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