Monday, August 26
TDYF Update!

 Hello Football Fans~

Hope you all had a great first weekend of football! Some teams handed out tickets to sell for our annual fundraiser the 21st Annual BURGER & BALL BASH scheduled for Friday, September 13th 5-6:45pm at Sid White Field, Wahtonka Campus. This is a fundraiser for TDYF with Friends of Football (TDWHS Football Booster Club). Please help us: PRE-Sell TICKETS ($10/individual; $40/family---includes game admission plus Burger/Fixin's/Chips/Beverage and Dessert). TDYF players are scheduled to scrimmage at Half-Time. There are a lot of tickets out to be sold, so it will be easier to sell your tickets sooner than later.

1. Each TDYF Family assigned 2 of Each Ticket (2-Individual & 2 Family) to sell BEFORE September 6th. Buy-out is $100.

2. Money from selling Tickets to be turned in (in your labeled plastic baggie) to a Board Member on or before Friday, September 6th. If you are able to sell more tickets, please seek out Didi or Traci for additional tickets.

3. DESSERTS provided by TDYF: Each player's family to bring 2 dozen dessert pieces (cookies, brownies, etc.). Desserts should be something that does not require plasticware to eat. Deliver to TDW Sid White Field, Wahtonka Campus, between 3pm & 4pm, Friday, September 13th.

4. We need help with different Committees for the Burger Ball Bash. The last two years we have fed 850+ people at the event. SignUps will begin this week at practices -OR- please contact Didi at 541-340-6610 or Traci at 541-993-1964 if you can assist during the event. SignUp early to get the job/time slot you wish.

HINTS FOR WHITE PANTS AND PRACTICE JERSEY: We hope to offer a few helpful hints for those dirty, muddy, grass stained football pants and practice jerseys. A good soaking! Soaking for an hour (or ten) in Biz, OxyClean, Simple Green or Resolve will help tremendously. Scrubbing! A firm bristle brush and a little elbow grease to those knees, hip pads, grass stains and elastic cuffs will work the dirt from the synthetic fibers. Detergent & Bleach! Put a dab of your laundry soap on the stains that don't scrub out and wash them with a bit of bleach and Viola! Clean Bright White Pants! Try not to dry them. Drying will set the stain and take away any hope of fighting stains further. We thank you for your extra efforts.

PRACTICES: This week (August 26th) we get into our season practice routine. Per our League rules teams may practice either 3x a week for 1.5 hours max -OR- 2 days a week for 2 hours max. All practices have to conclude within these time constraints.

Practice Schedule:
3/4 GOLD-Beeks M,W,F 5:00-6:30 pm Coach Beeks # 541-965-2545
3/4 Maroon-Kienlen Tu,W,Th 5:30-7:00 pm Coach Kienlen # 541-288-6875
5/6 WildCats-Abbas M,W,F 5:00-6:30 pm Coach Abbas # 541--340-4379
5/6 Rattlers-Darden M,W,Th 6:00-7:30 pm Coach Darden # 541-993-1857
5/6 RiverHawks-Lente M,Tu & either W or Th (depending on TDMS schedule) 6:00-7:30pm
Coach Lente # 208-590-2627

PHOTOS: Get your picture packet handy.....Team photos are this Wednesday, August 28th at St Mary's field. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time with your picture packet filled out and money sealed inside. Coaches will hand out uniforms before photos. If you choose not to purchase individual pictures, please be present so that your player can be in the Team photo.

Photo Schedule:
3/4 5:00 pm Gold-Beeks 3/4
5:20 pm Maroon-Kienlen
5:40pm All Flag teams
5/6 6:00 pm RiverHawks-Lente
5/6 6:20pm Wildcats-Abbas
5/6 6:40 pm Rattlers-Darden
TBA Make up photos-Individuals
Most teams are practicing during/after photos at St. Mary's, so please bring all your gear.

LEAGUE GAME SCHEDULE: The League game schedule should be ready late next week, we will keep you posted on that information as soon as it is finalized. Games will start Saturday September 7th.

FACILITIES: We need all families and players to remember to keep fields/facilities/play ground clean. All garbage, water bottles, gear, etc. must be picked up after each game and practice. We want to ensure that we represent TDYF and our community at a high standard. Also, please help your player and other children understand that the cemetery and access to Mill Creek from St. Mary's are considered "Off-Limit Areas".

PARENT FAN WEAR: If you would like to purchase any TDYF items (sweatshirts, shirts, decals) order forms will be available soon. In order to get group pricing, we will only place one large order. Watch for order forms and turn-in dates. Payment will need to be submitted with order forms.

COMMUNICATION: We will continue to keep our Website and Facebook page updated with all of our information. TDYF Board of Directors expresses our Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding all the relocating and rescheduling last week. Should fire-related or other concerns arise, please look for those emails at about 4pm in the afternoon.

Thank You,
TDYF Board of Directors

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