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Our players have a common love for softball and a special enthusiasm and dedication to the game. The outcome of which has been a higher level of play, at a very competitive level, which is both focused and fun to watch. As each season progresses, we have seen the fast-paced growth of our ballplayers' individual and team related softball skills. This leads to a mental attitude that is focused on the need for conditioning, commitment, and hard work. In other words, the ability to become a "total player"! More importantly, we have seen the evolution of such "life" skills as self-confidence, leadership, and sportsmanship. They have created new friendships and have learned that sports are truly about having fun!

This organization is dedicated to our young players who play with their hearts and minds as well as their bodies. The objective of Coplex Cobras Softball is to prepare each young girl to compete at the highest level of the sport as well as in life. We will play beyond our skill's limits while learning the meaning of true competition. So come on down and join us at "THE DOME" we will await your challenge!