Awesome Texans: Welcome

Welcome to the SANDLOT


The Awesome Texans are a mock up team only. They do not exist. They are from, you guessed it, Awesome Austin Texas. The SANDLOT is a website designed to give you ideas to use on your own site. We get lots of ideas from other websites but we see too many websites that are plain and boring. Feel free to look around, check out each item and take it to your website. We don't mind you using these ideas because much of it comes from other websites anyway. In fact that's why we are here. We hope to plant a seed for you. 
CAN YOU RELATE? The SANDLOT was and still is a simple, fun place where kids go to play the greatest games ever. We hope this SANDLOT will be the same. There are a lot of special rules on real SANDLOTS because not all SANDLOTS are alike. Some are long, narrow lots between houses. Some are short and wide and behind a building. Often they must clear the lots of junk to make it usable. It's a kids place and in some cases the only place they have. Your website may have special rules too and you may have to clear out a lot of junk but when you are through you will have a SANDLOT that you will be proud of and it will be yours. That’s what this website is about. Giving you ideas to use on your own SANDLOT to play your way.  SANDLOT kids tell a lot of stories about games and events and players of the past that may live on for ever. They have their "Top Dawgs" that are at least famous in the neighborhood. Your team has them too and if you don't capture them on your website then you are missing a great opportunity. We hope your website is where you do all your reminiscing and tell stories about your "Top Dawgs". Use your noodle a little and do what the SANDLOT kids do. "Change the vacant lots into SANDLOT stadiums".
HERE'S HOW IT WILL WORK - WE THINK! Most if not all menu items will change names. We will try to spice them up a little. For example this page is generally called the "Welcome or Home page" and is how you enter most websites. We call it Home Plate because home plate is the focal point of our SANDLOT. You can call yours what you want. You can call it Home Plate like us if you want. We will try to give an explanation and an example of what we are doing where we can then let you come up with your own ideas. We will use pictures but not more than 1 or 2 to save space. We often use copies of pictures from somewhere else and alter them to protect others that may not want to be identified on our website. The picture usually isn't important. Only the idea. We will add menu items also. There are other folks that come up with better ideas once they see what can be done. Visit often and make your site worth visiting often also. To help you start figuring this stuff out I will define the menu.

(Home Plate) is the Welcome page or Home page. It's usually everyone's first impression of you so make it reflect the real you and your team.  We think you should keep this page simple. The Team picture, where you are from and a few accomplishments but that's it.  Put everything else in the other places.

(Club House) is the Bulletin Board. It's another menu type place to organize what you don't want on the outside menu. Look in ours for ideas of what you can put in there.

(Hotel Information) is a storage house for keeping up with the hotels you have stayed in. Rate them and never forget a place.
(Where and When) is our calender. Simple but different.

(You gotta see this) is the photo albums. Yours could be SAY CHEESE, FLASH BULBS, MEMORIES or whatever. Just put something in it. We want to see those pictures.

You can change all menu items or just change some that make you feel good.  If there is a menu item you don't use then take it off the menu.  It's just getting in the way.  What you should try to do is make the menus reflect your personality.  Make them different and people will look.  They won't be able to resist.  If you aren't that creative then just copy ours.  We don't care.  Have fun.