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Sunday, July 8
The Last Tent Campout at the Kettle - the New Era
VB arrived by the Tent on the Kettle. She slept in for the last time. Now the Bears can walk the path from the tin shed to camp in the evening hours and VB will be able to look out the windows of the NEW Trailer.

I can see it in a few years, VB on her four-wheeler come bustin out the back door, chasing that Black Bear down the path. Lasso above her head - hog-tiein' that critter. Then, a call to Uncle Robbie - you can let it go. What a women! !

For you that don't know - the trailer is in from Texas. No water marks.

Rattlesnake on the Kettle
As Ron said, it made more noise than "The King Ranch".

Now VB and Sue will have to know the noise difference between the truck and the snake.

2006 Labor Day on the Kettle
Another Year on the Kettle - another anniversary to celebrate on the Kettle with Virginia Beth. Oh, yes, VB has grown not only in size but her ability to understand and make her own decisions.

Ron, Alan and Robbie did make it to the top of the mountain for a breath of good mountain air. Just a few moments of conversation that will last beyond a life time.

Before, I forget, yes, Sue can testify that the Fishers have been successfully returning via reintroduction and migration into Pennsylvania. Within twenty feet from the mess tent toward the creek, Sue heard a distress call from a squirrel, going to help it and find out how she could help - wrong thing to do! Sue now knows why the squirrel was yelling - it was in the mouth of the Fisher. The Fishier didn't like Sue intrusion - opened its mouth to show Sue its dissatisfaction - the squirrel was gone - the Fisher turned, ran and Sue still hadn't got her mouth open to yell for help by saying "Ronald - Robbie". I guess, that would be a confirmed sighting!

Labor Day 2005 - The Leader of the Pack shows her stuff
Yes, the weekend weather was fantastic. The Roberts Boys started their travel weekend to The Kettle at 9PM on Thursday via Washington, Pennsylvania, then to The Kettle after midnight on Saturday morning. While Beck was able to fly into State College from Texas and get a good night sleep. The Roberts Boys slept at the local Church parking lot when the farmer parked his truck in the roadway. What a sight to see the big guy dressed in Orange above the church roof blowing smoke and Robbie's head peaking out the back side window of the Mercury to greet the Morning at 630AM. Ron and Beck were on the road going to get a few more supplies and trying to find the Roberts Boys.

Once everyone got back to camp and breakfast served, the day of "cabin burning" started and finished by 5PM. Alan kept the fire small but doing the proper thing - the CAMP IS GONE! Just a pile of nails! Freddie and Zack made the trip - Grandma got excited. Zack learned he has to take control - He is getting older - His time will come to follow the old timers to the top. It is his inter strength that will need to come forward.

Of course, Sue was taking care of Virginia. Yes, Older Sister, Beck, took over the play time. Smiles were all around with having the youngster at camp. Beck was starting the early morning horse ride which brought out Virginia's smile. Dad and Mom was able to take the youngster on the four wheeler - We really don't know who had the most fun, Virginia or her parents. OH, don't forget, this is also the weekend that Mom and Dad got married. No cake this trip - Happy Anniversary!

On Sunday, the mountain trails were open; therefore, the four wheelers ran the ridges. It was good to see Ron back on the machine up in the mountains. The local economy stayed level without an increase in the Hospital revenue. The steaks hit the grill for supper to top off a very good day. In closing for the Day, Beck and Robbie decided to sleep under the stars for the evening. The night was clear, the stars were flickering on and off. The planes were traveling their routes. The many wishes upon those shooting stars and in closing for the evening - the statement from Beck, "My eyelids are getting heavy." She was relaxed and with peace with the world. Nothing else was said till morning.

Unfortunately, Monday came and breaking camp was the object of the day followed by Ice Cream at the local establishment.

The next get together on The Kettle will be after Thanksgiving!

(Click this article's title for photos.)

The Birth of a new Union and the Birth of a Child
The surprising telephone call from Ron to Robbie had Robbie checking his heart. With a smile and gleam within Ron's voice, the conversation went something like this - Ron stating: Robbie, you are coming to camp? Robbie: yep - why. Ron: "Bring a Suit." Robbie: Are we going to a funeral or do I need the shotgun? Ron: NO Shotgun needed. I asked Sue to marry me and got permission from her father for the marriage. I would like you to be best man at the wedding. Robbie: Sure, I'll be there - it will be an honor. I will have the 45 with me, just in case. Ya, we laughed and said a few things between us that have happened over the years. But, on the Wedding day, everything went fine! A small church wedding with a few family and friends. Broke bread in the basement of the church joining the two families and retired to camp for a relaxful evening of conversation.

It is easy to say, that everything has gone fine since then - but - we all know that life has to be worked. The joy of now and the future will be the growth of the two, Sue and Ron. Lisa the once center of the Sue's thoughts now has changed to have her as included in Sue's and Ron's thoughts. It is now up to Lisa to act and show her age, expand on her education, learn, understand the wisdom her mother and Ron wish to bestow upon her. Also, now, the "NEW SHERIFF" in town is "Virginia". She has taken over the spot light.

This is the NEW GENERATION of our Group on THE KETTLE !

(click the title for photo's)

Austin, The Next Generation
What a weekend, "Austin, The Next Generation". May 27 thru May 31 weekend allows "The Prudy's" to have the grandson get more than grass between his toes. I've been told that Dan would have been proud to see and know that Austin didn't get a Bubba Burger but his remains smells the same.

Photo's are on an extended site. Click the Title, "Austin, The Next Generation".

Lisa can place the line on the water along with turn the bacon!

BW 45

BW 45
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Spring 4/30 - Trout and Turkey
The ice and snow will melt, you will hear the water running in the creek; hopefully, not on the tent. It is time for pictures of the Elk and the Bear.

I guess, I was the first to come out and say it. The rear sight on the pistol just isn't far enough away to see the front blade. I guess that is why they make the Redot and the Laser. Now, do they have a Redot for puttin' the fishin' line into that eye on the hook. I know - what eye?

Sorry for the delay on the 2003 Winter Camp summary. I'll include it with the spring meet.

My bathrobe is packed.

Tent Flag
Captian, Sir, Congratulations!
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2003 Winter Camp -
Members' reservation needs to reach our "MLK Guide". Camp will open at 11 AM on Saturday and will be breaking camp on Wednesday morning.

Weather - click headline.

BW 45
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2003 Labor day_1
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2003 Labor Day on "The Kettle"
2003 Labor day_2
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Beside the brochure information attached. Should we mention our quite visit to the Inn to watch the Penn State game or "21". We didn't get thrown out nor were there shots fired.

The last educational question - Where's "Temple"?

BW 45
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Walther P22
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Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner!
August 28 until Monday, September 1, camp will be open for the Group. Ron had the MLK gased and Missy is ready. Becky has her tickets, the Roberts' boys got thier rented car and the Purdy's got the Tux off Ed. (God - what a sight.)

Get your reservations in - the Elk might be on the mountain and we know the bear will be glad to show. The fish are in the stream -

See you at camp.

2003 Summer Camp
Camp was light this trip with the youngin at work leaving the older(!) group behind to hold down "The Kettle". Ron made it to camp on Thursday to set up camp. The nitro was handy but not needed. The Roberts' boys showed up at 415 AM on Friday ready to Turkey hunt. The Rain started when they hit route 81 and 80 and got Heavier during the trip into The Kettle. Yep - there was water in the air. They went to the Tent to set up thier bunks. Yes, Ron got out the stop watch. The Standard Joke..

Around noon Pat and Ed came into camp. After settin up thier tent and some good conversation. The Poles came out.. Supper was great with the Chicken and trimmin's. After Dinner, Robbie and Pat (AKA) found out they both brought enough wine for the weekend. Guess what, they only drank the one bottle they opened for supper and the remainder went to New Jersey. It was a great evening to watch the mountain and listen to the creek. The Deer came down to the pasture field and abruptly left back up the hill. Yes, four bear changed thier minds on what was going to be done that evening. A beautiful sight.

Saturday morning started for the Roberts boys at 330 AM. Things were different, They rode to High Tower and only walk a short distance to the top flats. Set up some decoys and talk to the Turkeys. Only had one Tom come within 70 Yards. He was upset that a Jake was with Two Hens but would not come any closure. Later, it just lifted off the ground and up over the pine tree and down toward camp. Was setting back at camp for coffee by 1030. Of course, it was getting time for our local run to the Great Inn and Debbie's - Nothing but class.

Back to camp for supper, Porterhouse Steaks and fixin's - (Yep - want's the poor folk doin'?) Made it time for the hatch on the stream and some water above the boots.

Anyways, Sunday morning came to quickly for being with friends. It is always harder to pack from camp - It is a life style; whereby, us relaxin' could hurt us mentally. It allows us to think about relaxation. Check out the Brochure photos.

Smell the early morning coffee or tea - Look out the window.

BW 45

Danielson and Cori continue thier work
The Young ones are finding out it is hard to relax when you wish to make a living.

Corri has accepted a position at Johnson & Johnson; therefore, she will be "On the Road" to advancing her life. Thus, Cori and Bill will not be attending Camp in May.

The Young Buck, Danielson being the lowest man in seniority has to work for a living to prepare for his education in the New Jersey State Police Academy. Tara just smiles when you mention Police - the thoughts of handcuffs - NOT Velcro. Danielson, you have earned your place at "The Kettle"..

I know your names will come up during our conversations, since you won't be there to defend yourselves. See you upon you return to "The Kettle".

May 2003 Camp
May is just around the corner and the snow might be melted. The trout streams will be running full this year. Last weekend of turkey and hopefully the elk will be in the field.

Camp will be open on Friday, May 16 thru May 18 for the weekend. Ron has not put the menu together yet since the total camp reservations have not been placed.

Congradulations to Becky for accepting the job in Texas. She'll do very well with the new job and the company will benifet from her employment. Unfortunately, before she was just off the mountian onto the low land of Ohio and, now, she'll be on the flat land of Houston. Furthermore, Daddy's little girl won't be able to make camp, there won't be any rematch between her and "Cousin Jr", nor the Purdy's watching Becky on the 4 wheeler, but more importantly, she won't see the first viewing of Uncle Robbie in his Bathrobe.

Anyway, Becky has made her mark in our life and our camp for life. She will return to camp, but, until then, she will always be with us in our heart.

Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourself for camp and advise who will be there.

BW 45
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National Wildlife Medal issued from US Mint
National Wildlife-Eagle
view full size
Just think what each of us have done to help Wildlife over the years. Let us all keep working on preserving our great natural resources. Each one of us count now and in the future.

National Wildlife-Elk
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it's cold - tent
It's Cold
view full size
It's Cold and the Snow is in the Mountains
It's Cold
The Smart Deer
view full size
Besides us just saying it is cold at a minus 10 in the morning and icicles hanging on the outside of the tent. The deer come off the mountain to the sunny side, the hemlock to break the wind, water and the road salt along the road.

Dec 2002_1_1
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2002 Kettle Hunt was Outstanding.
Dec 2002_2_1
view full size
Besides the conversation of years past and our young Buck, Daniel, being on the mountain. The Hunt and the Tent did very well.

Over 100 Deer were seen by all in the group - just none of them were legal to shoot in the state of Pennsylvania. Dave's group was able to take a 7 point and a doe. During the three days, four bear were spotted, numerous turkey and grouse were spotted.

Besides these beautiful animals being present in the area, our group was able to see a few Elk, cows, near the camp. But, on Wednesday morning on the back side of the mountain while driving to Breakfast for a change, this fantastic "Bull Elk" stepped out on the road in front of the MLKing. A sight of a lifetime - There is not enough words to describe it - being with good friends and this wonderful Elk in front of us.

What a great Hunt.....

BW 45

"The Kettle" Opens November 29
Weather permiting (ha) camp will roll off the truck after Noon on November 29.

Make sure your reservations are made so Food and Sleeping Quarters can be arranged.

Bring your shooting equipment, camera and/or gun. Some of us will need to bring our bolts and I will bring my bathrobe.

See you at camp.

"Labor Day at The Kettle - 2002"
Tent Flag
August 31-September 2..What a beautiful weekend. Beside the main question of who was going to attend camp, the weather was the concern. Oh, what a beautiful weekend. Good people in camp always makes for good memories.

The Roberts' boys checked out the local population in Renova prior to 6A.M. on Friday and then crossed the mountain. What a great site to see the peacefulness of the trees, the sky line, the pasture, a little water and the ability to allow your mind to bring back memories of the past. Anything that happens with a smile will be extra for the happiness of the moment. While cruising around the valley, checking out the changes, the local residents and business owners took notice that "The Kettle" would be occupied this weekend.

Around 12 noon, RBK arrives in the "Martin Luther" which was a surprise. But, more so, the introduction to the new member of the family, Missy. Included in the camp supplies this visit was Dave's four wheeler to allow our camp residents a quick trip to the top of the mountain.

With the field being cut and the hay being baled, no area had to be cleared; thus, allowing the set-up of base camp to move along quickly. With the Reliable Tent back on "The Kettle" and less the 60 MPH winds, everything set up easily. Within two hours the camp was ready, up and running. The Cook Stove had the hot water ready for tea or coffee.

The remainder of the afternoon was used to convince our minds it was okay to relax during the weekend. Alan made sure the four wheeler was operating right. He had it out thru the field and up on the mountain. Talk about the windblown look. Robbie took it to the mountain plus back in the new cut area - what a ride.

Pat and Ed showed up around 530PM or so. Supper was served. The occupancy sign went out on the front of their tent.

Ohhh, one of the new addition this camp was Ed's addition of a Tent to put around the "John". Everyone will get their chance to test it out this weekend. Alan made the seat box and tank assembly. The men didn't have to worry about lifting the seat - it was screwed down to the box. Some Great sounds came from that area - of course, that created some great conversation during the weekend.

By 1030PM, Friday night, Becky had not arrived from Ohio; thus, causing some concern. Dad went out on a mission and returned with his young lady. Of course, reasons were asked about Becky's late arrival but that is another memory.

With the first group of "the Kettle" at camp, it was time to hit the rack. Robbie wanted to get up for some Wildlife photos around 530AM on the mountain. Ron was kind enough to wake him. Robbie thought for a moment - Thanks, but I'm going back to sleep. Ron, then asked Becky to get up and drive the valley. Take in the beauty of nature. Later in the morning, we did a time check - Mickey's little hand is on what number and his large hand is on what number?

By Saturday noon, it was time to make it to the local hotel restaurant/bar to take in some of the local food and the Penn State Football game. Our favorite waitress (Grandma) was there with her great service. Becky just loved the local comments which showed their knowledge of the game and knowledge of the players. She was ready to point out a few facts of who was who and what football is about. Since everyone was finished with their food and beverage, the possible new owner of the establishment suggested we continue on to another stop. Therefore, with the recon at 330AM by Ron and Becky - the Ice Cream Shop is operational once again. The Hunters breakfast might be served again.

Shortly after returning back to camp, Dan and Tara, Cori and Bill arrived from New Jersey. What a trip was the statement. While the tents were being put up for the weekend, the ladies were given a quick lesson in firearm safety and allowed to cut the grass within the pasture field. Yes, they did hit their target. After a while and the tents were up, the young men came over and took their stance. There was no ground hog going to stick their head out of their hole.

At this point, everyone being hungry, supper was started - stuffed pork chops with all the fixin's. Dave's four wheeler was put to the test till around 7PM. The evening conversation continued till everyone was tired. But, not before, Tara tried to explain Velcro and why it is used or something about pissin' on a flat rock. Unfortunately, even though, we thought, we were tired and wished to get some sleep - A Friend and his Wife come to visit at 1130-12 midnight. Memories.. Becky what was that? "Uncle Robbie - Next time, put some pants on - the pants will hold your 45 better than your underwear while standing in the pickup truck's headlights."

Sunday, was time for a late start, a climb to the top of the mountain, Missy showing her strength and lifting the four wheeler over her body, a few trying to wet their trout line in the creek. Supper, of course, the Steaks and Chicken was great. The evening always is part of the day for continued conversation which covers events both past and present.

On Monday, someone once said, "all good things must come to an end." But, not at the "The Kettle". Even while having a good French Toast Breakfast, wildlife is seen and good feelings are communicated between us all.

Unfortunately, we all have to break camp and return to our vocation but our memories of friendship and our learning experiences will always continue at "The Kettle". Hot water is on the stove.

BW 45

2002 Fall Outing.
A date for the Fall outing will be on Labor Day weekend. Membership and selected associate Reservations are being accepted on a limited bases.

Camp will be open August 30 thru September 2nd.

BW 45

"Reliable Tent" Arrives at Camp
May 5, 2002 - Connie, Connie, Connie from Reliable Tent deals with our Public Relation Man. She proves what is in a name. She and Reliable Tent employees have "The Kettle Camp's" tent made, shipped and delivered on time to meet the deadline. What a DEAL!!

The Kettle Camp endorses the produce they recieved from Reliable Tent. The Tent is the size required for "The Group". It was easy to put up and will be a workable item for the camp.

Tent Photos are under Albums - Brouchures and The Camp on The Kettle.

BW 45

2002 Spring Camp and The New Tent
May 5, 2002 - Besides the excitement of the new Reliable tent being delivered and raised at The Kettle, the outing was a success.

The heavy rains on Wednesday, Thursday and into Friday morning only allowed the ground to be a little wet. The Roberts' boys were the first into camp Friday Morning. They weren't there long when Ron brought in the new addition. The local School marching band didn't get there in time nor was the parade route filled with spectators - BUT - the three of us were HAPPY. During the Camp setup, it was a little cloudy but the mountain winds keep the breeze blowing between 45 and 65 MPH. At one time, the wind gust pulled a stake from the ground and shot it into the roof of the tent eight feet off the ground.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent on scouting out the area for what was going on with Nature. The Creek was about a foot and a half higher than last spring due to the last two days of rain. Tracks were easy to find.

Supper was served around 7PM, just after Ed & Pat rolled in from New Jersey. Supper was all health food, potatoes, corn and "Steak". I know, what potatoes - we had them for Breakfast on Saturday.

Everyone hit the rack early, 4AM comes early for the Turkey hunters and, well, the fishermen waited for the sun to get a little higher in the sky.

The Hunt was eventful. Robbie saw his first Bobcat in the wild and Ed found his coyote tail. For fishing, let's say the water was running quickly.

Saturday afternoon was the tourist run to the local business establishments. The world known(?) location of "Deb's" was packed; thus, allowing us to visit the four star location of Cross Forks' Hotel and Bar for refreshments and a quick lunch. Well, off for that famous Moosetracks - what - They're CLOSED. . . A young man's lust is dashed. . IN YOUR DREAMS.

Back to camp for RIBs and relaxation.

On Sunday morning, Pat suggest to Ed, she walks to the top of the mountain for training. "Yes, Dear." Did they really get to the top? Sunday has come too quickly, R&R is only part of this trip - but the memories will last forever.

Ohhh, Daniel - yes, you were spoken ABOUT.

BW 45

The Kettle
The Kettle
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