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Tuesday, April 5
Top Soccer


Welcome to the CDSA TOPSoccer web page.  Here you will find answers pertaining to our program, including schedules and upcoming events.  If you have questions not covered here, please feel free to contact the TOPSoccer director, Terri Hodges, at terrihodges@comcast.net  or (302) 331-6951. 

** We are currently looking for an Assistant Director.  If you are interested, please contact Terri Hodges  

Frequently Asked Questions 

WHAT IS TOPSoccer?   The Outreach Program for Soccer is a community based soccer program for young athletes with disabilities.  It is a US Youth Soccer program that is sponsored by Central Delaware Soccer Association and run entirely by volunteers.  It is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl with disabilities.  

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO PLAY TOPSoccer?    Any boy or girl between the ages of 4 and 19 who has a physical or cognitive/intellectual disability that inhibits their ability to perform is welcome to play.  

HAVE ANY TOPSoccer PLAYERS GONE ON TO OTHER TEAMS?     Yes, CDSA TOPSoccer has had players that have moved on to play on CDSA recreational teams and the Holy Cross recreational teams.  For some families, TOPSoccer provides an opportunity to see if their child could listen meaningfully to a coach and work with other children.  If so, they are ready to move to a recreational team.  If not, TOPSoccer provides a safe environment and plenty of encouragement for these children to play soccer. 

WHAT WILL MY CHILD DO DURING TOPSoccer?    Our main goal it to make sure that every child is actively engaged at a level that is comfortable for them.  When your child arrives, he or she will be met by a coach.  This coach will then “buddy” your child up with a volunteer.  These volunteers are members of CDSA travel and recreational teams and their coaches.  The buddies will help facilitate various drills, activities and help your child rotate through a series of activity centers that have been set up.  The final half hour is spent playing a unified soccer game on a third field.  Some of our younger children are not yet ready to play and remain with their buddies on the first two fields.  The option to play is always available to our TOPSoccer players, and is entirely their decision.  We will always encourage participation, but will not obligate it in a game.  

WHAT IS A UNIFIED SOCCER GAME?   A unified soccer game is one in which players may or may not be disabled.  The volunteers play in the game next to their TOPSoccer buddies.  They are there to encourage play and feed the ball to the TOPSoccer player.  The families are sitting on the sidelines, cheering on their child.  As goals are scored, the excitement and feeling of accomplishment is obvious to all spectators.  

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER FOR TOPSoccer?    Although experience working with people with disabilities is helpful, it is not a requirement.  A love of the game of soccer, willingness to set your pace to the TOPSoccer players’, and patience is all a volunteer needs to bring to the field.  Any and all volunteers are welcomed!    

WHERE IS TOPSoccer LOCATED?    TOPSoccer is played on the Kinder Kick fields at Schutte Park in Dover, DE.  Just look for the TOPSoccer wind feather!  

WHAT DOES MY CHILD NEED TO BRING TO THE FIELD?    On session days, your child needs to bring a water bottle or two.  They will be moving around the field and will get thirsty!  They must also wear shin guards.  Cleats are optional, sneakers are fine.  Please dress appropriately for soccer and the weather.  

HOW DO I KNOW IF TOPSoccer IS CANCELLED?     In the event of inclement weather, call the CDSA hotline at 697-8331 or check the web site.  If the recreational league has been cancelled, TOPSoccer is as well.  When in doubt, call Terri Hodges at (302) 331-6951.  

HOW DO I SIGN MY CHILD UP FOR TOPSoccer?   You can join our TOPSoccer team at ANY time during the season.  Just fill out the registration form that can be found under the downloadable form icon and bring it with you on your first visit.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to play!     

WHAT DOES TOPSoccer COST?    The cost of TOPSoccer is $5.00.  Checks should be made payable to “Central Delaware Soccer Association” or “CDSA”.  Your child will receive a soccer ball, which is theirs to keep, as well as a TOPSoccer t-shirt to wear at each session.  There is also a party and trophy presentation during our final session.  

TOPSoccer Spring 2011 Schedule            

TOPSoccer will be held from 1:00 to 2:00 on the following dates with their "buddy" CDSA teams– weather permitting:                        

April 2 - Arsenal                       

April 9 - Rowdies & Fire                       

April 16 - United & Rovers                       

April 30 - Hotspurs & Union           


May 7 - Fusion & Revolution                       

May 14 - Shockwave Red & Shockwave Blue (team party)