Central Delaware Soccer Association: Volunteer!

We Need Volunteers!

Our club consists of many volunteers who give their time as team moms, coaches, age-group commissioners, board members, field workers, equipment managers, etc. Without volunteers we could not exist. We encourage you to volunteer to help us in any way you can. Contact us about volunteering for one of the jobs listed below and spread the word! When you hear parents out on the field complaining about coaches or team moms...spread the word! Praise the volunteers for their efforts! Let people know how lucky our children are they they are volunteering. Encourage people to get involved. You can make a difference.

Coaches - No experience necessary.
We will train! Love of children a plus! Responsible for guiding and assisting young children as they learn valuable lessons such as teamwork, and sportsmanship. Duties include planning and carrying out practices once or twice a week and Saturday morning games. Must possess a sense of humor and be willing to have fun.

Team Parent - No experience necessary.
Responsible for distributing rosters, schedules, uniforms and other information to team; organizing a snack schedule for half time and end of games; and organizing end of season "party" (which may be as simple or as extravagant as she wishes). Many teams also have the team mother collect a small amount of money to purchase a token thank you gift for the coach and/or assistant coach.

Age Group Commissioners

Responsible for organizing teams and acquiring coaches, assistant coaches and team mothers for those teams within the selected age group. Duties include: communicating information such as meetings to the coaches, assistants and team moms within their age group; distributing equipment and information; recovering equipment after season ends and handling to the best of their ability any problems that occur within the age group. Should attend monthly CDSA board meetings held the second Monday of every month.

Please call the CDSA Hotline at (302) 697-8331 or check the appropriate blank on the registration form.