Central Delaware Soccer Association: CDSA Parents


Parent Information Sheet

We are pleased that you have chosen to play in CDSA and are striving to make our program the best it can be. Our club consists of many volunteers who give their time as team moms, coaches, age-group commissioners, board members, field workers, equipment managers, etc. Without volunteers we could not exist. We encourage you to volunteer to help us in any way you can. CDSA incorporates Fair Play, a sportsmanship program promoted throughout all levels of soccer play, in its programs. Fair play is supported in all US Youth soccer programs throughout the country. It is essential in order to help young players learn to play and enjoy soccer in a positive and fun environment. With this in mind, please read and adhere to the following summarized Fair Play guidelines:

Fair Play for Parents
  • As a soccer parent you want your child to enjoy the sport, develop physical and mental health, and behave in a manner which reflects favorable on you and on the team.

  • Provide transportation to and from all practices and games, and ensure your player is prompt not only in arriving, but also in departing.

  • At games and practices, lend the players your support in a positive manner.

  • Emphasize their accomplishments and efforts, not their mistakes.

  • Ensure your child brings the required equipment to and from all soccer games and practices.

  • Be positive. if your child is not performing correctly or improving, suggest an alternate way, with the coach's guidance.

  • In competition, someone always loses. If your child's team wins, be gracious and not boastful. If your child's team loses, do not be negative, and encourage your child to emulate your attitude.

  • Make fun and technique your first priority when practicing with your child.

  • Give your child's coach all the support and help you can provide. Make yourself available and offer help before being asked.

  • Never disagree with the coach or referees on the soccer field. If you feel it is absolutely necessary, questions and positive suggestions should be discussed away from the field in a private and calm manner. The player should not be present during the discussion.

  • Enjoy the game and the opportunity to share the enjoyment of the game with your child.

Any problems or negative experiences are taken seriously by the directors of CDSA. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have concerns. We want your child to have a positive and pleasant soccer experience.