Central Delaware Soccer Association: Representative Program

Tuesday, May 3
Points of Contact for Fall 2011 / Spring 2012
 Coach Name  Position  Team Name  Phone  Email
 Chad Reed  U-9 Girls  Independence   


 Juan Salas  U-10 Girls   Power III  632-0278 juan.salas.3.ctr@us.af.mil
 Juan Salas  U-11 Girls   Power II  632-0278  juan.salas.3.ctr@us.af.mil
 Ray Ott  U-12 Girls  Union  808-292-8978


 Rich Gessner  U-13 Girls  Revolution  463-0556  coachrich23@verizon.net
 Skip Ford  U-14 Girls  Fusion  359-3761  zepshookme@comcast.net
 Mark Rossi  U-15 Girls  Riptide  697-3863  mrossi1730@comcast.net
  U-16 Girls  Surge    
 Craig Eliassen  U-18 Girls  Synergy  270-5052  eliassen@comcast.net
 Chad Reed  U-9 Boys  Colonials    CR1647@tealconstruction.com
 Ryan Dixon  U-10 Boys  United  359-7484  dixonryan@smyrna.k12.de.us
 Craig Stevens  U-11 Boys Shockwave



 Mike Perrault  U-12 Boys Dynamos  270-4081  michiel.perrault@dover.af.mil
 Josh Tucker  U-13 Boys  Rovers  
 John Stant  U-14 Boys  Fire  270-2579


  Dwayne Lavender  U-15 Boys  Mutiny  670-0477  dwayne.lavender@cr.k12.de.us
 Trevor Johnson  U-16 Boys  Rowdies  697-0607  trevor.johnson@wachoviasec.com
   U-17 Boys  Hotspurs    
   U-18 Boys  Milan    
 Dan Simmons  U-19 Boys  Arsenal    

Tuesday, May 3
2011 Competitive Try-out Protocol


Spring 2011

1.     Under-9 (U-9) is the youngest traveling age group.  No player can play “UP” into this age group.  ALL players MUST be eight (8) years old prior to July 31, 2011.

2.     U-11 and above players who wish to tryout for an older age group must also tryout in their appropriate age group.  U-11 and above may tryout in the age group of their choice.

3.     U-9 and U-10 players may NOT play "UP".  

4.     There will be two tryouts per age group.  The schedule will be posted to the CDSA website.

5.     Recruiting is strictly prohibited.


1.     Players will be selected for teams out of their age group if, in the opinion of the Director of Coaching and the evaluators, the player is competitive in that age group.  Consideration will be given to players who are playing up to be with their grade in school.


1.     The club administers try-outs for CDSA teams; the teams DO NOT run their own try-outs.

2.     The club will provide evaluators who will work with the coaches and the Director of Coaching to run the try-outs and choose the players for each team.

Are You Dreaming Big?
Are you dreaming of being the next Landon Donovan? Not sure how to get there? Think about this.

Playing on a Representative Team is the first step on the path to soccer greatness. Representative Team players are eligible to tryout for the Olympic Development Program (ODP). ODP players are eligible to tryout for regional and national teams.

If you have dreams of representing our country in the World Cup someday, the path to the national team goes through Representative Team ball. Every child in all the organizations affiliated with CDSA: Dover YMCA, Holy Cross CYO, Smyrna, DAFB, Milford Parks & Rec, etc. are eligible to tryout for our Representative Teams.

Being selected for one of CDSA’s Rep Teams is an honor. It’s equivalent to being selected for the All-Star team in other sports, but even higher. Our “All-Stars” are the best of the best from Smyrna to Milford. The kids on our Representative Teams, as the name implies, represent Central Delaware, to the rest of the soccer world in league and tournament competitions, locally, regionally, and nationally.

So do you think you’re good enough to play on a Representative Team? Tryouts are over, but it may not be too late. Contact the Coach of your age group. Let’s talk!

So What's Stopping You?
Did you know the mission of CDSA is to develop soccer players to their fullest potential? Did you know the Recreational Program is just the first step in a progression of skill development? Does your child have a love for the game and an interest to move beyond the beginner level? If your child’s not feeling challenged enough by Rec ball, and if your child wants to try a more competitive experience, joining a Rep Team Player Pool may be the answer and the appropriate next step in your child’s soccer development. Interested? Contact the Coach of your age group. Names, numbers and emails are on this website. Slots in the player pools are limited, so make the contact today.