Central Delaware Soccer Association: Guidelines

Player and Parent Guidelines

CONDUCT Verbal and/or physical abuse by coaches, spectators and players will not be tolerated, specifically as it relates to the referee, coaches, players and spectators of either team. If a player's or spectator's conduct is not in the spirit of recreational soccer, the referee can have the player or spectator leave the game for a cooling off period. If the cooling off period does not resolve the problem, the player or spectator may be asked to leave the field.
A season begins September and ends in August. We play a fall season with games starting around the beginning of September and ending mid - November. We also have a spring season starting April and ending in mid - June.

Recreational teams must be formed with like amounts of younger and older players within the age group guidelines, as set forth by the United States Youth Soccer Association. There must also be a balance of experienced and inexperienced players on each team. Coaches may not choose their own teams, parental requests cannot be honored and teams are re-formed each fall. Players may not play in both a recreational and a representative team during the same season. All-star teams, and representative teams are not permitted to play in this recreational league. Players on a team may not play below or above their correct age group. Players may not play on both a recreational team and a competitive team during the same season. There will be no more than 14 players on KK and U-8. U-10 teams will not have more than 16 players. U-12 teams will not have more than 18 players.  U-15 teams will not have more than 9  players as they play a 5v5 game. Rosters will be closely monitored. Violations of the rules will result in action by the Board of Directors.

All games on the CDSA schedule will be played at Schutte Park.

Soccer shoes or athletic shoes (sneakers) must be worn by all players. Baseball and football cleats are not permitted. SHIN GUARDS ARE REQUIRED AND MUST BE WORN IN ORDER TO PRACTICE AND PLAY. All CDSA teams will wear CDSA issued T-shirts. Black shorts must be worn for all games.

Kinderkickers and Under 8's - official # 3 ball. Under 10's & Under 12's - official #4 ball. Under 15's - official #5 ball.

Kinderkickers - Four 8 minute quarters. Under 8's - Four 10 minute quarters. Under 10's - Four 12 minute quarters. Under 12's - Two 30 minute halves. Under 15's - Two 35 minute halves.

It is desired that all players participate for at least 50% of each game. If a player has missed practice excessively or is unruly during practice sessions, the playing percentage may be reduced by the coach. If this happens, the coach will inform the player and his/her parent prior to the start of the match.

Home team shall have choice of sides. After the home team has chosen their side, the visitor's team, coaches and parents will go to the opposite side of the field and remain there for the duration of the game. All spectators must remain 3 feet behind the sidelines, and no parents, coaches or spectators may be behind the goal line, with the exception of Kinderkickers, who may have one parent behind the goal line.

Coaches and/or team parents are responsible for calling their players if games are cancelled. Unless notified, players and coaches must appear on the field ready to play, regardless of weather conditions. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture. However, if both coaches agree that conditions create a significant hazard to player's safety, they should inform the Age Group Commissioner and may reschedule the game. Cancellations will also be posted on our web site at www.cdsasoccer.org and also on the CDSA hotline at 697-8331 by 7:00 a.m. on game day.

This is a recreational/instructional league and there will be no protest. If an incident happens during a game, the referee's call is to stand without challenge and play is to continue. If the safety of the players is in jeopardy, then the referee can/will end the game. All incidents of this nature will be directed to the CDSA In-House Director. Issues concerning your child, as they apply to CDSA Youth Soccer can be referred to the appropriate Age Group Commissioner or Area Representative, who will forward all complaints to the CDSA Board Members.

In-House Director:
Chris MacPherson
In-House Director: Michael Stypinski

REGISTRATION CDSA no longer does a bulk mailing of registration forms. CDSA now offers online registration via our web site www.cdsasoccer.org.  Direction questions or concerns to www.cdsaregistrar@yahoo.com or CDSA hotline at 697-8331.

Please remember that CDSA is a non-profit organization created to promote the sport of soccer in a fun, learning environment. Board members, Commissioners, Area Representatives, coaches, and team parents are volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a CDSA volunteer, please send us your name and phone number by e-mail or leave a message on our hotline at 697-8331. Your participation and cooperation is greatly encouraged!