Central Delaware Soccer Association: Recreational Program


Tuesday, August 24
Recreational Season Schedules Posted
Recreational season schedules for the fall 2010 season are now available on-line.  Go to the "Downloadable Forms" tab on the left side of the main page and click on the schedules. 

Recreational League
The Recreational League Program is designed primarily to teach
soccer skills. Emphasis is placed on learning and enjoyment rather
than on competition. Teams of similar age groups and geographical
location are formed to play each other. Teams change from year
to year to keep the teams on an equal playing level.

Requests for a particular coach, to be on a particular team, or with a
particulate friend, are not honored in an attempt to keep teams fair
and on an equal playing level.

Program Goals
Central Delaware Soccer Association has made a firm commitment
to the game of soccer, its members and to the surrounding coummunities.

CDSA goals include the following:

• To encourage the widest interest, at all levels, in the game of soccer.

• To make the game as enjoyable as possible for the player by minimizing
criticism and by discouraging "win at all costs" attitudes.

• To teach soccer by introducing the player to various positions and skills
at practices.

• To inspire an interest in learning the finer points of the game of soccer.

• To allow every member (players, parents, coaches, referees, Board and
Council members) to attain the highest level of knowledge and skill of which
they are capable.

• To protect and foster the spirit of "Good Sportsmanship" both on the field
and off, and to hold on to the high ideals of the sport of soccer.


In the Kinderkickers Program, young children with little or no experience
attend practice sessions. Emphasis is placed on learning basic skills, which
are taught in instruction oriented games, and on having fun in the company
of peers. All children who are four by July 31, 2009 will be assigned
to Kinderkickers. Serving as a coach or assistant coach of a Kinderkicker
team is an excellent instroduction to coaching soccer while helping young
players learn basic skills of soccer.

Girls Program
All girls teams are formed for Under 8, 10, 12, and 15 age groups. This
program offers girls the opportunity to play on teams comprised entirely
of girls.

Shirts will be issued for players to keep. Players must provide their
own black shorts, socks, and shin guards. Soccer shoes are
optional but shin guards are required to play.

Age Groups

FALL 2010 and SPRING 2011 Age-Groups

Under 6 (Kinderkickers)          8-1-04 to 7-31-06
Under 8                                8-1-02 to 7-31-04
Under 10                              8-1-00 to 7-31-02
Under 12                              8-1-98 to 7-31-00
Under 15                              8-1-95 to 7-31-98

The answers to some of the most commonly asked questions can be found below. If you need further help, contact our CDSA Hotline (302) 697-8331.

What age must my child be to play?
Children must have turned four years old by July 31, 2007. See Programs to determine what age group your child would play in.

What equipment does my child need to play?

CDSA will only issue uniform shirts for players to keep. Players will be required to provide their own black shorts, shin guards and socks. The shorts should be of black nylon with an elastic waist. Any brand or logo is acceptable. These can be found at most sporting goods stores, department and discount stores in the area. Players must provide their own socks and shin guards. Soccer shoes are optional but shin guards are required to play! Shin guards can be purchased at any sporting goods store and at times are even available at toy stores and discount stores.

How are teams formed?

CDSA makes every attempt to make teams of an equal playing level. We form teams by geographical location so that parents should not have far to travel to practices and children should be familiar with some of the other players on their team since they live in close proximity. This does not always work out perfectly since we do not always have a coach from every geographical location nor enough players from every location.

Can I request that my child be placed on a specific team or with a specific friend?

Because CDSA makes every attempt to make teams of an equal playing level and because the number of requests we have received had become impossible to honor in the past, we do not honor requests for specific coaches, teams or friends. If there is a sincere problem with transportation please notate on your registration form that there is a "transportation hardship" and we will review the situation and try to make every effort to accomodate you.

How do I know if a game is cancelled due to inclement weather?
We have found that is is more efficient to first check the CDSA Hotline
(302) 697-8331, after 7:00 a.m. on the Saturday morning of the game.

Where are games played?
Due to scheduling problems starting Fall 2000, all of our recreational league games will be played at Schutte Park. Schutte Park is located west of Dover just past the Kraft General Foods buildings on the corner of Hazlettville Rd. and Wyoming Mill Rd.

Does CDSA have more to offer my emerging soccer star?
Yes! CDSA has a traveling competitive league available in boys and girls age groups Under 9 and older. Players must try out each year for a place on the team. Teams travel all over Delaware and sometimes nearby states to play. Level of play is higher and competitive. Tryouts for next year will be posted on this website next spring.

What about the girls?
In addition to our in-house recreational program, CDSA has a Competitive (Travel) Girls Program with teams in all age groups from U-9 through U-19!

Does CDSA need parent volunteers?
Our organization is expanding at a rapid pace. We are constantly in need of coaches, team mothers, assistant coaches and others to help our progam run smoothly. We are currently looking for
volunteers to help in every area. If you can help, please call the CDSA Hotline 697-8331, E-mail us or check the appropriate blank on the registration form.

Where and when will my child's team practice?
Because CDSA relies on volunteer coaches we do not dictate the time or location of practices. Therefore each team's practice schedule and location will be up to the individual coach. We do ask that coaches try to accomodate the majority of their teams schedules. We also ask that coaches try to practice on a field convenient to their team. Since teams are formed by geographic location, chances are that the practice field will be close to your neighborhood!

My child is advanced in their soccer skills. Can they play an age group "up"?
If your child is truly advanced in their soccer skillls we recommed that they try out for our competitive soccer progam (see description above). This program does require a higher level of committment from both parent and player, however if you are wanting more of a challenge for your child you will be pleased to make that committment.

Our in-house recreational program is a non-competitive program. We strongly discourage "playing up". We are in agreement with the US Youth Soccer Association which advises that "play-ups for players younger than ten is often the parents desire for their child to be placed in a more competitive environment. Rarely will a child request to play outside his/her peer group. Youth sports for players under 10 is as much a social activity as an athletic one- if not more! Play-ups which seek to equalize age and grade placement may be seen as in the best interest of the player - whereas playing in an older age group for increased competition could be seen as "pushing" the child." (Tom Hart, Director of Regional Coaching Education, US Youth Soccer)

Can my child play in an age group below theirs?
CDSA policy is that no player will "play down". Playing down puts other teams at an unfair advantage and will not be allowed.