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Torrance Girls Softball League (TGSL)
Sam Levy Adult Center - Softball Fields
3420 W. 229th Place
Torrance, CA, 90505

2016 Fall Ball Registration begins June 1, 2016.

Registration Link will be available here, soon. Thank you for your interest in TGSL!

Field Status: OPEN

Dick's Sporting Goods Exclusive Event
Dick's Sporting Goodes Esclusive Event

Fundraisers - Thank you for your support!
Fundraiser - Chilli's
Fundraiser - Ruby's

TGSL Families,

You will notice that a considerable amount of work was done on the fields at our Sam Levy TGSL home over spring break. TGSL and its many volunteers take great pride in being able to use our available resources to provide the girls with the best facilities possible! Some of you have asked about some of the things that "anyone" can do to help out. For your convenience, we have listed some of the items that you can do to assist your team field managers (each team should have one) following each practice or game:

1) Secure all field equipment in dugout bins (only if practice or last game on field that day- if not, proceed to item 2)

2) Use field rakes to fill any holes (field rakes in dugout)

3) Drag heavily used areas of infield with large field broom (field broom in dugout) - cart and drag may be used if you are properly trained

4) Water all areas of infield dirt (only if practice or last game on field that day- ask your team's field manager how you can assist)

5) Clean up any trash and place trash bins in dugout (if last use of day, 2-3 bins per dugout) Secure all dugouts and equipment areas (if used). Pull trash bags out and leave them outside of the dugout for collection. Leave recyclables in blue bins

Thanks to all for your continued support!

The TGSL Board

Southern California's Premier Girls Softball League

Thanks, McKenna South Bay BMW / Mini!

TGSL appreciates MCKENNA SOUTH BAY BMW / MINI for their generous support of our 2016 season. Please click on the image to like and comment about your appreciation on Facebook. 

Hello all past and present TGSL families.

Recently, the Torrance Unified School District released the following press release, in which it was announced that the District has 10 million dollars to distribute to enhance Torrance schools:

"One-Time Funds from the State of California: How Would You Spend $10 Million Dollars?"

Torrance, CA -

Since 2007, triggered by the economic recession, the State owed TUSD money for work which was mandated for us to complete as a result of legislation. The California Budget for the 2015-16 school year includes these funds that are owed to school districts and have finally been repaid. For TUSD this translates into roughly $10 million in one-time funds.

In the spring of 2015, the Board of Education directed TUSD administration to seek input from all stakeholder groups and individuals in the community regarding the use of these funds. Recommendations from all groups will be brought to the Board in early 2016. If you would like to provide input with ideas on how the District should spend these funds, please click the link ---  Community members have till December 1, 2015 to provide input."

Please click on the link above and suggest that the District consider spending some of that money on the girls of TGSL, who play at the Sam Levy school site. Some of our current projects include building the new snack bar and refurbishing our batting cages. Some of our dream projects include building two additional fields and putting up lights. If you don't want to draft your own suggestion, please feel free to cut and paste the following:

The girls of the Torrance Girls Softball League would greatly appreciate being considered for some of that money. The girls attend schools within TUSD, and the site of our fields is Sam Levy. In order to continue to provide the girls with a youth sports environment that fosters sportsmanship, teamwork, and that help builds self-esteem, we need to improve the facility. We are building a new snack bar, and would like to build two new fields that have lights. The league is limited in how much money it can raise via fundraising, so an opportunity like this one would greatly improve the futures of thousands of local TUSD girls. Thank you for your consideration.

Do this quickly, since we only have until December 1st. Let's do everything we can for our girls.

The TGSL Board


Attention TGSL Families:

As most of you are aware, TGSL is working to open a new snack bar. The new snack bar will provide revenue that will allow TGSL to continually make the improvements necessary to provide our girls with a premier recreational girls softball league. This new snack bar will have a full kitchen that will provide us with the ability to serve "hot food". Through fundraising and revenue from our existing snack bar we have acquired a building and some of the funds necessary to convert this building into an operational snack bar. Our next step is to connect utilities (water, power and sewer) to the new building.

We are reaching out to our TGSL families to ask your assistance in locating local companies that can assist our Building Contractor with the trenching and plumbing processes necessary to connect our new snack bar to the sewer system. This project involves a considerable amount of trenching. For any companies willing to assist TGSL in the process via a reduction in fees, TGSL will provide advertising opportunities onsite, on web and in our 2015 spring season memory book. We understand that this cannot be done for free, but we do hope that there may be local companies that are willing to work with us to make this project more affordable.

Please contact Lance White via email – or 310-625-5572 for further information.


The Sports Desk
TGSL In the Spotlight

 2016 Opening Day
2016 Opening Day
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Torrance Tune-Up Tournament: 8U Gold
Torrance Tune-Up Tournament
8U Gold Finalist
Manager: Lance White
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Torrance Tune-Up Tournament: 10U Gold
Torrance Tune-Up Tournament
10U Gold Champion
Manager: Adam Daley
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Torrance Tune-Up Tournament: 12U Gold
Torrance Tune-Up Tournament
12U Gold Finalist
Manager: Valerie Ramirez
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