TFSC: Coaches Corner: Make up or Pre Play Instructions

Make up or Pre Play Instructions

Steps to Make Up Cancelled Games

1. Call or email opposing coach and determine 2 or 3 agreeable dates and times for the make up. Must be within 2 weeks from cancellation unless otherwise stated.

2. Send email to opposing coach to confirm dates and times.

3. Send message to Eileen Mahoney (field coordinator) or  with agreed upon dates and times.

4. Field coordinator will send message to ref assigner and TF rec dept to schedule refs and fields.

5. Field coordinator will confirm refs and fields are scheduled and email TF coach to confirm with opposing coach.

6. TF coach will confirm with opposing coach via email


1.  All preplays must be set up two week or more in advance. No exceptions!

2.  Both coaches must agree upon the change and new date and time.

3.  Once change agreed upon, then follow 3-6 above.

Remember, makeup games come before preplay due to the two week rule!