TFSC: Coaches Corner: Pass Packet Info and Directions

Pass Packet Info and Directions
 It is that time of year again for the pass packet ritual. Below are the instructions for filling out the pass packets so they can be expedited as quickly as possible. You can go to  where they also give you information on filling out the packet, if you are unsure, PLEASE ASK (call Eileen/Tom 544-8721)  before filling anything out.

1.   Roster must be filled in completely with all club(9320), DC (17) and league (11) information/ players must be listed in alphabetical order/ cards and roster numbers must match/ make sure that the birth date matches the roster , birth certificate and card. This means no nicknames, and the team name must be written out as: Tinton Falls Soccer Club (team name). ABSOLUTELY NO WHITE OUT IS ALLOWED. If you make a mistake on a card, go to the next one and leave that slot open. 

2.    Player forms must have all information filled out completely. This form can be downloaded from the Handouts site on the TFSC web page or NJ Youth Soccer.

3.    Medical forms must be notarized or signed by an attorney. Again, this form can be downloaded from the Handouts site on the TFSC web page or NJ Youth Soccer. If you rather not provide your players SSN then provide last 4 digits only.

4.   Coaches forms must have a copy NJ "F" or above License attached in order to card coaches.

5.   When submitting the packet, paper work should be  in the following order for processing:

    a.)  LEAVE PLAYER PASSES CARDS AS ONE SHEET AND FILL IN INFORMATION. DO NOT SEPARATE.  This is attached to the roster with a paper clip

    b.)  In this order: Player form/ med form/ and birth certificate for each player are paper clipped not stappled.  Coaches need to MAKE COPIES of the birth certificates for themselves to keep for future tournaments. The ones submitted with packets will not be returned.

    c.) Put back in envelope received from the state/ outside of envelope should have team # and age group/club name/contact information. Packets are reviewed by Eileen and Tom who submit the packets.

    d.). Inside of envelope should be as follows: Roster on top / sheet of cards and player information  in alphabetical order.  


              - An email is a must before dropping off packet.  Once Eileen or Tom reviews, an email is sent to the district commissioner. This leaves her a paper trail in case of any problems. No phone calls allowed.