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Thursday, August 9
RipTide FAQ’s U13BOYS SOCCER 2012/2013 SEASON

How old are the players on a U13 Team?

U13 teams (players must be born between 8/1/1999 – 7/31/2000) and can carry as many as 18 players on the roster. Games are played 11 v. 11 on a full size field (10 plus a goalkeeper).

Is There a Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is 5 days 3 hours per day, totals 15 hours. Upcoming mandatory camp is 27th to the 31st of August. Times to be decided but most likely will be in the evening. During this camp, we set up a meeting with the parents to introduce new trainer and answer any questions you may have.

How long is the season? Is there and Indoor Season? What about Tournaments? How far away are the games?

The Tinton Falls RipTide will be playing in MAPS and MOSA “Monmouth-Ocean Soccer Association” The season starts September 1 and continues through August 31 of the following year and is split into two (Fall and Spring) sessions. Each session lasts approximately 10 weeks with a game played once a week (5 home and 5 away). MAPs is a little different also begins after Labor Day Team, Mid Atlantic Premier Soccer (MAPS) plus enter State Cup. No Tournaments for Fall 2012 due to MOSA and MAPS. Most likely you can expect around a total of 16 games with 6 MAPS games typically played on Saturday and 10 MOSA games which are on Sundays. Currently MOSA Home Games are scheduled as follows: Sept 23@12pm, Oct 14@130pm, Oct 21@3pm, Oct 28@12pm, Nov 11@12pm. MOSA Away Games: TBD. MAPS Games: TBD. Note MOSA schedule is subject to change (especially times). Future emails will update on game schedules.

Indoor sessions are supplemental and anticipated throughout the season. RipTide has played indoor at either Tab Ramos or Goodsports beginning in the 1st month of the new year 2011. The Winter session is typically 8 games played weekly using a 5 v 5 format. Under consideration this year is a full field rental to hold practices during the winter w/o the 5 v 5 format. Training will be for 10 weeks 1 day per week. 1 hour sessions total 10 hours of training.

Spring Season includes Training - twice a week for 10 weeks a 1.5 hours per session, Game day coaching 2 hours x 10 MAPS/tournament games. A 10 week MAPS season is planned in the spring starting in mid-March, (no MOSA) and enter 1 tournament.

Tournaments at this age are planned to be close to home & usually kept local (Monmouth or Ocean).

League games are played within New Jersey, Monmouth and Ocean counties. But MAPs possibly Middlesex county teams and Staten Island re players are now becoming more prevalent. Games can be as far south as Lacey Township, west to Millstone/Jackson and North to Hazlet/Holmdel. Location and directions to all games can be found on the MOSA or TFSC websites.

Is there professional training available for the team?

RipTide has always used a professional trainer during the week for one of the two practice sessions during the season. A summer camp is scheduled and run by a professional trainer. Please welcome our new full time trainer Ricky Duggal of South Jersey Soccer, (“SJS”). Ricky is a “C” license, full-time coaching professional.

In addition to the standard weekly training, SJS (Ricky Duggal) will take on some coaching responsibility for MAPS and NJ State Cup Games.

Further, Ricky will be, giving evaluations on the team and individuals for each season, along with creating a soccer resume for the team to build for future tournaments.

Along with the training sessions, we will look to put in some game analysis (i.e. classroom type) sessions.

The whole philosophy is geared towards total player development and with this in depth approach and current team skill level this would be a very positive move in the right direction.

Parents will be given a handout by SJS explaining the program which will include how the leagues, tournaments, training and game day coaching will work. This will be explained in a team meeting with all parents and coaches present prior to season kickoff.

His contact info: 732 731 9598, Background info on trainer will be forthcoming via separate email.

How much does it cost? What forms are needed? Fundraising?

Uniform cost (used 2-3 seasons) is $55/player paid upon receipt of uniform & includes two jerseys (regular & conflict), shorts, and socks.

Each player must complete a player form and medical release form to satisfy NJYS “New Jersey Youth Soccer” , MOSA and Club requirements. Forms can be found on the TFSC website and must be submitted with copy of birth certificate, photo and notary no later than Aug 14th.

RipTide has participated in home demonstrations and candy sales to generate offsetting fees for tournaments.

Training cost is based on $60 per hour for Ricky which is a very competitive rate for training.

When viewed versus our prior year schedules and fees we feel this is very much in line with what we have done but a much better path for both the individual growth of the boys and the success of the team.

We would also like a parent or parents to step forward and take on some fundraising events to reduce the cost. The coaches have discussed various ideas but need someone creative to spearhead this initiative.

Total cost estimate for training (including summer camp, fall winter and spring) is approximately $441 per player plus estimating another $209 per player for league registration, ref and tournament fees, etc. which is a grand total of $650 per player.

We would like to request a first payment of $300 be included with your paperwork submission. Payment schedule is as follows: $300 due 8/10/12, $175 due 2/01/13, $175 due 4/01/13.

When are games and practices? How do I make the Team?

RipTide practices will tentatively start August and continue two days a week from 6PM-7:30PM. Practice field locations (Riverdale or Complex) may change based on availability after daylight savings time. MOSA games are on Sunday after 12pm and times vary during the afternoon. Game schedule and game times are posted on the MOSA website. The Spring session practice schedule will be determined at the beginning of the New Year.

Open tryouts are held in May/June of each year. All current and potential new players are encouraged to attend these tryout sessions and the coaching staff will select the team for that upcoming season. The goal of the coaching staff is to keep all current players who wish to play the upcoming season but that is not guaranteed. Additional players may be added to the team outside of this tryout period if circumstances warrant (e.g. loss of current player from roster).

How much game time will players receive on the field?

Play time during the games is not guaranteed for any player. Parents should be aware that there are times when a player may receive little to no playing time in a particular game. The RipTide has a competitive travel soccer program. Factors that will influence the amount of game time a player will receive can be (but are not limited to) skill level, competitiveness of opposing team, practice attendance and behavior during practice (e.g. listening to trainer/coaches and respect for teammates). The coaching staff will determine the amount of playing time for all players on a game by game basis.


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