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This page is for information for coachs, parents of players, and prospective players to reference for administrative information.

Club Meeting Schedule

Coach 2011 Age  Flight Phone Team  Email
Wayne Wiebalk  U18B  Premier 732-922-1369  Force
Andy Pollina  U17B  Premier and MAPS 732-389-1878  Panthers

Kevin Bellomo  U16G  JAGS 732-695-2075  Tornadoes
Scott Lamarca  U16G  Nat 2 732-222-1343  Cosmos
Marco Bongarzone  U16B  MAPS 732-923-9418 Cyclones
Eileen Mahoney  U15G  JAGS 732-544-8721  Storm
Wesley Shin  U14B  Nat 3 732-493-0230  Tigers
Vito Migliazza  U13B  Nat 4 973-738-0927  StingRays

Geoff Harrison  U13G  JAGs   Imperial Eagles
 mike winchell  U13G  JAGS    ShoreCats
Jim Wagner  U11B  Premier 732-904-4321  RipTide
 Greg Aikins  U11G Nat 5 732-222-1215   Lightning
 Marco Bongarzone  U10B  Nat 3  732-923-9418  Tsunami
 Tom Kendra  U11G  Premier  732-544-8721  Hurricanes
Cory Radisch  U11G  Nat5  609-651-7714  Comets
 Mike Stanton  U10G Nat 5  732-935-0925  Firebolts
 Mark Abadir  U9B  Nat 6  732-299-4654  Royal Juniors
Matt Riordan  U8B  Nat 3    Avalanche 
 Jeni Radisch  U8G  Nat3  732-233-2561 TidalWaves 

Handout: new team info sheet

Pass Packet Info and Directions

Saturday, February 2
game/field info
2008 Spring Season:

Complex is closed for practices. Will notify coaches when complex will open for games.

Field #1 SS Field use for games

Field #2 Full sided use for games

Field #3 Full sided use for games

Field #4 Lite field, Full Sided field

Field #5 Lite field, 2 ss fields

Field #6 SS Field use for games

Make up or Pre Play Instructions

Friday, January 11
CLUB Meeting Minutes