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Saturday, March 26
TFA Friendlies and the Upcoming Season
TFA Friendlies and the Upcoming Season

Today gave us our first chance to see this season's Nighthawks in a game setting. We are using these scrimmages as an opportunity to find what combinations of players work well in various roles, try some of the boys in different positions, and generally get used to each other. After two weeks of practice, this was the first time we'd actually had all 11 players together at one time! We have work to do, but today was a good start.

The CUSL schedule is not yet released, due to some delays in the league's scheduling process. As a result, we may not know the time and location for our first game until closer to mid-week. However, expect us to have our first league game on Sunday, April 3.

The MASC tournament schedule is now set. The tournament takes place at the Joyce Park/Optimist Field complex in Fairfield April 9-10. Check the Calendar on the left side of the page for game times. Directions are listed under Locations.

We will also attend the TFA Queen City Tournament on Memorial Day Weekend. I will not need to ask any of our families to further break up the holiday weekend by marshalling fields. More details on the QCT will be available sometime toward late April/early May.

Saturday, March 5
Nighthawks Preseason Notes
Nighthawks Preseason Notes 

The snows are finally leaving, and it is about time to get outside for some spring soccer. I have a couple--OK, a bunch--of things to cover with everyone:

The spring training is finally out, and we are schedule to start training March 14. Although the schedule is listed as a draft, we should be set. Nighthawks training will be Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30 at Miami Whitewater.

The TFA Friendlies are set for March 26-27. The game times are not set, but we will most likely have two games one day, and one game the other. For those of you new to TFA, the Friendlies are scrimmages against other TFA teams. The idea is to give players and coaches some game experience early in the season, without pressure. Last fall, we played against two U11 teams near us in the club, and one of the U12 teams. I expect we will have something like that this time around as well.

Our league schedule (CUSL) has not yet been set, but those games should start the first Sunday in April. We should have about 7 league games, as they generally put together 8-team divisions.

The MASC tournament in Fairfield is set for April 9-10. We do not have brackets or schedules yet. However, it is a typical tournament, ususally with two Saturday games, one Sunday morning, then finals Sunday afternoon should we advance.

We are also playing in the TFA Queen City Tournament on Memorial Day Weekend. I will have more information as we get closer. Please note that I will be asking for parents/family members to marshal fields that weekend.

Please welcome our new players and families when you meet them. We have three new players with us this spring, and we want everyone to feel at home in the Nighthawks family.

 If you have any questions, please let me know. See you soon!


Monday, November 1
Nighthawks are CUSL 5 Finalists
Nighthawks are CUSL 5 Finalists 

Another Nighthawks season draws to a close with league honors! The team's record of 4-2-1 was enough to secure 2nd place in CUSL division 5. Congratulations to all our players for their hard work and dedication this season. The boys have started to put "Think Fast, Play Smart" into action. It has been a fun season. Now we can look forward to the Spring tryouts as a starting point toward a successful season next year!  

Saturday, October 23
STAR Schedule Changes (Again)
STAR Schedule Changes (Again)

As the CUSL season draws to a close Sunday at Pendery Park, we have more changes to our STAR tournament schedule. The times are still set (8:15a and 1:15p on Saturday, 10:45a on Sunday), but the fields have changed. Please be sure to check the calendar for updated listings. 

Tuesday, October 12
Two to Go, and STAR to Come
Two to Go, and STAR to Come 

The Nighthawks played another strong game this weekend. With just two league games remaining, the Nighthawks still control their own destiny. I am sure the boys are going to keep up the good work, think fast and play smart like they have all season as they make this final drive through October.

Although the players always need to focus on the next game, the families have schedules to juggle. That said, the games for the STAR Invitational are set. Please check the calendar for times. The schedule was revised, which changed the times for our Saturday games. 

Saturday, October 9
We're Halfway There
We're Halfway There 

This weekend starts the second half of our season. We have 3 of our 7 league games remaining, and the Forest Park STAR Invitational at the end of the month. The boys have worked hard in practice for over two months now, and that work is paying off. Let's keep focus and finish strong.

Wednesday, September 29
Topping the CUSL Table (For Now, Anyway)
Topping the CUSL Table (For Now, Anyway)

Following our recent 3-3 draw at CSA and 3-0 win against TFA Thunder Royal, the Nighthawks made it to the top of the CUSL 5 standings. This should be taken with a grain of salt, though, as the season-long leaders NKSA White are playing their fourth game tomorrow night. A win or draw for NKSA tomorrow would put us back to second. Let's hope CSA gives them a good game.

However, with only 3 games remaining in the CUSL season, we do control our own destiny. This is the sort of momentum we want headed into Fall Ball this weekend. Keep it up, Nighthawks!

Monday, September 20
Nighthawks Season Starts Strong
Nighthawks Season Starts Strong

With one player on the DL and our usual keeper unavailable, the Nighthawks still put together a 3-1 showing on Sunday, improving to 2-0 on the year. This weekend we travel to Loveland to meet CSA, then a midweek game vs. TFA Thunder Royal before Fall Ball. 

Thursday, August 26
CUSL Season Schedule Announced
CUSL Season Schedule Announced

The Nighthawks will play a 7-game CUSL regular season schedule this fall. The games are listed on the team calendar. We have also been accepted into the TFA Fall Ball Classic during the first weekend in October. As long as it is held this year, we plan to play in the CUSL In-Season Tournament as well. More details on those tournaments will be posted when they are available.

Monday, August 16
Friendlies Start Season Preparations on High Note
Friendlies Start Season Preparations on High Note 

The Nighthawks looked good at the TFA Friendlies, taking advantage of their first opportunity to play as a full team. It is hard to imagine that just a few months ago, these players were on 6 different teams from 3 different clubs. They are learning to communicate on the field, and are beginning to understand just how big the 8v8 field really is. We have work to do, but this is a good way to start.

The Albums link on the left side of the page has the photos Angie Straub shot at Saturday's games. If you have pictures during the season, please feel free to send them so everyone can enjoy them.

Friday, July 30
TFA Friendlies and Fall Training Schedule
TFA Friendlies and Fall Training Schedule

The schedule for the upcoming TFA Friendlies has been posted. We will have two games Saturday, August 14, and one on Sunday, August 15. The times and field locations are on the website's calendar. 

Although we have had a few weeks of conditioning, our fall training will begin in earnest soon. The Nighthawks are scheduled to train this season from 5:00-6:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at TFA South. We will have two trainers this season: Scott Hutchinson on Tuesdays, and Bill Maisch on Thursdays. Scott has typically worked primarily on footskills and 1v1/2v2 work; Bill will also cover more game-based situations, including things like corner kicks, offside traps and more. Between the two, I believe we should have a good balance of individual and team training this season.

Monday, July 19
Fall Season Team Meeting
Fall Season Team Meeting

We will officially kickoff our fall season preparations with our team meeting 6:00pm Monday July 19 at Soccer City. While the parents are discussing exciting things like paperwork and fees, the boys can play a little soccer on the adjacent field.

Please bring your registration form, notarized medical release form, birth certificate, picture, and (for the Indiana players) out of state permission form. If you do not have any of these items tonight, we will work out how to get them to me before papework is turned in to the club registrar.

Monday, May 17
And This One Belongs to the Nighthawks
And This One Belongs to the Nighthawks

The season got underway in earnest last Sunday, as the Nighthawks picked up their first win this season against Cincinnati United Chargers. Historically, that makes the Nighthawks 5-0 at Posey Hartman, including last season's championship run at the CUSL In-Season tournament. Although we have just the one league win so far, the Nighthawks have half their CUSL season remaining. At this point, a run toward the top end of the standings is still a strong possibility. With four league games and the QCT remaining, there is a lot of soccer between now and the beginning of June. Keep up the good work, boys!

Kroger Fundraiser Anyone? 

One of our parents suggested a fundraising idea some other TFA teams are using to reduce their costs. Kroger has a program which lets you use pre-paid, reloadable gift cards to purchase groceries, gas and other Kroger merchandise. The team would receive 4% of the purchases, money that we can put toward our team's fees and other expenses. If our team's families are interested, I can sign us up for the program. Please take a look at these links and let me know what you think:

- Kroger Neighborhood Reward Program

Program FAQs 

Sunday, May 2
Here Comes the Rain Again
Here Comes the Rain Again 

The May 2 game with Cincinnati United has been postponed due to rain. As of about 11:00 Sunday morning, the TFA site posted the Harrison (and almost all other) fields as closed for the day. We will work out a makeup date for this game soon, most likely on a Saturday, or possibly a practice night.

In between rainstorms, last weekend featured a high-scoring game against KSA. Despite the final score, our boys should be congratulated for some serious offense. We had goals from four different players, including a hat trick for Jacob M., and several assists leading to those goals. Well done, Nighthawks.

Thursday, April 15
MASC Tournament Weekend
MASC Tournament Weekend 

We get back into game mode this weekend following two bye weeks. Word from our friends with girls' teams suggests that everyone should plan on a slow, long drive between the entrance to the complex in Fairfield and where we will be playing. Check the MASC website for a tournament field map. Our games on Saturday and on Sunday morning are all set for near where we played Kolping three weekends ago at the Joyce Park end of the complex.

Also, the tournament offered the service of professional game photography by a local firm. They may end up with action shots of our team following the tournament. I will keep you posted on this as I hear more about it.

CUSL Game Updates 

Due to conflicts, several league games are being rescheduled. Please consult the team calendar for updated dates and times. One of the reschedules is tentative, but likely; the other two are confirmed. I appreciate everyone's feedback as we worked with the other teams to come up with dates that are practical for as many of us as possible.

Kroger Fundraiser Anyone? 

One of our parents suggested a fundraising idea some other TFA teams are using to reduce their costs. Kroger has a program which lets you use pre-paid, reloadable gift cards to purchase groceries, gas and other Kroger merchandise. The team would receive 4% of the purchases, money that we can put toward our team's fees and other expenses. If our team's families are interested, I can sign us up for the program. Please take a look at these links and let me know what you think:

- Kroger Neighborhood Reward Program

Program FAQs 

Wednesday, March 31
Season Underway
Season Underway 

The Nighthawks opened the CUSL season this weekend with a strong defensive effort against a good Kolping team. We now have two weekends off (Easter and bye week) before the MASC tournament. But in the meantime, the training is going strong. 

Kroger Fundraiser

One of our parents suggested a fundraising idea some other TFA teams are using to reduce their costs. Kroger has a program which lets you use pre-paid, reloadable gift cards to purchase groceries, gas and other Kroger merchandise. The team would receive 4% of the purchases, money that we can put toward our team's fees and other expenses. If our team's families are interested, I can sign us up for the program. Please take a look at these links and let me know what you think:

- Kroger Neighborhood Reward Program

Program FAQs 

Friday, March 26
Spring Season Kickoff
Spring Season Kickoff 

The snow is finally starting to melt--again--so it must be time for the Spring 2010 season to begin. You may have thought snow was just for winter, but hey, this is Cincinnati. Anyway, let's play some soccer! 

Our first game is set for this Sunday, March 28. However, we have had a late change of venue. The game will now be at Joyce Park rather than Kolping Park. Directions are on the Locations page on the left side menu. The rainout number for the field is (513) 588-6720.

The team looked good in the recent TFA Friendlies. The team together, and the individual players, showed Chris and me that they are ready to play both hard and smart. If we can continue to keep focus during games and training, good things can continue to happen for the Nighthawks. At this point in the season, anything is possible. 

Unless we have a reschedule, the Nighthawks will not have another game until the MASC tournament April 17-18. CUSL is off for Easter, and the following Sunday is our bye week. With 9 teams in our division, one team is off each game week. That gives us plenty of time to train before the tournament. But first, we have an appointment at Joyce Park. Rain, rain, stay away!

Thursday, March 4
Winter Preparations Underway
Winter Preparations Underway

The snow is finally starting to melt, so it must be time to talk about spring soccer. Most of our current and new Nighthawks players have been training this winter, but soon we will be headed outdoors.

According to the current practice schedule, the Nighthawks will train on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00. Both sessions will be at TFA South--the Westside fields for our seasoned veterans.

The TFA Friendlies are set for March 13-14. Our games are 5:00p on Sat. March 13, and 9:00p on Sun. March 14. We are working on some additional scrimmages, too, but do not have times or dates yet.

More details about the season will be coming soon.

Sunday, November 1
Fall 2009 CUSL Champions!
Nighthawks CUSL Champions 

Champions, CUSL In Season U10 BronzeFall Ball 2009 U10 Red FinalistsThree and a half months of work have paid off for the Nighthawks. By winning our final game, the Nighthawks locked up the Fall 2009 CUSL championship. The boys went into the game knowing they controlled their own destiny, and they came away with the title. 
Congratulations on a great season, Nighthawks!

Thanks to Coach Gordy, our trainer Coach Scott and the efforts of all the players and their families to make this season a success!

Friday, October 23
CUSL In Season Champs
Nighthawks CUSL In Season Champions

CUSL In Season U10 Bronze division ChampionsWe spent a cold weekend at Posey Hartman, played everyone Cincinnati United could throw at us, and came away with some hardware. Way to stick it out, Nighthawks!

Now we have some serious challenges ahead of us this weekend in Beavercreek, but Fall Ball and the In Season have shown us anything is possible. Keep up the good work.

Upcoming events
Beavercreek Haunted Classic Oct 24-25
CUSL league game vs. FOSC Oct 26 (TFA South 3) 5:30p

Sunday, October 11
Nighthawks Bowl Too
UPDATE: Monday practices are now 6:15-7:30
Nighthawks Bowl, Too
 After rainouts for both our league game and the ball boy event for Oak Hills, the team packed it in and headed to Western Bowl for some non-soccer fun. For a while, it sounded like we were turning the season into a reality show: Coach Gordy announced that the player with the highest score would get to be captain for Sunday's game. Turns out he was kidding, but the boys did pretty well just the same. A good time was had by all, as shown in the photos linked below:

-Watching the action
-Coach Gordy bowls
-Post game team photo

Sunday, October 4
Nighthawks are Fall Ball Finalists
TFA Nighthawks logo 
Welcome to the home of the TFA Nighthawks
2009 Fall Ball U10 Red FinalistsNighthawks are Fall Ball 2009 U10 Red Finalists!
After a sluggish start, losing Saturday's opener to Gunners FC from Dayton, the Nighthawks pulled out two consecutive wins to make it to Sunday's final against PASA U10 Purple from outside Columbus. The final featured a difficult first half for the Nighthawks. However, the team pulled together midway through the second half, scoring 3 goals within a span of about 3 minutes to tie it up with less than 10 minutes to go. Solid defensive play supported the strong attack as the Nighthawks continued the weekend's trend of overachievement against higher-rated opponents. In the end, a late goal by PASA meant the victory was not to be, but the Nighthawks should be proud of what they accomplished this weekend. 
TFA Nighthawks with their Finalist trophies

 Upcoming events
Saturday, October 10: Game at 3:30 (TFA South), Oak Hills HS game at 6:00 (Rapid Run MS)
Sunday, October 11: Game at 1:10 (Kolping)
Schedules are expected later this week for the Haunted Classic in Beaver Creek (Oct. 24-25). We will discuss hotel availability, etc., once we have the schedule in hand.

Nighthawks--keep this positive momentum going through October!

Team Administrator:
Mike Nalley
513-661-2231 (home)
513-309-1050 (cell)

Tri-State Futbol Alliance
Proud member team of the Tri-State Futbol Alliance

Sunday, October 4
Down to Business
UPDATE: Sunday morning game, October 4 at 8:00a, is now at Miami Whitewater Field 12. It will be early, but let's make it a good start to the day. With Saturday afternoon's win, we're still in it! 
September 26, 2009 
This week begins an intense period for the Nighthawks. We have 2 regular season games, our first round game for the In Season tournament, and then Fall Ball starting Saturday. Be sure to check the updated calendar for all the times and locations. Although they are listed, we do NOT have practice on either Monday or Wednesday (9/28 and 9/30), due to the games at Miami Whitewater and Lawrenceburg.

Also note that on October 10, we have both an afternoon game (makeup date for our 9/20 rainout) and the Oak Hills HS game that evening.

Let's keep the Nighthawks rolling strong through October!

Thursday, September 17
Keep working
Our season opener did not have the result we wanted, but we still had a strong effort from the Nighthawks. The team had good practices this week, particularly on Monday night. Keep those good work habits going, Nighthawks.

We have two games this weekend. Everyone should get used to that, because tournaments are coming soon. Both games this weekend are at home:
- CSA Saturday, 1:30
- FOSC Sunday, 12:00

We will be playing a lot in the next few weeks, preplaying games for our tournament weekends, and our first round game for the In Season tournament. And Fall Ball is only two weeks away!

Saturday, September 12
Regular season opener
This weekend we begin the CUSL regular season! Our team has been practicing, scrimmaging and learning for a couple of months, and now it is time to see what they have learned.

Kickoff is Sunday, September 13 at 12:00 noon. Check the calendar for location and directions. As usual, players are expected at the field 30 minutes before kickoff, and should bring both blue and white jerseys. We are planning to wear blue for this game. This game is across the river, so be sure to leave plenty of time for travel.

We are working to reschedule the games that fall during our tournament weekends. At this point, the Haunted Classic weekend's game is now set for Saturday, September 19 at TFA. The calendar will show these reschedules as are confirmed.
Also, we are participating in the CUSL In-Season Tournament. This entails an extra game between now and early October, as well as games during the weekend of October 17-18. More details as they become available. At this time, our collected fees are expected to cover this tournament, as we only have to pay for referees.

See you on the field as our Nighthawks take flight!

Sunday, August 23
Back to school
It is the last full week in August, and school is getting underway. That means the fall season is right around the corner. With the release of our CUSL schedule, we have updated the team calendar. However, at least two of our games will need to be pre-played, as they fall on our tournament weekends. The times listed for those games are marked "*Will Be Pre-Played*" on the calendar.
Also, we are lined up for a friendly game against a team from STAR Soccer Club next Sunday, August 30. The time and location are also marked on our calendar.

Wednesday, August 5
TFA Friendlies
We have had some good practices this week to get our preseason started. It is satisfying to see the boys out on the field together, because that means the season is not far away.
This weekend brings the TFA Friendlies on Saturday and Sunday. All games are listed as Field 1. Here are a few notes:
Times: Please check the calendar listings below for kickoff times--we will need the players 30 minutes before kickoff for pregame warmups. This will be a standard arrival time for us during the season.
Uniforms: If you have WSC uniforms, please bring both the blue and white jerseys. If you do not have that, a royal blue (or a close shade of blue) t-shirt and a white t-shirt will be fine. No particular shorts, socks, etc., needed for the weekend, although it would be good to stick with blue and/or black for us to have a more consistent appearance.
Water: Please send water with your sons to each practice and game. Other drinks are OK in a pinch, but nothing does a better job than water in getting the hydration players need. Don't forget the ice in your container, as the water gets warm quickly in the sunlight. Considering the high temperatures expected this weekend, we will probably take more breaks than usual during the games as well. As we will be down a few players, there will not be much time for rest during the games themselves!
See you there this weekend!

Picnic Reminder
The TFA Club Picnic will be held on Thursday, August 13 at Stricker's Grove. Check the link to the flyer for more details.

Wednesday, August 5
First week of practice, TFA Friendlies this weekend
The team's paperwork has been sent to the club registrar, and now it is time to get the team working. Coach Gordy & I have seen several of the players at the 4v4 sessions, and we look forward to meeting the rest of the players and families.

Practice begins next Monday, August 27 at the TFA North 1 (WSC) fields. Check the Calendar link at the left side of the page for details on practices, the TFA Friendlies and more.

If your son will be unavailable for any of the TFA friendlies, make sure to notify either Gordy or me. This will enable us to create game plans based upon the players who will be there.

The TFA Club Picnic will be held on Thursday, August 13 at Stricker's Grove. All TFA players and their families are invited, and there is no cost. We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, July 8
Preseason Notes
My name is Mike Nalley, and I will be serving as Team Administrator and Assistant Coach this year. Coach Gordy Weis & I are currently making arrangements and getting team packets together for the upcoming season. There are some important details for us to handle, and not a lot of let's get started!
We will have a team meeting during the free 4v4 session at the WSC fields on Thursday, July 16. Practice starts at 6:00; we will meet once the players get underway. If you cannot make this meeting, you must contact me to make alternate arrangements.
Here is the quick list of what we need from every player:
  • Signed membership form: I will send these to you individually before the team meeting. Please complete the bottom three sections of the form (emergency notification, medical treatment and legal release). Parents sign this form.
  • Signed player card: I will bring these to the meeting for the players to sign.
  • Picture for player card: Approx. 2"x2". A school photo is fine; we can cut this down to size. Please write your player's name on the back of the photo, in case it is separated from the other paperwork.
  • Proof of birth: Copy of player's official birth certificate; hospital birth certificates are not allowed.
  • Medical release form: Download from Handouts at the left side of this page. This form MUST be notarized!
  • Out of State form (Indiana players only): Download from Handouts at the left side of the page. That page has further instructions on completing the form and making the required payment to the Indiana association.
Again, remember that the medical release forms MUST be notarized!