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Twins Summer 2014 Camo-21
Wednesday, July 2
Texas Twins Baseball Past and Present

 Fall/Winter Registration 2014-2015 has started be a part of this growing List of College Hopefuls

The Texas Twins 18U 2012 and 18U Summer 2013 and Some of the Camo 2014 team members have won many tournaments in the last few years. And here is a picture of some of our past and present 

 Twins to the Next Level

Alex Leal - Point Loma University, San Diego, California 

Gonzalo Sosa Garcia - San Jacinto College, Houston, Texas

Sam Lopez - Galveston College, Galveston, Texas

Colton Young - Galveston College, Galveston, Texas

Caeman Mayfield - Letourneau University, Longview, Texas

Daniel Williams - Southern Weslayan University, Central, South Carolina

J.W. Moore - Hilldale College, Moore, Oklahoma

Grey Matejka - Hilldale College, Moore, Oklahoma

Many more Players since 2009 and more too come in 2015

Gabriel Flores 2015 - Dallas Baptist U., Trinty U., Hendrix College, Galveston College

Ryan Heth 2015 - LeTourneau University, Longview, Texas

Ryan Gibbs - 2015 - LeTourneau University, Longview, Texas

Lee Hosie - 2015 - LeTourneau University, Longview, Texas  

Friday, October 30
Fridays Workouts are still on!
there is still workouts Monday thru Friday.  please remember to bring deposits and order forms 

Championship Plans
Tuesday, December 1
Coach Pat goes over plans of attack before the Championship game

  The Texas Twins fought hard against 18 under teams from the northside of the Houston Area. Coach Pat goes over plans of attack for the Championship game - The Twins 17U lost the game 5-2, but proved they can play with the big boys ! This was the first time this team played together and ended up in the ship! Great Job!

Email us at patspools@msn.com or call 832-265-9396 - about our Private scrimmages at a high school near you!

Saturday, January 23
Big comeback for the Texas Twins 18U Team

The Twins 18u team is starting to believe in themselves!! By scoring 5 runs in the bottom of  the 6th in game 1 of the Triple Play Baseball Varsity Tournament - against another strong Barbers Hill Varsity. For over the last 10 years Barbers Hill High has produced a high prospect in their baseball program. It seems like it's the norm for us these days. The teams we play against, pitch their better or best pitcher against us.

Barbers Hill started with a 6ft. 5in. righthanded -  that threw high 80s - but we have a great group of players and parents that get it.   more later..........



Saturday, January 15
Summer Registration 16u and 18u teams

Tyler Herr at Work
Wednesday, October 20
Texas Twins Baseball and Houston 5a Baseball No Place but Texas

Texas Twins Baseball is working hard to build a true passion for the game and we are setting a example - the Twins way - Where charcter counts....

And Houston 5A Baseball is helping get the word out .................

and for Tyler Herr (Katy High School 2009) The Story continues........


Thursday, May 19
16u Texas Baseball Tournaments event

Texas Twins Navy 16u - Directions and expanded schedule is on www.eteamz.com/texasbaseballtournaments.com

Thursday, November 5
Thursday's Workout - Running can be fun!

The thursday workout started with a little stretching and running and then ended with seeing some really good arms.  How will this affect your arm speed over the next couple of years or so?  Do the workout and see for yourself!  More info later.

Monday, October 19
First Workout Total Success

The Texas Twins first form throwing practice and running was a work of art. Because there were some families there doing their best to work together.

Players remember to run 12- 60 yard dashes, three days this week. 

* check out uniforms at the team store.

Tyler at nabf
Tuesday, October 13
Texas Twins Pitching instructor back from Florida
The Texas Twins will be taking advantage of all the knowledge that Tyler Herr has picked up while playing in the minor leagues, with the Minnesota Twins organization in Ft. Myers, FL.  Tyler, stepson of Texas Twins Founder Pat Guillory, will be helping with the pitching and training of the players before he goes back to the minor league in the spring.  After a long season with the Minnesota Twins GCL league this summer and then being invited and participating in fall instructs, Herr proved that he was ready for the pros. Tyler wants to give back to other players that have a passion for the game. He will be coaching and teaching privately. Call or email for a appointment. patspools@msn.com or call 832-265-9396.