Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League: TGHSLL By-Laws and Rules

TGHSLL League Rules – 2010 Season                


General League Rules Overview       

Definition of Terms    

Team Types   

Game Types  

General League Rules           

1.         Member Programs     

2.         New Member Teams 

3.         Districts and Divisions

3.1       Districts          

3.2       Divisions        

3.4       Authority         

3.5       Varsity (DI&DII) District Championships       

3.6       Host District   

4.         Meetings         

4.1       Annual Meetings         

4.2       Special Meetings        

4.3       Notice 

4.4       Quorum          

4.5       Proxy Representation at Meetings     

5.         Officers          

5.1       Officers          

5.2       Elections        

5.3       Removal of Officers   

5.4       Vacancies      

5.5       Terms of Office          

6.         Duties of Officers       

6.1       President        

6.2       Treasurer       

6.3       Secretary       

6.4       District Vice-Presidents         

7.         Board of Directors     

8.         Rule Making   

9.         Dues  

10.       Eligibility

10.1     Team Determination  

10.2     Residency Determination Process   

10.3     Home School Qualification    

10.4     Time of Eligibility        

10.5     Switching Team Enrollment  

11.       Coaches        

12.       Insurance       

13.       Improper Behavior     

14.       Scouting         

15.       Referees        

16.       Rules of Play  

17.       Multiple Division Programs    

17.1     Moving from JV to Varsity (DI, DII) (for HS players only):      

17.2     8th Graders    

18.       TGHSLL DI & DII Championship Team Ranking       

18.1     Seeds 1 & 2 receive a bye for the quarterfinals.       

18.2     Seeding Criteria:        

19.       TGHSLL DI and DII District All- Star Games and Teams      

20.       Selecting District DI & DII All-Stars    

21.       All-State Team           

22.       Code of Conduct        

23.       League Actions          


TGHSLL League Rules – 2010 Season

This document establishes a framework for the rules of the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League (TGHSLL) and is under strict control and ownership of the TGHSLL, Inc.

General League Rules Overview

The Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League (TGHSLL, Inc aka The League) is the governing body for girls’ lacrosse teams at the high school level in Texas and Louisiana. The high school level is defined as grades nine through twelve. The league is comprised of volunteers throughout the region.

The League is divided into three districts: The North District covers the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Shreveport LA. Areas. The Central District covers the Austin and San Antonio areas. The South District covers Houston and surrounding area. Each District has programs with teams consisting of Varsity (Divided into DI&DII for play-offs by District choice) and JV (Junior Varsity) squads. JV is designed for new players learning the game. First year teams will generally compete at the JV level for one year, but a first year team may compete at the Varsity level in its first year at the District’s discretion.

The TGHSLL Championship Weekend is held each year for both the DI and DII levels.  The hosting venue for the DI & DII Championship Weekend is rotated from district to district every season. Each district first crowns their DI & DII Champions and runner-ups through district playoffs. These District DI & DII Champions and runner-ups are combined to play in the DI & DII Championship Weekend. The final six teams are ranked and play a single elimination tournament during the DI & DII Championship Weekend and crown a DI & DII Champion. An All-Star game will also be played during the Championship Weekend. These teams are comprised of the best players from around the league. The coaches help select All-Star players before each district’s championships. The chosen players are invited to play during the Championship Weekend.

Definition of Terms

Program - A High School or Club organization that is the controlling entity of a single or group of league teams that all pay dues and abide by the rules of TGHSLL. Each program with at least one varsity level team receives one vote, per issue requiring a member vote.

Team - A group of lacrosse players within a TGHSLL Program who pay team dues and abide by the rules of TGHSLL. A team must be one of the types listed in the Team Types section.

Team Types

New Team - Pays dues at the JV Team rate. Does not have to play a full schedule and does not participate in league voting. Can schedule a game with any team that they feel they can match up with. JV teams may have seniors on the team but cannot play the seniors against any JV teams. Seniors can play in games against Varsity or modified JV/Varsity teams.JV Team - Plays JV (Junior Varsity) dues and plays a JV schedule. Program does not receive a vote for having a JV team.Varsity (DI & DII) - Pays Varsity Member dues and plays a Varsity schedule. This qualifies the program to one vote (not one vote per team)

Game Types

These game types are used for general-purpose communications, scheduling, and website convention. The following game types are all considered to be TGHSLL games and all TGHSLL governed games will be one of the following types: District, Inter-District, District Playoff, State Playoff and Non-League. 

General League Rules

1.      Member Programs

The TGHSLL shall be comprised of member programs fielding teams within the league.  League teams shall include only those paying annual league dues to Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League, Inc. (League).

2.      New Member Teams

New League team applications shall be made to their prospective District Vice-President and voted on at a District meeting. If successful the decision shall be announced at the Annual League Meeting. The application shall consist of a letter to the District Vice-President and copied to the President. The letter shall outline details about the new team’s start-up plan and intentions. New Teams must be immediately prepared to be in compliance with TGHSLL rules. Only League teams in the District in which application is being submitted will vote to approve or deny membership to applicants.

3.      Districts and Divisions

3.1     Districts

The TGHSLL shall be divided into three Districts – North, Central and South.

3.2     Divisions

The TGHSLL and its Districts shall be divided into Varsity (DI & DII at the discretion of the District) and JV Divisions for regular season play.  Districts that make a DI/DII division prior to the start of regular season play shall do so in a manner that (a) results in their being as equal a number as possible of DI and DII teams and (b) in any way agreed within the District, that takes into account the prior season’s performance. Any District that does not make the DI/DII division prior to the start of regular season play, shall do so at the conclusion of regular season play for purposes of the District and League Play-offs. Such division shall also be made in a manner that (a) results in their being as equal a number as possible of DI and DII teams (with more teams being in DII than in DI in the case of a District having an odd number of total Varsity teams) and (b) in any way agreed within the District that takes into account the current regular season’s performance.  All General Rules outlined herein shall govern all Divisions.

3.4     Authority

Each District and Division has the authority to establish supplemental rules governing their District and/or Division(s) and elect a Vice-President.

3.5     Varsity (DI&DII) District Championships

All Districts shall hold a single elimination District DI&DII tournament at least one week prior to the Championship Finals Weekend to crown their respective District Champions and runner-ups.

3.6     Host District

The TGHSLL DI & DII Championship Weekend hosting location shall rotate between the three Districts as illustrated below:

Division I

Host District

Division II

Host District













This rotation of hosting districts shall continue unless amended.

The TGHSLL DI & DII Championship Weekend shall be the first or second weekend in May as determined by availability of local venues and SPC Play-off dates. Host districts must submit detailed plans and a signed contract to the President for hosting the TGHSLL Championship Weekend two weeks before the Annual TLGHSLL meeting. They must meet the approved League guidelines to ensure their success, as the Championships are the highlights of the season for the players.

4.      Meetings

4.1     Annual Meetings

The District hosting the TGHSLL Championship Weekend in the upcoming season shall host the annual meeting of league members.  These annual League meetings will be general meetings and open for the transaction of any business including: rule changes, new rules, election of the President and alike. Requests for an election and nominations for a new President must be submitted via a District VP at least two weeks before the Annual League meeting. Requests must include background and credentials of any nominee(s) for review by all member programs prior to the meeting.

4.2     Special Meetings

Special Meetings of committees or the Board of Directors may be held at such time and place, as determined by the Board.  No business other than that specified in the published agenda of the meeting will be transacted at any such meeting. Notification and voting may be done electronically or via USPS mail to the respective groups.

4.3     Notice

Notice of the Annual League Member Meeting or special meeting of League members shall be published and communicated electronically or via USPS mail by the Secretary (or other officer designated by the President) to each league member not less than fourteen (14) or more than forty-five- (45) days prior to such meeting.  Notice shall be sent to their last known address(s) of the member as they appear on the books or records of the league.  Such notice shall state the purpose for which the meeting is called and the time and place where it is to be held.

4.4     Quorum

The presence of one half of the active, annual fee paying League members will constitute a quorum at all meetings of the league members. The act of a majority of the League members present at any League meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the League members, except as otherwise specifically provided by these rules. Special committee or BOD meetings quorums will be a simple majority of said groups.

4.5     Proxy Representation at Meetings

League members may designate only another League member to vote on its behalf at any meeting.  Proxy authorizations must be submitted in writing to the Secretary, prior to the start of any League meeting.  An authorized representative of the league program must sign the proxy.

5.      Officers

5.1     Officers

The officers of the League shall be: TGHSLL President and three District Vice-Presidents.  Officers may hold multiple offices as needed.

5.2     Elections

League Member Programs having a vote shall elect the President. The three District Vice-Presidents are elected by District votes. Except for the filling of vacancies as provided for in Rule 5.4. Requests for an election and nominations for a new President must be submitted via a District VP at least two weeks before the Annual League Member meeting. Requests must include background and credentials of any nominee(s) for review by all member programs prior to the meeting for publication within the agenda notification.

5.3     Removal of Officers

Any officer may be removed from office at any time either with or without cause by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Board members, at a special meeting.

5.4     Vacancies

If any vacancy of an office shall be caused by reason of death, resignation, disqualification, removal or otherwise, replacement shall be made by election by the Board of Directors.  The replacement shall be for the partial term to be effective until the next TGHSLL Board meeting.

5.5     Terms of Office

The President serves until a replacement is elected by League Members at the Annual League Meeting. The Vice-Presidents serve until teams within each District elect a replacement as needed.

6.      Duties of Officers

6.1     President

The President shall have charge of the general affairs of the League. The President presides at all League meetings, appoints all special committees and task forces and serves as an ex-officio member of all such committees and task forces.  The President is elected by Leagues Members having a vote.

6.2     Treasurer

The Treasurer shall do annual billing and receive all dues. The Treasurer shall make an accounting of these funds as well as periodical accounting as the President shall request. The BOD elects the Treasurer.

6.3     Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the League; give all notices in accordance with the provisions of these rules; shall be custodian of League records, distribute the rules of the league to all members, and perform all duties as may be assigned by the President. The BOD elects the Treasurer.

6.4     District Vice-Presidents

They conduct all daily District business, serve on the BOD, and will serve on committees as appointed by the President. Each District elects vice-Presidents.  They are elected at District Meetings.

7.      Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board (elected by board members)

Secretary (elected by board members)

Treasurer (elected by board members)

President, (elected by the member organizations)

Central District Vice-President (elected by district members)

      North District    Vice-President (elected by district members)

      South District   Vice-President (elected by district members)

      Advisory Directors, Appointed by BOD as needed

8.      Rule Making

The rules of the League shall define and govern league division(s), districts, League play, League pre-season events, League post-season events and any and all related activities of the League members, teams and players. These General Rules shall be revised or amended at any meeting of the League members in accordance with the requirements of Section 4.  Rules shall be revised or amended by the act of a majority of the League members. Voting is by League members, in good standing and having a vote, at the Annual Meeting of League Members or by electronic vote as determined by the President and District VP’s. They shall determine if “Special Circumstances” that could detrimentally affect the league require immediate attention.  Each Member with a Varsity Program and is current on dues gets a single vote towards any vote and a simple majority must approve the rule. Voting can be electronic or by proxy.

9.      Dues

Each League team within a program must submit annual dues payments to the Treasurer prior to the fifteenth (15) day of January (or other date as directed by the President) for the upcoming season.  Failure to pay dues will result in forfeiture of League games and exclusion from TGHSLL Championships of all teams in the program.  The board shall establish the dues amount and any changes must be voted on at the Annual Meeting of League Members.

10.         Eligibility

Players enrolled in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to play on a Varsity (DI, DII).  Players enrolled in grades 9 through 11 are eligible to play on a JV league team.  The President & local District Vice-President must approve any exceptions to this rule. ALL players, coaches and parents must complete forms shown under Sections 27.

10.1   Team Determination

The team a student will play on is determined by the classifications below, starting with TD 1 and moving down until the best fitting classification is determined.  The rules are intended to be mechanical in their application and are not intended as a vehicle for player choice.

TD 1: A student who attends a school with a member team must play for that school.

(A player who is cut from a team based on relative skill level or ability and is a student in “good standing” that, has been released in writing will be allowed to play for the closest member program provided that the player is accepted by the program. If not accepted then the second closest team will be approached and so on. Waivers may not be requested by a player who has not been cut.)

TD 2: A student who attends a school (private/parochial, public or home school) that does not have a member team but who lives in the attendance zone of a school with a member team must play for that team (assuming that team accepts players who do not attend its sponsoring school).

TD 3: A student who resides in a school district that does not have a member team (or if the school’s team does not accept players who do not attend the school) must play for the TGHSLL member team closest to her residence that accepts players who do not attend the sponsoring school or live in the school’s attendance district.  Except as described in the last sentence of this Rule TD 3, the closest team will be determined solely by the District Vice-President, using a straight-line measurement from the player’s residence to the team’s address. The player’s residence is defined as where the player and her family live, physically reside, the majority of the school year and claim Legal Residency. The team’s address shall be that stated by the team and adopted by the District, generally taking into account either the sponsoring school’s location, the team’s field location, or other reasonable criteria acceptable to the District. Once set, team addresses shall only be changed as a result of significant changed circumstances, and Districts shall endeavor to finalize team addresses by October 15 of each year. In extraordinary circumstances (such as where there may be a large body of water in the straight line path), a District may make proximity determinations on a reasonable basis other than a straight-line measurement.

The following “grandfathering” rules shall overlay rules TD 1, TD 2 and TD 3 above:

·         If a new member team joins the league, and as a result of the application of Rules TD 1 through TD 3 above, a girl who is a rising sophomore, junior or senior would be required to play for the new member team rather than for the program she played for the prior year (as either a junior varsity or varsity player), she will be afforded a one-time choice to remain with the program for which she played the prior year or to go with the new member team. That choice will be binding on her for the remainder of her League eligibility (absent her being cut or there arising in a future year yet another member team to which she would otherwise be assigned).

·         This grandfathering concept will not be applied to any girl who is a rising freshman. In the situation described above, a freshman girl will play for the new member team (absent her being cut).

·         Any player who is afforded this one-time choice must communicate her choice in writing to the local District Vice President by the October 15th immediately preceding the season first affected by the choice.


10.2   Residency Determination Process

The local District Vice-President & President must be furnished with certified/notarized copies of ALL requested documentation to be considered in establishing residency. Documents will be verified with State and Local and other official sources as needed.

Documentation: Proof of residency documentation may include but not limited to: Texas driver’s licenses, address page from current credit report, voter’s registration, utility bills, tax receipt and proof they hold a Texas Homestead exemption on that residence as listed with the appropriate County Tax Assessors Office.

Determination: The District Vice-President will issue a determination in writing within 10 business days of the initial request.  During the determination process, the District Vice-President may appoint an eligibility committee to make recommendations regarding a question of a player’s eligibility at the District or State Level.

Appeal: A member team or player from any district may appeal the decision in writing to the Vice-President who will deliver it to the TGHSLL President. The appeal must be filed within 30 days of the determination. The VP will then request that the President review the appeal. The President may appoint an eligibility committee to make recommendations regarding a question of a player’s eligibility at the District or State Level. The appeal will be addressed within 10 business days. The appeal decision will be final and exhausts the appeal process.

Violations: Any Member Program with a player in violation of the TGHSLL Team Determination Rules will:

·         Forfeit all League games and will not be allowed to participate in the District and State Play-offs.

·         Continued violations will result in the team being expelled from the league for two years.

10.3   Home School Qualification

Students enrolled in a home school or correspondence must first provide enough information about the academic program so that the District Vice-President can determine whether the student is undertaking an academic program reasonably comparable to that of a public, private or parochial school.

10.4   Time of Eligibility

Players have a total of four (4) seasons of eligibility during high school.  The District Vice-President and League President will determine if a player is eligible.

10.5   Switching Team Enrollment

If a player’s family changes residency during the season, and the player must switch teams in order to comply with TGHSLL eligibility rules, the coaches from both her old and new teams must immediately notify the District Vice-President in writing. Additionally, the player must wait two weeks before she can participate in any games for her new team after the date League clearance is given in writing.  Both coaches in written agreement with the District VP can waive the waiting period for Hardship reasons.  (Hardships may consist of: financial hardship, divorce and/or inability to handle private school curriculum.)

11.    Coaches

All teams must have a fulltime Head coach who is currently and remains registered with US Lacrosse.

12.    Insurance

All League member teams must have liability insurance.  Member teams may not play games without proper insurance.  Each league member program / team must provide proof of acceptable insurance at the time the teams annual dues payment is made by Jan.15 of each year and prior to participation in any league activity.

13.    Improper Behavior

Abusive, profane, or violent behavior or language by coaches, players, or fans at any league function may result in team member, coach, or player suspension or expulsion from the league.  This includes behavior not in conformance with the Purposes of the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League as stipulated in the Bylaws.  No alcoholic beverages or any intoxicating substances or intoxicated individuals are allowed at any League functions.  The appropriate District Vice-President and the President shall determine suspension or expulsion punishments.

14.    Scouting

Coaches of League teams may attend games between league teams.  Acceptable actions are: scouting a future opponent by written or taped notes.  No person with an affiliation of a League team is allowed to videotape a game in which said League team is not participating.  This includes coaches, players, parents and/or outside commercial firms.  Coaches may trade videotapes of their own games for the purpose of scouting future opponents with one another.

15.    Referees

Varsity (DI, DII) & JV games will only be officiated by referees rated by the US Women’s Officials Association and assigned by their area official’s coordinator. Payment of the official’s fees is the sole responsibility of each team.

16.    Rules of Play

Varsity (DI, DII) & JV games will be played in accordance with the Official Rules of Girls and Women’s Lacrosse as written by US Lacrosse. Exceptions can be approved and implemented by a majority vote during the Annual Meeting of League Members.

17.    Multiple Division Programs

Member Programs with more than one league team may compete in Multiple Divisions during a single season providing that all rules governing Multiple Division Programs have been met.  A newly formed team must apply for membership as required of all New League Teams by the General League Rules.

Prior to playing league games, or as otherwise required by the District Vice-President, the roster for each league team must be submitted to the District Vice-President.  Once declared, players may not be moved between Division teams.  Varsity team rosters must carry a minimum of 16 players. The District Vice-President will make these rosters available to all league coaches.  Once declared, players may not be moved between Division teams without the prior approval of a District Vice-President.   No changes may be made to ANY roster for playoffs.  Any program found to be in violation of Dual Division rules will immediately be barred from all post-season play for both DI & DII play-off teams, and will forfeit the remainder of their regular season games.

17.1   Moving from JV to Varsity (DI, DII) (for HS players only):

Players from a JV team may move to a Varsity (DI, DII) team within her team’s program.  However, if a JV player plays in three or more league games for a Varsity (DI, DII) team, she will thereafter be declared a member of that team and may not then be moved back down to the JV team. Head coaches are responsible for promptly notifying the District Vice-President of any additions / changes to team rosters as they occur.

17.2   8th Graders

An 8th Grader must play on a middle school team, if one exists in her area.

For TGHSLL programs with viable middle school team/s, 8th graders are not permitted to play on said program’s JV team in any TGHSLL game.

If an 8th grader cannot find a middle school team, she may be permitted on closest JV team with written approval of District Vice-President.

18.    TGHSLL DI & DII Championship Team Ranking

18.1   Seeds 1 & 2 receive a bye for the quarterfinals.

TGHSLL Championship Weekend Match-ups:

Quarterfinal    1 will be:         Seed # 6 vs. Seed # 3

Quarterfinal    2 will be:         Seed # 5 vs. Seed # 4

Semifinal        1 will be:         Winner of QF # 1 vs. Seed # 2

Semifinal        2 will be:         Winner of QF # 2 vs. Seed # 1

18.2   Seeding Criteria:

The six-playoff teams shall be ranked using the following seeding criteria.  All criteria are based on regular season and district playoff games, not pre-season or play-days.

1.                  Whenever possible, the three district champions shall be ranked 1, 2, 3 with the runner-ups as 4, 5, 6

2.                  If a runner-up has defeated a district champion by a margin of 5+ goals, then the runner-up may be ranked higher 

3.                  The following criteria shall be used to rank the teams:

a.      Head-to-Head competition

b.      Team’s W-L record from regular season inter-district games, with more consideration given to wins vs. any team in the top 4 of another district’s final standings 

c.      Team’s overall strength of schedule

19.    TGHSLL DI and DII District All- Star Games and Teams

The DI & DII All-Star games will be played during the TGHSLL Championship Weekend.

The procedure for selecting District All-Stars shall be the same for both DI and DII: Coaches select players in their respective districts. The total number of league players selected will be 60. The number of players per district will be based on the number of girls’ varsity teams per district, and what percent of the total number of DI or DII teams that district represents. The President shall determine the number of District All-Stars each district is allowed, and shall forward that information to the district coordinators no later than April 1st of each year.

Example: if there are 30 total DI teams in the league (whose dues are current).   North district has 11 DI teams (36%), South district has 11 DI teams (36%) and Central district has 8 DI teams (23%). Therefore North would select 22 players, South would select 22 players and Central would select 14 players.

Two teams of 30 players shall play each other in each District All-Star game. The All-Star coaches place alternating names on either the Red or Blue teams to determine the make-up of the teams. (Each district will nominate two coaches to coach the all-star game.  The two district-all star teams will have one coach from each district for a total of three coaches per team.)

20.    Selecting District DI & DII All-Stars

The procedure for selecting District All-Stars shall be the same for both DI & DII:

District Vice-President will determine number of All-Stars each district team is allotted.  This shall be based upon each team’s ranking at the end of regular season play.  Number of all-stars shall descend according to descending rank of the teams; i.e., the higher-ranking teams shall have more all-stars than the lower ranking teams.   Every team with current dues will send at least one player to the All-Star game.

District Vice-President (or assignee) is responsible for dividing his/her All-Stars into equal teams and forwarding that list onto state championship committee.  District Vice-President or assignee is responsible for seeing that at least one goalie from the district has been nominated.

It is the responsibility of each District Vice-President (or assignee) to submit the names of the District All-Stars selected to the District Vice-President hosting the Championship Weekend and the President by the second Sunday in April.

District All-Stars who are selected for the All-Star Team will receive some type of All-Star apparel (jersey / shorts, etc) and a certificate from the TGHSLL.

(Players selected to the All-Star game, but whose team is in the Championship game, may not play in the All-Star game.)

21.    All-State Team

Each district will select 12 players who represent the “best of the best” for the following:

Three attack players, five midfielder players, three defense players and one goalie.

More than one player can be selected from a team.

Not all teams need to be represented for this honor.

A player may also be selected for both District All-Star and All-State honors.

(The All- State Team is honorary only.  No game will be played.) 

All-State selections must be complete by the second Sunday in April. 

District players who are selected for the All-State Team will receive some type of All-State apparel (jersey / shorts, etc) and a certificate from the TGHSLL.

22.    Code of Conduct

All coaches, players and parents, as part of TGHSLL (league), must sign the TGHSLL Code of Conduct two weeks prior to the first league game and submit it to the District Vice-President who will copy the league President.  The code of conduct is based upon the NCAA rulebook, TGHSLL bylaws and US Lacrosse rules.

Reporting Procedures: Every incident or ejection report shall be in writing and sent to the District Vice-President by the game’s head official or coach after the particular game (within 24 hours and during reasonable hours during the day).  The District Vice-President will forward the report to the members of the Conduct Committee and the Association President/Athletic Director.  In the event that the District Vice-President is involved in the incident, the President will replace the Vice-President on the conduct committee.  The appropriate form will be completed to report the incident.

(After receiving an incident report, a decision will be rendered as quickly as possible with the goal being within 3 days)

23.    League Actions

The officials at the game handle initial action for unsportsmanlike conduct.

A conduct committee exists at 2 levels (District and League).  Each District has a conduct committee that is made up of the District Vice-President, coaches’ representatives and an official’s representatives.  Alternates will also be selected for the coach, officials and or VP in the event that any one of these people is involved in the complaint.  The President should be alerted to the situation at the time the incident is reported.

(In the event that the issue cannot be resolved at the District level, the complaint will be forwarded to the League Conduct Committee. This committee is comprised of the President (leads the committee), 2 District Vice-Presidents, the District where the appeal originated is not included, and a League officials’ representative.

Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to a coach, player or spectator in any TLGHSLL game:

1)                  Receives 1 in a game: Reported to the District Vice-President

2)                  Receives 2 unsportsmanlike conduct yellow cards or one red card for unsportsmanlike conduct in one game: The coach and Program President/Athletic Director will meet with the District VP. The VP will discuss the circumstances with the game officials. The VP shall make a report to the District Conduct Committee that will determine if a reprimand is in order.

3)                  Player receives 2 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties; she will automatically be removed from the current and following games.

4)                  Receives 3 in one game:  Forfeit of the current game. (This can be any combination of unsportsmanlike behavior with the coaches, players and/or spectators)

5)                  Receives complaints in more than 1 game:  The coach and Program President/Athletic Director will meet with the District Conduct Committee to discuss the circumstances.  The committee may give a reprimand, suspension or expulsion.  Findings will be submitted to the Executive Committee of the TGHSLL for review.

6)                  If a coach receives 2 unsportsmanlike penalties in one season, that coach will appear/meet with the Conduct Committee and may be put on probation for a specific period of time.

7)                  Officials will fill out a form reporting any unsportsmanlike conduct and submit it to the District VP via email, phone or fax immediately following the game.

8)                  All reports/incidents will be outlined by the District VP and distributed to all coaches involved in the incident and the official’s area coordinator.

9)                  Coaches are permitted to file complaints for unsportsmanlike conduct even if the official has not penalized the player, coach or spectator.