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Monday, March 5


Texas Football website is design to give information. The only purpose for this site is for the players and new teams to get information about new leagues.  Texas Football site will give you information about leagues in TEXAS.

I will try to explain the different types of semi-pro level (A, AA, AAA).  There are some leagues that play in Spring and others in the Fall. 

A- Level:    1 coach maybe and the teams might have a complete uniform, coaches also are players, unable to travel, play in parks.  This is usually a first year team!

AA- Level:  1-3 coaches and most of the teams have one complete uniform. Have trouble traveling, play in some parks, looking for sponsors.  This is usually a 2-3 year team!

AAA- Level 1 head coach and 4-9 assist coach, They travel and 2 complete uniforms, They also have a stadium, trainers, and sponsors.  This is usually a 3-6 year team!

Here are questions to ask if you are a player:  How many coaches do they have?  How many games are schedule?  What league do they belong?  What are the fees? Who pays for travel? 

Questions to ask if you are a team joining a league:  What are the fees?  Where does the money pay for?  Is their a board or commissioner?  Does the league own any teams?  What officials do they use during the games and how many?  What about insurance? How many games will be schedule?

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Onwer of  this site is ANASTACIO GALVAN JR

Saturday, December 12
What Leagues are in San Antonio

Back in 1998 there were two leagues, one was called T.F.L. and the other UPFL.  The TFL had only 4 teams and the Owner (Mr. Romo) of the league control everything to include the money.   He also had a team  in the league.  The TFL started and wanted to help players but he got greedy.  He would not explain league information to team owners.


The UPFL was a great league that also had a one owner (Mr. Nickelson) which he control  everything.  Both leagues owner left and ended up closing.  The major problem with these two leagues was control by one person.  If you let owners of a league own teams and money they seem to make decision for himself not the team or league.


Now there are 4 leagues in San Antonio.  The TUFL (Texas United Football League), STAF (South Texas Amateur Football), MPFL (Minor Professional Football League) and TIFL (Texas Independent Football League). Three of these are one person control.

Saturday, December 12

This league well be one of the best if they don't follow the one owner league history.  The past leagues were UPFL, TFL, GCFA, NAFL, TUFL, and MAFL.  They all tried to form a big league but just could not find the link that would unite them all.  The MPFL league seem to have a great line up with some great teams. 


The San Antonio Warriors is one of these teams that will give everyone a run for the championship.  The Warriors joined this league when the last season league (MAFL) had the same problems as above (one Owner).  They also were with the TUFL which had the one owner theory also.  The Warriors is one of the best team in USA!  Coach White has been around a long time and has been part of other teams as a assistance coach with SA Stampede and the SA Rush.  If you want to start up a team copy this team one if you can. 

 About the Minor Professional Football League (MPFL) they seem to be setup correctly, board run league and they will probably survived a long time.  I  do recommend to try to join this 3 AAA league.

Tuesday, January 19

The STAF (South Texas Amateur Football) are in their second season.  They have about 15 teams and growing.  But this league is owned and run by one person. He needs to find a commissioner or set up a board with people that don't have any ownership or interest with any teams in the league.  Plus Eloy should not have voting rights.  He needs make sure the league goes in the right direction ONLY!  

In meeting Mr. Eloy Vera, I truly believe he wants to help players but if he follows the same path from the past history there is a good chance to have the same results. FAILURE!  I hope not because we need a league where players can play.  I like that he's keeping it simple but I wish he would slow down on the pre-season games.

Here is another recommendation for this league.  After reviewing the teams in the San Antonio area most of them have problem filling a roster.  They should consider merging teams.  This will make them stronger and more competitive.  It does not matter how many teams they have its about the game everyone wants to play and watch.  If not you will have games with some teams outside the SA area like Cuero who has destroy 2 SA teams because they did not have enough players.

I do recommend this 2-A league if you want to play or start up a new team.  If you are a player, keep in mind that theirs lots of teams to pick from.  Good Luck!

Tuesday, January 19

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This organization is trying to unite all the teams in Texas, which is a good idea.  Gary (President).& Larry (VP), are the founders of this league.  They created a league board which is worthless about doing anything.  Everything has to go through Gary first.  These guys also have a team in this league also.  My question is WHY!  Management should not have a team or have any interest in the league.

If the TUFL has a chance to be great, they must get office staff.  They also need to get a business owner that knows how to run a business not old country boy. One important question!  Where does all the money go to? When I was a member I never got a budget report.  I guess the less you know the more they make! 

Example:  $500 per team X 30 teams = $15,000  NO, they keep all of it? WOW not bad for county boys huh!  Is this why teams leave!

Now I have been told they are putting team on their schedule that have not made a commitment.  Plus they are making deals with the STAF teams.  This must be troubled times for the TUFL! 

Over all, this league is still trying so if you don't mind making them rich, sign up and prepare to ask the same questions!  WHERE DOES ALL THE MONEY GO!!!!

Saturday, December 12

Here is a football league with same problems.  They seem the have a office staff and it really seem they wanted to help the players.  The only thing they lack is the numbers.  This should be a short term problem. 


This league was created by the break up of the other leagues problems.  Leagues like the National America Football League and Texas United Football League to name a few.  I recommend this league if you don't mind if the owner of the league helps his team more. 


This league is rank 2 AA!



Tuesday, November 24

This league plays in the summer June-October, and has some great teams. This league is of the largest in American. Most team in San Antonio do not make it for some strange reason. 

I don't know of any teams from the local area but over all, this NAFL Organization produces some great games and teams. Good luck

Tuesday, January 19

Here is another LEAGUE trying to start up in San Antonio, Texas.  They are call Texas Independent Football League.   They don't even have a website but I do think they have a myspace account.

The team owner (Mr. Salas) from the Wolverines,  which were also champs from the STAF League in 2009 in San Antonio.  This team decided to leave because safety reasons.  They did not like playing in a city parks and had concerns of spectators intervening when a player got hurt.  They wanted the league to address these safety concerns.  I believe the STAF have address all those concern and more.  That was their first year afterall!

I believe Mr. Salas should have stayed with the STAF and help them make these changes.  Tom Salas, Johnny Weddington, and John Pena which am very aware the problems they have. 

I also heard they are forming a ghost team call Desperados and are in the TUFL 2010 schedule.  If these guys don't like something they just move to another league, hummm. 

The Bexar county records show that Jamaal Jason Mitchell is the sole proprietorship for this league.  He was a player for the Texas Heat a few months ago own by STAF league.

I do not recommend this league due to their past history. 

Sunday, December 13

This EFL league is located in the north Texas area.  What little information I could get form them, they seem to be good.ELITE FOOTBALL LEAGUE is built from selected individual owners who believe in building their franchise. I would recommend this 3-AAA league for new teams to join.

Saturday, December 12
Are they still around? I have not kept up with this Houston League. Ooo I forgot the GCFA. The intent of this organization, ...

Sunday, December 13

They are having try-out in Texas for our reality football T.V. show. Jan. 23rd 2010 at University of Texas Arlington. Contact him at 720-365-4848 or check them out at They are looking for Coaches, Players and Dancers. I have no idea or more information about this stuff!!! WARNING:  If you plan to play for a college team and you sign a contract you might lose your college playing eligibly!  Check before you sign any contract. GOOD LUCK

Tuesday, May 13
ARENA Leagues & Teams in TEXAS
In Texas most of us have heard of NFL, AFL, IFL, APFL and many more. I will try to see if I can explain the arena ...

Texas Football Teams
Texas Football Teams
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