Texas East District 13 LL: Welcome

Columbus LL At Southwest Regional in Major Softball

July 24, 2018:

CONGRATULATIONS TO COLUMBUS LITTLE LEAGUE!  They have TWO Texas East State Champions AND Major Softball is playing in the Southwest Regional Tournament!

Major Softball:  Columbus has advanced to the Southwest Regional Tournament in Waco as the Texas East Champion!  Games began today; Columbus had a first-round bye.  Columbus will open play on Thursday (July 26) at 2pm in Game 4, facing Vicksburg (MS).  Vicksburg defeated Fruita (CO) in Game 2 by a score of 10 - 0.

Some of the Regional Games will be broadcast on ESPN.  Congratulations to our Columbus Major Softball team!

We will update scores for Columbus and the rest of the Regional Softball tournament as they are received, or posted on the Little League site:  www.littleleague.org/Southwest.    Our bracket updates can be found by clicking on the "Major Softball" link on the left side of this page.


Minor Baseball:  Bellaire (District 16)  Runner up:  Washington County (District 13)

Minor Softball:  COLUMBUS (Distict 13!)  Runner up:  Shiner (District 31)

9 - 11 Baseball:  Post Oak (District 16) Runner up:  Lamar (District 18)

9 - 11 Softball:  North Shore (District 17) Runner up:  Gonzales (District 31)

Major Baseball:  Post Oak (District 16)  Runner up:  Port Neches (District 32)

Major Softball:  COLUMBUS (District 13!)   Runner up:  Kountze (District 12)

Intermediate Baseball:  West University (District 16) Runner up:  Montgomery (District 28)

Junior Baseball:  Lufkin (District 10)  Runner up:  West University (District 28)

Junior Softball:  Smithville (District 30)  Runner up:  El Campo (District 18)



Minor Baseball:  WASHINGTON COUNTY (District 13!)  Runner up:  Northwest LL (D11)

Minor Softball:  COLUMBUS (District 13!) Runner up:  Brazos County (D33)

9 - 11 Baseball:  Lufkin (D10)  Runner up:  Twin Cities (D13)

Major Baseball:  Northwest (D11) (Piney Woods disqualified from competition)

Major Softball:  COLUMBUS (District 13!) Runner up:  Brazos County (D33)

Junior Baseball:  Lufkin (D10)   Runner up:  Bastrop (D30)

Junior Softball:  Smithville (D30)  Runner up:  Columbus (D13) 

The Softball State Tournament will begin on Friday, July 13 in Seguin, TX

The Baseball State Tournament will begin on Saturday, July 14 in Tyler, TX. 

Congratulations and good luck to all of the Section 1 Champions! 



Minor Softball -- Columbus, District Champion (runner-up: Sealy). 

Minor Baseball -- Washington County, District Champion (runner-up:  Columbus).

10-11 Baseball -- Twin Cities, District Champion (runner-up:  Sealy). 

Major Softball -- Columbus, District 13 Champion (runner-up:  Weimar).

Major Baseball -- Greater Sealy LL, District 13 Champion (runner-up:  Burleson County). 

Junior (13 - 14) Baseball -- La Grange, District Champion (runner-up:  Hempstead).

Junior (13 - 14) Softball -- Columbus LL Junior Softball advanced directly to the Section 1 tournament. 



Machine Pitch Softball (7 and 8 Year Old) -- Columbus Little League, Champions (runner-up:  Washington County LL)

Machine Pitch Baseball (7 Year Old) -- Washington County Little League, Champions (runner-up:  Greater Sealy LL)

Machine Pitch Baseball (7 and 8 Year Old) -- Greater Sealy Little League, Champions (runner-up:  Columbus LL)

9 Year Old Baseball -- Washington County Little League, Champions (runner-up:  Greater Sealy LL)


This is a busy and exciting time of year....see you at the Ballpark!

Shawna Powell

District Administrator

Texas East District 13 Little League