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This site will provide you with valuable information concerning Texas District 7 Little League Baseball and Softball. Texas District 7 is a district within the Texas West division of the Southwest Region of Little League Baseball Inc. It encompasses all or part of seven counties in north-central Texas: Parker, Palo Pinto, Dallas, Ellis, Johnson, Tarrant and Wise counties.

The objective of Texas District 7 is to provide leadership, training, and assistance to the local leagues. Through this effort the local leagues can provide a positive environment in which the children of the community can grow into productive young adults we can all be proud of while enjoying the game of baseball or softball. Little League baseball and softball provides parents an opportunity to be involved with their children. Volunteering in a local league can be rewarding and fun to parents that might not otherwise share time with their children.


Thursday, July 11

2013 Texas District 7 Little League District Tournament Wrap-up

We just concluded another successful Texas District 7 Little League Tournament. The tournament ran 14 game days from June 19th to July 5th.  During which time we played 99 games at 6 tournament sites hosted by a number of volunteers from the local leagues. Eleven local leagues entered teams in 6 divisions of baseball and 2 divisions of softball. There was better than 1775 runs scored in these games. A few tears were shed, but many more smiles were created.

Again this year, the local league volunteers, the teams, parents, fans and most importantly the UMPIRES made it look like I knew what I was doing. THANKS to all.

We crowned 8 division champions, 6 in baseball and 2 in softball from 6 different leagues, excluding Big League Baseball.  Three divisions required playing the final game in the bracket to determine the champion.

The volunteer umpiring staff was managed by Larry Stein on the small diamond and Intermediate fields, Jim Gildea on the large diamond and Carl Anabel on the softball fields.

On the small diamond and Intermediate fields 68 games were covered by 28 District 7 umpires filling 140 umpire slots. The plate assignments were covered by 21 different umpires. Most games had 3 or more   umpires present. The average number of games per umpire was 5 games with 6 umpires calling 10 or more games. Bob Batton called 19 games, Mike Holston called 15 games, Mike Connolly called 11 games, and Davis Roachford called 10 games.  Larry Stein managed to call 11 games after scheduling all the umpires. Juan Garza deserves a Special Thanks, his father passed away during the tournament and he managed to call 10 games before and after this personal loss.

On the large diamond 25 games were covered by District 7 umpires.

On the softball fields 6 games were covered by 3 District 7 umpires in Weatherford.

All of these umpires volunteer their time and cover their own expenses to travel to the game sites. They have a perfect record again this year, NO WINS / NO LOSSES.

I hope everyone involved in the 2013 Texas District 7 Little League District Tournament enjoyed it as much as I did.

Charles Buckner,

District Administrator

Where are all the volunteer umpires?

See umpire page for details.

Friday, July 5
Texas District 7 Little League Baseball & Softball 2013 Champions

Congradulations to All of the 2013 Texas District 7 Champions

9 & 10 Year Old Baseball

Westside Little League

10 & 11 Year Old Baseball

Arlington Southwest Little League - West

Little League (Major) Baseball

Westside Little League

Intermediate (50 / 70) Baseball

Arlington Southwest Little League - East

Junior League Baseball

University Little League

Senior Baseball

Southeast Arlington Little League

Big League Baseball

Arlington Southwest Little League

9 & 10 Year Old Softball

Weatherford Little League

Little League (Major) Softball

Mineral Wells Little League

The Men in Blue

The Men in Blue, the Unsung Heros of Little League Baseball & Softball

All the umpires who are calling games are doing so as volunteers. They have given up their time to ensure that all the games are properly covered. Traveling at their own expense and providing their own equipment. These ladies and gentlemen have spent hours, if not years, learning the rules and the proper application of these rules. District 7 is fortunate to have some of the BEST UMPIRES in Little League. The next time your at a game, surprise the umpires by thanking them. They will not be expecting it, but they will appreciate it.