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Congratulations to the Texas East State Champions!

10/11 Year Old Basebaseball: Lamar American 


Congrats D18 Champs!

Baseball Section IV Champions from D18

9/10 Year Old Section IV Champs: Lamar National

10/11 Year Old Section IV Champs: Lamar American

Little Leauge Major Section IV Champs: Lamar National

50/70 Section IV Champs: West Sugar Land


District 18 Champs


9: Lamar American 

9/10: Lamar National

10/11: Lamar American

Majors: Lamar National

50/70: West Sugar Land

Junior: El Campo 

Senior: Angleton


9/10: Needville

Majors: Tidehaven

Junior: Needville


When sending in scores, please list Age Group & Area in subject line

Example:  9-YOBB, Area-1  


Texas East State Tournament
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