Little League Texas District 16: Welcome

Welcome to the Texas East District 16 web site

 Here you will find important district information. Select 'Calendar' for schedule of activities and 'Links' for web site of district leagues. Texas East District 16 is located in Houston Texas and is part of Texas East. It is dedicated to building  good sportmanship, honorable character, value of teamwork and respect for others while providing basic fundamental baseball skills.

Texas District 16 includes the following leagues,

Bayland Park LL;      Bear Creek LL;      Bellaire LL;      First Colony LL:      Katy American LL;      Katy National LL;       Memorial Ashford LL;      Missouri City LL;      Neartown LL;      Post Oak LL;      Spring Branch AM. LL;      Westbury LL;      West Oaks LL;      West University Am. and Nat'l LL

**** Presidents and District Staff Meeting Tuesday 11-11-14 at Tracy Gee 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM *****

Thursday, June 12
Tournament Rule Changes

The 2014 Tournament rule changes chart is below.

2014 Rule Changes

Friday, May 30
District Tournament Winners

The following are the winners of the 2014 District 16 Tournaments

9 Yr. Old - Bellaire Little League

9/10 Yr. Old - Bellaire Little League

50-70 - Post Oak Little League

11 Yr. Old - Bellaire Little League

Majors - Post Oak Little League

Juniors - Post Oak Little League

Seniors - West University Little League.

News - List of sex offenders - News

A listing of registered sex offenders in your area can be obtained by logging to the web page, Once on the web page follow the screen instructions to obtain addresses and other pertinent information. This information can then be posted unto your league web page and/or displayed on your field. This is very important for the overall protection of children in Little League Baseball.