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Welcome to the Texas District 10 website. Texas District 10 is located in central East Texas and is part of Texas East State. We are all dedicated to the proposition of building honorable character, instilling good sportsmanship, teaching the value of teamwork and respect for others in each of our players, while providing individual instruction in an effort to perfect their basic fundamental baseball skills.

Texas District 10 includes the following Leagues:

Crockett Merchants Little League

Lufkin Little League

Pineywoods Little League

Rose Capital East Little League

Rose Capital West Little League

Monday, August 20
CONGRATULATIONS to the Lufkin Junior League All-Stars

Thge Lufkin Junior League All-Stars continued their success at the World Series in Taylor, Michigan. They won the US Championship 5-2 on Saturday, August 18, against USA West and advanced to the World Series on Sunday against Chinese Taipei. Chinese Taipei won the World Series 2-0 in great game. The Lufkin All-Stars represented Lufkin, their families, District 10, Texas East State and the Southwest Region well. They can be proud of themselves for the success they have had over the past 2 years.


Approved Boundary Maps for All Leagues within Texas District 10

Please click on the "Handout" below to download, view and print the LLB approved boundary maps for all Leagues within Texas District 10. All League boundary maps depict an outlined area which has been approved, by LLB, as its exclusive boundaries. Please locate the physical location of your residence on the appropriate League boundary map. You MUST register with the specific League whose approved boundary lines contain the physical location of your residence. 
Handout: Approved League Boundary Maps within Texas District 10

Dr. James Andrews Identifies 5 Risk Factors that Contribute to Pitcher's Arm Injuries

Please click on the "Handout" below to download, view and print an article wherein Dr. James Andrews identifies five (5) risk factors that contribute to pitcher's arm injuries. It is recommended that all managers, coaches and parents read the article.
Handout: Dr. James Andrews talks Tommy John Surgery

ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) Requirements

Click on the "Headline" above to go to the ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) requirements on the LLB website. A template and other information regrading the ASAP can be found on the LLB website under the menu item "Forms and Publications". LLB requires a ASAP from each member League on an annual basis. 

LLB Forms and Publications

Click on the "Headline" above to download and print all LLB published Forms, Applications, Instructions, Publications, etc. necessary for the successful operation of your League(s).