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Category: Volley
Type: Drill


Drill Description: Two players stand on the service line and the other person stands in the center of the court on the baseline. The person on the baseline should have a lot of balls because he is going to be feeding balls to the two people at the net. The person should feed around ten to fifteen balls in a row moving the people at the net around. This should include low balls, lobs, and some hard fed balls. Spacing is important when playing doubles. The main idea to remember when playing doubles is if your partner goes off the court to get a ball, you need to take a step towards the middle to try and cover up some of the open space. Once he gets back on the court, move back the position where you started. After ten or fifteen balls, rotate in two other players perhaps. Do again and again. Emphasize footwork.

Submitted by: Brandon Kramer

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