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Category: Doubles
Type: Drill


Drill Description: One team of two people begin at the service line and the other team of two people start on the baseline. One of the players at the net begins each point. The drill is a game to twenty-one. The scoring is as follows. If the people at the net win the point off of a winner, they receive two points. If they win the point off of an error, they receive one point. The people at the baseline win two points if they hit a winner, or if they can get the ball to bounce in front of the two people at the net. They receive one point if they win the point off of an error as well. The first to twenty-one wins.

This drill is good practice for the people at the net because it gets them used to trying for every ball and it forces them to try and volley everything, which is very important in doubles. The closer you are to the net, the easier it is to put the ball away. The drill is also good for the people at the baseline because they are rewarded for trying for every ball as well because an error is only one point for the other team, while a winner is two points for the other team. Once someone reaches twenty-one, switch sides and let the people at the net be at the baseline and vice versa.

Submitted by: Brandon kramer

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