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Category: Doubles
Type: Drill


Drill Description: Four players are included in the drill and one player is feeding balls. On both sides of the court, one player is at the baseline on the deuce side and the other player is at the net on the ad side. The person in charge of feeding balls, feeds a ball to the person who is at the baseline on the opposite side. This person hits the ball back cross-court and all four people proceed to play the point out. The people who are on the baseline want to try to get to the net. This is the key, for it is easier to win the point in doubles if both players are at the net. To add a little competition, a game can be played. The first team to reach eleven wins. Once this game is complete, switch and have one person at the net on the deuce side and one person at baseline on the ad side. Once this is complete, rotate so each player has a chance to be at the baseline and at the net, on both the deuce and ad sides.

Submitted by: Brandon Kramer

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