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Category: Serving
Type: Drill


Drill Description: You need to take six tennis ball cans and set them up as targets. Place three cans in each service box. One should be located at the corner of the service line and the middle line on the deuce side. One should be placed in the middle of the box and the other should by place where the sideline meets the service line. The targets should be placed in the same places on the add court as well. Now take a basket of balls and practice serving at these targets. Hit approximately fifteen balls at each target. If you want to work on your wide serve you can move the cans that are where the service line meets the sideline. Move the cans about eighteen inches towards the net. Serving at these targets will give you something to aim at when you are playing a match.

Repetition is outstanding practice for serving. A player can serve until he knocks down each can or stick to a certain number at each target.

Submitted by: Brandon Kramer

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