check Market your skills to colleges across the country!
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Market your skills to colleges across the country!
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Posted: 1/31/2008 5:35am
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  Market your skills to colleges across the country!  
Becoming noticed as an Athlete was a Challenge
… Until Now!


Up and coming college recruiting service expected to launch in March 2007.

We understand that promoting yourself to colleges and universities is a very time consuming task. You are attending school, studying, practicing, playing your sports, and not to mention spending time with friends and family. This is when considering joining University Scouts LLC becomes vitally important. We can help simplify college preparation while increasing your exposure to coaches across the country. When you supply your grade point average, SAT/ACT scores, and athletic statistics we will direct you to the colleges that meet your criteria. Promoting yourself early on during your high school years offers you more contact to college coaches. This allows the coaches to monitor your progress as time goes on. You supply us with the colleges you prefer and we will market you to the coaches relentlessly. We believe that targeting a wide variety of colleges will increase your chances of receiving a scholarship. The longer you wait to get started the less likely you are to realize your dream.

Read more about us on our starter site at

University Scouts LLC

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