Temecula Valley American Little League: All-Stars

Monday, June 15
All Stars

All Stars take place at the end of the Spring Season.  Three teams represent our league in the All Star Tournaments.  These teams are made up of eligible league players.* 

The Minors division consists of 9 and 10 year old players.  These players are selected by a committee made up of Majors Managers and Coaches, AAA Managers, and the upper division player agent. 

     For 2010 The top 13 vote getters were placed on the team. The board nor the team manager selecetd any additional players.  

The Majors division is represented by 2 teams.  The 10-11 year old team and the 11-12 team.  These teams are selected in the following manner:  Each major player votes for 6 players (not on his own team) from the Major division.  All Major managers and coaches vote for 10 players (not on their own team) from the Majors division.  The 10 players with the most combined votes are selected to the team.  Once Managers and Coaches are nominated and board approved, the roster is completed.  Each Manager has the option to carry a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 14 players on his team.  If a manager choses to carry 12 players, he only has one additional coach.  With 13 or 14 players comes his third coach. 

     For 2010 the top 13 vote getters for both teams were placed on the team. The board did not select any additinal players. Managers selected the top vote getters to round out their team in keeping with the players, coaches and managers votes.

      The tournaments are as follows:

  • District         
  •  Sectional
  • Regional
  • State
  • World Series    (for 11-12 team only)  This is the internationally televised tournament you see on tv where the National Champs play the International Champs!!


*Player eligibility to be determined by age, residency, and fullfillment of minimum play requirement.